Opinion.Rona.ca Survey — Take Rona® Survey — Win $1,000

www.Opinion.Rona.ca Feedback Contest

Have you been shopping at Rona stores lately?

Maybe you purchased supplies for a Home Improvement project, paint, or plants for your home and garden!

Rona Canada wants to hear about your shopping experience and they are offering customers who participate in their current customer satisfaction survey.

the chance to win a monthly prize of a $1,000 Rona Gift Card.(draw takes place on the first of each month).

How to enter the Opinion.Rona.ca Survey:

To enter a valid store receipt is required.

Visit the link given on your receipt, which may include the following

www.opinion.rona.ca, www.opinion.renodepot.com or  www.opinion.totem.ca.

Select your preferred language and enter the store receipt code and date of purchase to get started.

Please note, to be eligible for the contest, all mandatory fields of the questionnaire must be completed, as well as your name and address.

If you prefer,  you may submit a survey anonymously, however, you will not be entered into the contest if you do not leave any contact details.

Any person who completes the survey following a purchase in a participating RONA or Réno-Dépôt or TOTEM store will be entered into the draw of the current month of receipt only.

And fill out the survey. Click here.

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Participating stores:

Rona Canada operates a chain of Home Improvement stores across Canada. Read a little more about current Rona promotions here.

RONA or Réno-Dépôt. www.opinion.renodepot.com

Maximum entry of to two (2) survey completions per calendar month.

Respondents leaving a common telephone contact number will be considered, for purposes of the contest draw, to belong to

www.opinion.rona.ca sondage

This contest is open to residents of Canada who have reached the age of majority in their particular province or territory at the time the entry form was submitted.


78 Replies to “Opinion.Rona.ca Survey — Take Rona® Survey — Win $1,000”

  1. Hopeless to enter the access code 05671266240151

    The staff friendly knowlegable and patient.. helped me find the product

  2. Your contest.. chance to win a $1000 bit of a farce. The website is not very clever. I tried several times to find the ikons to enter the Access code but could not find the location. Code given on receipt 05671266240151

    The staff that helped me find the product I needed were very helpful and pleasant

  3. I get your advertising by email,but they come in French.I do nt speak or read French.If you are going to send me advertising,please send in English

  4. I shopped at Rona yesterday and was advised of a survey and a chance to win $1000.00 in Rona cards. When I tried to do the survey I was not able to enter my access code. This was frustrating, a waste of my time and dishonest on your part. My access code is C7T45030-1498RH. I tried entering it without the – but that didn’t work either.
    According to mt receipt the contest ends 08 08 2013.

  5. Le jeune qui m’a aidé a mettre comptoir dans ma Caravan a été très efficace.

  6. Seems a bit of a theme here, Access code does NOT work, Rona, another Canadian wanna be in the “Box Store” business, should have taken Lowes offer!

  7. Tried to enter the contest on last and it wouldn’t accept my entry though I tried 6 times.

  8. Thanks for the two new toilets just installed at our
    house. We know we will save considerable money
    on water over the years. We appreciated the
    help of the many Rona employees who made this
    Thanks to Rick for co-ordination and Gord for
    the installation.
    Ron & Madeline Spurgeon & family

  9. Thanks for a great shopping environment and for
    the Air Miles program. We always like visiting Rona.

  10. I keep entering my access code and the survey does not come up. I don’t think I will shop at RONA anymore as their surveys are a hoax.A come on. Homedepot seems more promising.

  11. nous trouvons tout ce dont nous avons besoins et les prix sont compétifs!Le magasins est spacieux et bien aménagé et les employés(es) sont courtois et avenants!

  12. J’ai rentré mon code d’accesqui est le b0p04031-2gf3fc et il le refuse j’aimerais
    avoir des explication merci


  14. I went thru the trouble and time to fill out survey, and now it won’t allow me to submit it!!

  15. Hello,

    i tried to participate in your online survey to win the gift card after making purchases at one of your stores. I entered the Access Code provided but was rejected everytime. I did this on three different occasions for three different purchases. I entered the information very carefully each time to ensure there was no mistake. How are we supposed to qualify if we can’t even enter.

  16. Vos traductions sont de piètre qualité.SVP conformez-vous au bilinguisme, vous oeuvrez au CANADA.

  17. I completed the survey and gave them hi marks for service as they did not have the paint we selected in stock but offered to sell us the paint at the discount price but they would call us on Monday when the paint arrived.

    Good deal 15% of 44.00 is okay. However we found two ideal lounges and bought those and found the discount only applied to the highest price item So I did not get the discount on the paint. No big deal. Except no one called. We called back today and no one knew anything about it. When they called again, they said they can’t find the invoice.

    My wife gave them the invoice number and they responded,

    why didn’t you give us the number before.'”

    We didn’t think to give it because they were to call us when the paint arrived last monday. It is clearly marked on their copy of the invoice.

    Still have not heard back from them. It seems that their problem has suddenly become our problem.

    That is not customer service.

    Stay tuned…..

  18. Hi I tried to do it survey but the access code on my bill would not let me in how stupid I guess u don’t want to give up urban 1000 dollar gift card.

  19. Je cherche votre site en francais pour remplir le coupn opinion
    Votre service moyen

  20. samedi ,le 27 avril 2012 , j’ai effectué un achat sur ma facture j’ai reçu mauvais code d’accès pas pu participer au sondage, vraiment très décevant.

  21. Pour pouvoir faire plein de renovation et de décoration ce serais très très aprecier et TRÈS FORMIDABLE. merci a l’avance !!!!!!!

  22. Je suis tres decu de Rona.
    1) votre survey ne fonctionne pas Fin Dec 31?
    Mon coupon indique la date limite est Avril 4 2012.
    2) j’ai commende une nouvelle toilette le 17Mars 2012
    aujourd’hui le 3 avril 2012 , rien n’a ete fait et je ne sais pas quand le travail sera fait.
    Mon coupon d’achat pour le servey est:
    j’ai appele pour avoir une confirmation, et j’ai laisse mon numero de telephone, Resutalt Nil et j’ai paye d’avance ce travail.



  25. im a little upset because i came on the website to fill out a survey to get a chance at winning $1000 gift card only to find out that it was over on dec 2011 but yet your employees are telling your valued customers that the promotion is still on . As a very frequent customer i do not appreciate that. thank you for your time

  26. hi went to rona recently and on the receipt it said to enter the contest for $1,000. purchased products on feb 1st and the website is saying contest ends of 2011

  27. Le préposé qui m’a répondu était excellent, la caissière était très sympatique .J’adore magasiner chez Rona. Bonne journée.

  28. we always shop at rona , we find the quality and the good srvice , rona has a lot to offer the costumers..

  29. excelent service and we always buy all our naterials at rona. find good quality and the offer all what we need ..

  30. service exelent.et efficace,toujours un question et un bon reponse jai visite souvant reno

  31. J’ aime beaucoup magasiner chez mon Rona. Les gens sont sympathiques et compréhensifs. Ils donnent de très bons conseils et ils sont prêts è commander pour moi des items dont ils ont épuisés.

  32. J’essaie de compléter le sondage en ligne avec le code: A7T7305001MSW8 et on me dit que le code n’est pas bon.
    Pourtant c’est bien celui-ci et la date limite est le 8. Est-ce que c’est un cannular votre sondage…………..

  33. J’essaie de répondre au sondage, j’ai bien inscrit le code indiqué sur la facture et ça me dit que je fais une erreur! Je m’y suis repris à 2 fois
    Merci1 Y.B.

  34. Règlement du concours « 1 000 $ en prix par mois avec le sondage sur la satisfaction de la clientèle RONA Inc. »

    1. DATES Le concours « 1 000 $ en prix par mois avec le sondage sur la satisfaction de la clientèle RONA Inc. » débute le 1 janvier 2011 à 00 h 01 (HAE) et prendra fin le 31 décembre 2011 à 23 h 59 (HAE). Un tirage au sort sera effectué le premier jour du mois de février, mars, avril, mai, juin, juillet, août, septembre, octobre, novembre, et décembre 2011 à 11h00, au Siège social de REP Solutions, 350, boul. Charest Est, bureau 820 Québec (Québec), CANADA afin de déterminer un (1) gagnant de 1 000 $ en cartes-cadeaux RONA ou Réno-Dépôt ou TOTEM.
    2. PRIX Douze (12) prix de 1 000 $ en cartes-cadeaux RONA ou Réno-Dépôt ou TOTEM, échangeables dans tous les magasins RONA ou Réno-Dépôt ou TOTEM participants, seront décernés.
    La valeur totale des prix décernés dans le cadre de ce concours est de 12 000$.

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