New Freebie Deals, don’t miss out on these freebies!

New Freebie Deals

free money

New freebie deals for the week, check them out here:

Free cooked chicken pack

Free 4X6 photo magnet from Snapfish

Free skin serum sample

Freebie Deals from last week

Free coconut water cleansing cloth sample

Free smarty paws organic dog supplement

Free breathe-right nasal strip sample

Free silky matte lip makeup sample

Older freebie deals

Free Salonpas pain patch sample, claim yours here

Free “Just Because” Hallmark greeting card every single Friday until July 27th

Free Republic of Tea Tea Bag, claim yours here. Surprise Flavor

Free smartphone for those with low incomes in the US, on Medicare etc

One Reply to “New Freebie Deals, don’t miss out on these freebies!”

  1. Dear gift manager. I note that a lot of the material listed is for Canada. I am in Perth Western Australia.

    Does the above list of items apply here

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