Petro Points Rewards: 2 Free Washes + More


This month you can collect extra Points with these offers,

1.Two free washes when you buy and register a Wash & Go card from March 10 to May 11, 2015. here 

2.Get Double the Monthly Points Top-Up!

  • collect an extra 1,500 points when you buy 150-249 litres of fuel per month
    Collect an extra 2,000 points when you buy 250 litres or more of fuel per month

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Petro Points Rewards Program
Have you seen the Petro Points offer at your local gas station and are wondering what the program is all about and how it works? With the constant rising of gas prices it’s nice to have a card that allows you to save on filling up your tank and collect points as well. Petro Points Cardis free to join.  You can do this online or go to our local Petro-Canada station.  Once you have your card you can start collecting points and saving on your gas purchases.


Reminder, these promotions are valid for a limited time and new ones may be coming up soon. Stay tuned to our newsletter for updates.

This month you can collect extra Points with these offers,  delete

What are the point levels and how much are points worth?

Here is the breakdown for the Petro-Points earning levels:


Convenience Store Items = 20 Pts per $1.00

Car Wash = 20 Pts per $1.00

SuperClean, Ultra 94 or Deisel Fuel = 10 Pts per litre

PlusClean Fuel = 7 Pts per litre

RegularClean Fuel = 5 Pts per litre

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You can also collect Petro-Points faster by participating in Monthly Top-Up on fuel and in-store bonuses every day.

The Petro-Points card also has other participating retailers that will allow you to shop and save;

  • CAA – Canada


  • Asking Canadians

Not a long list, but you can also get a CIBC Mastercard that will give you points with purchase;

  • Instantly get a discount of 2¢ per litre of fuel when you get gas at Petro-Canada

  • Earn Petro-Points – everywhere you shop – Earn 10 Petro-Pts per dollar spent on every card purchase

  • Earn 50% more Petro-Points on card purchases at; all grocery stores, drug stores and Petro-Canada locations

  • Earn 5,000 bonus Petro-Pts every month when your credit card purchases exceed $1,000

  • Save 7¢ per litre on 200 litres of fuel when you use the Fuel Savings Reward Card with the CIBC Petro-Point MasterCard

  • Tap and Go with PayPass – spend less time at the checkout!


Redeeming Your Petro-Points

One of the ways you can spend your Petro-Points is with a Fuel Savings Reward Card.  You can pick one of these up at any participating Petro-Canada locations – it’s like a gift card for gas.  But you will need a hefty amount before you can really save;

  • Redeem 12,000 Petro-Pts in-store for the Fuel Savings Reward.

  • With the Fuel Savings Reward, you’ll start saving 5¢ per litre on your next 200 litres of fuel!

  • Reload your Fuel Savings Reward card online for only 11,000 points.

Here’s how it works;

  1. Swipe your Petro-Pts. card at the pump.

  2. Swipe your Fuel Savings Reward card next to save 5¢ per litre.

  3. Use your payment method of choice.

  4. Pay with your CIBC Petro-Point MasterCard and save an additional 2¢ per litre, a total of 7¢ per litre!

Petro-Points also offers these for rewards;

  • Basic CAA Membership; for 60,000 Petro-Pts you can join CAA
  • SuperWorks Car Wash; for 8,000 Petro-Pts
  • The Points Shop; Until July 15th 2013 you can still redeem your points for merchandise

Redeem Towards a Good Cause

With your Petro-Points you can also help support the development of Canadian athletic talent or the Cancer Society and their support services.

Here’s how donating your Petro-Points works:

  • When you’ve accumulated a minimum of 1,000 Petro-Points, you can donate them online to help support Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches or to the Canadian Cancer Society’s information and support programs.

Petro-Points and reward system is one of the better ones to help you save on fuel.  However, the advantage is always going to be with the company.  If you tend to buy your fuel at the Petro Station, this this card will eventually pay off.  But as always, shop smart and according to your needs, not a points system.

Petro Bonus Points Offers


Petro Bonus Points

You will earn up to 50% more Points during Petro Bonus Points promotions.

Want to sign up for the program?, visit here

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