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Did you know that you can get unlimited free chips and salsa at every single Moe’s location with every single meal you eat there?

It’s true.

It’s also an offer you’ll want to take them up on, since they make their salsas (and their guacamoles, not included in the freebie however) by scratch daily at each Moe’s location.

Guess what Moe’s stands for?

It’s not an actual guy’s name.

Don’t worry if you thought it was, that’s what I used to think too.

Moe’s actually stands for Musicians, Outlaws and Entertainers.

Many menu items are also pop culture references, so you can stay hip and cultured by going to a Moe’s on a regular basis.

Moe’s Southwest Grill is known by most as simply Moe’s.

Moe’s has grown to over 600 physical locations and continues to expand today.

Support your local Moe’s and get a great deal when you take their survey and get a free $2 off coupon you can use on your next visit, which we all know will be very soon. Survey Prizes

The MoeGottaKnow survey has a great prize that entices you to come back again and again, a $2 off coupon you can use on your next visit. Can you say, ole!

  • $2 coupon off your next visit to Moe’s Southwest Grill

How To Take The MoeGottaKnow Survey

  1. Eat at a Moe’s Southwest Grill
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online to and take the survey using the code on your receipt to start
  4. Save the validation code they give you at the end of the survey to use on your next visit to Moe’s to get $2 off your bill Survey Rules

  • You must make a purchase at a Moe’s Southwest Grill restaurant
  • You must the code on your receipt in order to take the survey
  • You must take the survey within 5 days of the date on your receipt

Contact Moe’s Southwest Grill

Contact online

5620 Glenridge Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30342


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