PCPlus.ca Rewards Guide ~ How it Works & How To Register

PC Plus Rewards Program Guide, Get started at Pcplus.ca/register

How to earn free Rewards and Groceries with the Loblaws PC Plus Loyalty Program
Have you heard about the PCPlus rewards Program and are wondering What is the PCPlus all about?

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What is PCPlus Rewards?

PC Plus is a new Loblaws Loyalty program.

It is free to join and will help you getting free groceries and merchandise by collecting Store Points.
The PC Loyalty is currently open to all Atlantic Superstore, Dominion (Newfoundland and Labrador), Bloor Street Market, Extra Foods, Fortinos, Loblaws, Loblaws City Market, Loblaws Great Food, Provigo, Provigo Le Marché, Real Canadian Superstore, Save Easy, Valu-mart, Your Independent Grocer, and Zehrs stores’ customers who are Canadian residents aged 14 and up.


 Load your points here

To find a participating store in your area, view the Store Locator here


How To Join the PC Rewards Program?

Joining the PC Plus Rewards program is easy.
Visit the sign-up page at PCPlus.ca/register/

and choose one of the three option:

  1. If you have a PC Financial debit or credit card, register your PC card online at pcplus.ca
  2. Download the free PC Plus app here
  3. Get a free PC Plus card in-store and activate it online at pcplus.ca


If you already have a PC Financial card, join with it first and then add your PC Plus card or key tag after.
or if someone in your household is already a PC Plus member, sign up first and then combine your accounts to earn points even faster.



How Do I Earn Points? 

Check your app, the PC website or your local store and store flyer for products that offer PC Bonus points with purchase.
You may also receive personalized weekly offers in your online account, emails or the PC Plus app.
PC Points are abbreviated as pts in flyers. The more promotions you’ll take advantage of, the faster your points will add up.

Points will be added to your account during checkout.

This part is important:  to have points added to your account you must either scan your PC Plus card at the beginning of the transaction.

or show the barcode on your mobile PC Plus card to the cashier at the beginning of the transaction.


What is the Value of My PC Points?

Points are broken down into thousands.

  • 1,000 points are worth $1
  • 20.000 points are worth $20
  • 30,000 points are worth $30 and so on.

The minimum amount that can be redeemed is 20,000 points, which will save you $20 off your grocery bill.


How Do I Redeem Points

After you have accumulated a minimum of 20,000 pts, you may redeem them to save on your next purchase.
Simply tell your cashier at checkout that you wish to redeem some points.
Your cashier will be able to advise you of the rewards value available to you and subtract it from your total purchase price.


What Products or items may be purchased with PC Points?
That’s the best part. Points may be redeemed on almost anything in store. This includes groceries, electronics, beauty products, toys, pet food, stationary, clothing and more.
In some provinces points may be used on prescription medication, over-the-counter medication and milk
There are some exclusions, like tobacco products, alcohol, lottery tickets and services from The Mobile Shop and cleaners, which do not qualify for the PCPlusPointsProgram.
Please read you store’s policy before redeeming points.

more info at www.pcplus.ca/loyalty


12 Replies to “PCPlus.ca Rewards Guide ~ How it Works & How To Register”

  1. I need to combine my numbers in order to get points. The last 2 months I haven’t received any points as the cards were rejected. PCPlus 636832 34367 7378 7300 or 636832 11118 7461 1205, President Choice Financial MasterCard #5181 2715 7809 0117and PC optimum #688559 1165 8170 2676
    Please set the account up so that I only need to show one card. I don’t care which one. I look forward to your prompt attention. Thanks Sylvia

  2. It keeps asking me for my P.C. plus number to register .. when not I got this optimum cards I the cashier put both my card in and threw them away so I don’t have my number ,, please help me with this issue ..

  3. All I want to do is register … spoke to someone who told me to go to “my accounts” Cannot find it anywhere

  4. all I keep getting is an error message not sure Im in or not registered new card what’s up with that ???

  5. How do I add the pcplus key tag number to my PC financial Master card? When my husband uses the key tag it does not register.

  6. when I go to the store the cashier tells me and my husband that we are not registered so it does not add our points I do not understand because I did register ..

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