PGX Natural Factors: Free PGX Weight-loss Tools

PGX Natural Factors: Free PGX Weight-loss Tools

PGX from Natural Factors has some great free tools available to help you stay on track with your healthy weight loss program.

We have found these free programs for you and the great news is, both plans are completely free to join

Sign up for the

Basic plan, an easy two week intro to PGX which includes nutrition tips, recipes and exercise

or join the Advanced plan, which is a strict three months diet program that does require the addition of PGX Meal Replacement Shakes combined with diet and exercise.

Visit, sign up here 

If you do not feel ready to join a program, you can also simply opt in the receive PGX  tips and recipes by email here



PGX Coupons

Natural Factors may offer new couposn for their PGX weight-loss formula.

Visit them on Facebook page and see if new exclusive discounts are posted.

recent example;

print a $2 off coupon, valid for
Slim Styles PGXUltra Matrix Plus Smoothe Digest
WellbetX Ultra Matrix Softgels Plus Mulberry
PGX Daily Ultra Matrix Softgels

Visit the Facebook page at,

view here 



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