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How To Organize Your Coupons


Any coupon collector will reach this point at some time.

You have started to collect coupons and they are accumulating in your binder, but you are having trouble finding the right coupons at the right time!

Or you see a great offer only to find out the coupon you planned to use has expired weeks ago!

Sounds familiar?

Well, then it’s time to organize your coupons in a way that make it easy to find and redeem them at checkout.

organize coupons



1. Organize your coupons to match your shopping habits.

You could divide them into categories or according to the Store Aisles the products may be found:

Groceries :

  • Dairy
  • Meats and Deli
  • Breakfast items like Cereal, Jams, Cereal Snacks
  • Frozen Vegetables, Foods and Frozen Entrees
  • Beverages
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Personal Care
  • Vitamins and Pharmacy Needs
  • Beauty and Cosmetics Items
  • Baby Items

Remember Couponing is a personal thing. No two coupon binders will look the same as different people/households have
different needs. Your coupon binder may have 9 categories, while your friends, sister’s may only have 2 or 3.
When you start out it may be easier to begin with a limited amount of coupons.


2. Check all expiry dates when sorting your coupons and make sure to put coupons which will expiry shortly on the front page of its section.

3 . Place each coupon inside a single pocket. One pockets may hold 2-3 of the same coupons

Note, If you “overstuff” a pocket it may rip but you may also forget about the coupon if it is not visible.

4. Place similar coupons close on same or next page.

Examples include: Milk, Yoghurt, Cheese and Margarine – place on one page if possible, since these products are all found in the Dairy section of your store .

5. Plan your trip and match the Store specials with the coupons inside your Binder

I like to have an empty page or two in the front of my binder and simply add the coupons I intent to use on my next shopping trip.

6 . Take the Binder with you when shopping. You may find a hidden clearance or sales item in your store and the matching coupon in your binder. I love to check the clearance shelves and if you combine a reduced item with a coupon you may

even get it some products for FREE every month!)


Once Done Your Binder may look more organized.



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