– Free Small Potato, Pop or Sandwich Free Small Potato, Pop or Sandwich

Pizza Pizza is offering a choice of freebies (view below) to customers who complete an online feedback survey!

The coupon can be used on your next $9.99+ order.

The survey must be completed within 3 days of receiving a receipt from a Pizza Pizza purchase.

The coupon is good for 30 days after date of receipt.

Visit here to get started
The survey may be composed from these few questions. All you need to do is check the boxes that most reflect your level of satisfaction.
Get started by entering the actual date of your visit, found at the top of your receipt.


pizza pizza mobile

Next you will check the time of visit.

  • From 11am to 2pm
  • Between 2pm and 5pm
  • Between 5pm and 9pm
  • From 9pm to 3am

and the 9 or 15 digit survey number found on the bottom of your receipt.
Did you place your order by

  • Walk In
  • By Phone
  • Online
  • Mobile?

Did you Dine in, Pick up or order Delivery?

Next you will be asked to rate your Overall Satisfaction with this Pizza Pizza Location
from 5 (Excellent) to 1 (Poor).
 Then rate from 1 to 5 rate
the Welcome, Friendliness and Appearance of the staff, Cleanliness of the location, Quality of the food and speed of Service.

After that it’s all about selection and quality of the Menu items served at your location.
For example were a variety of pizza slices available?, were they fresh and clearly labeled?
The final question will ask you how likely you are to visit within the next
30 days and if you will you be recommending Pizza Pizza to a friend or family member?
Do you agree that Pizza Pizza always provides great new menu option at value prices?

If you would love to share the name of a Pizza Pizza team member that provided exceptional services to you, you have the option to leave your own personal comment in the next box.

The last step, the one you have been waiting for is coming up!
You may now pick one of these Freebies you would like to receive on your next order over $9.99 (before tax and delivery).

  • Small Box of Potato Wedges    or
  • 3 Cans of Coke   or
  • Italian Sandwich  or
  • Chili  or
  • Poutine

Remember to write down the redemption code on your receipt.
In order to redeem this offer, please let the front counter staff or phone agent know,  while placing your order.
Please provide your original receipt with the redemption code on your next visit or delivery order.

Enjoy!  😉

Feedback site can be found at

The Pizza Pizza menu includes a number of offerings. In terms of pizza they have many classic and creative options to choose from which are broken into categories Old-School, Gourmet, International, Thinking Healthy, and Make Your Own.


If you don’t feel like pizza, the menu can accommodate that too. Other food items to choose from are Wings and Things (chicken wings, chicken bites, chicken strips), Pasta (fettuccine Alfredo, macaroni and cheese, meat lasagna, penne Bolognese, and spaghetti pommodoro), Salads (Asian grilled or crispy chicken salad, arugula salad, bacon Caesar salad, grilled or crispy chicken Caesar salad, Caesar salad, garden salad, Mediterranean Greek salad, and side salads), Sandwiches (panzerottis, spicy Italian sausage sandwich, meatball marinara sandwich, chicken sandwich, and veal sandwich), and a variety of side items including fries & rings, dips & sauces, drinks, sweet treats, and breads.[/wpex]

Pizza Pizza Deals

Pizza Pizza has lots of great new deals every month.

They often include meal deals like large Pizza and pop, Free Movie tickets and
some of the Deals may also include a contest.
View all new Pizza Meal Deals here

view all current Pizza Pizza Contests here

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About Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza is a pizza fast food franchise in Canada. It was founded in 1967 when owner Michael Overs opened up the first location in Toronto. During the 1970’s the chain expanded throughout Toronto, and the 80’s and 90’s saw further expansion throughout Ontario. More recently additional locations have been added in Quebec, Nova Scotia and western Canada (although Alberta locations are run through the subsidiary name ‘Pizza 73’). There are over 500 Pizza Pizza locations in Canada, including 150 non-traditional locations where you’ll find Pizza Pizza stations in places like university campuses and inside movie theaters.


Pizza Pizza is famous for serving up great promotions and meal deals. You can view the current offers by going to Pizza Pizza’s home page – then just sit back as the main window scrolls through deals that include special combinations of pizza, sodas and sides offered at discount prices.

Another special promotion you’ll want to take advantage of when ordering from Pizza Pizza is their loyalty program called Club 11-11. To join the club you will load money onto a pre-paid 11-11 card. Then go online to register it and you will receive 10% cash back on every order. Collect your cash back on 10 orders, then redeem it on your 11th order for free food.

Since Pizza Pizza is a franchise restaurant chain, you can buy in and operate your own Pizza Pizza location. For more information on franchising, go here. Or if franchising isn’t for you, you still may consider a part time job or full time career at Pizza Pizza. On this page they list the current employment opportunities.

Pizza Pizza wants you to have a memorable experience when you choose to eat at their restaurant, so they have a nice Guarantee Policy. The policy guarantees that your order will be there in a timely manner (typically 40 minutes, though time varies based on many factors) and that you will be satisfied with your order (nothing missing, no mistakes, etc). If you are not satisfied with your order, call up your Pizza Pizza location to report it on the same day that you got the order to get a resolution, including getting your order for free, getting a replacement, or getting a credit for a future order.



37 Replies to “ – Free Small Potato, Pop or Sandwich”

  1. Got an order for chicken bites and lrg pizza, hot and delicious as always. Staff are always friendly at the Hwy 2 and Kingston location..

  2. Love the store here in Angus,Ont..Food is always good but my issue is with the fact that everytime I get a flyer in the mail and go to the store it is never the flyer price…Example…The flyer I received says “walk in price for med. peperoni pizza is $4.99” yet I was charged $5.99…when I asked it was explained that is just the price of the pizza BUT with the deal you have to get a coke or a dipping sauce and the price then becomes $5.99…It does not say anything about that in the flyer…Seems to always be like that…Am I being ripped off by the cashier at the store? or the hole company in general??

  3. My husband went to one of your stores at 194 main St S in Brampton at 4.16 pm today to get a pizza for Father’s Day supper and when he arrived home and we opened the box for our supper half of the pizza was burnt It was the worst pizza that I have tasted and it cost me $15.24 Had to go back out and get something else for supper Very disappointing Not good for customer relations and the staff were not very friendly Will certainly tell our friends not to go to that pizza store

  4. Today i went to pizza pizza by the kanata centrum. The staff is ok but not spactacular. for the futur i think the staff should be more friendly

  5. Busiest night, being Super Bowl and they have 2 servers and 2 making pizzas. I knew the wait wou;d be longer but the confusion was ridiculous! Order 2 mediums pizzas and 10 chicken bites, One pizza was Pepperoni and the other Hawaiian. Get my order 1 pizza was right the other had chicken not pepperoni. I was told I ordered chicken! I know what I ordered! Finally get the pizzas right and get handed a box with chicken wings, not bites! After getting that straightened out I had to wait another ten minutes for my pop. When I finally do get home the pizzas are piping hot but the chicken bites are stone cold. It will be a while if ever that I go back!

  6. I live in Winnipeg nd they open one new store on Henderson nd tried their food its so good , i would recommend to my friends nd family to visit their once

  7. @ ayman

    There’s no need to overreact. He may have come across as rude because of the slight communication barrier, but the receipt clearly states that the free addition is only “… on your Next $9.99 order (before tax and delivery).” Your order however, came to $8. Matter of fact, he wasn’t even being rude. He just stated what was true, and you were easily irritated by it.

  8. I made an order for about $8 last time and upon completing the survey I went to grab a box of small wedges with my new order which was over $10, however the manager was extremely rude about it..his name was Andy or something and did not even understand English! He kept telling me the offer is only valid if your current order is over $10 and then next time you come your order has to be over $10 in order to get the free wedges… Wth!! On the receipt it clearly states that the next order has to be over $10 to get a free item …I have done that before so I am pretty well aware of it. Never going to pizza pizza again.

    This was at pizza pizza located at hurrontario and McLaughlin

  9. Love the pizza pizza service at malvern town center. Im vegetarian for a week so I bought a cheese pizza but the pizza was made perfectly. I did take out so had to wait 20 minutes in the store, but got my pizza in 15minutes.

  10. great service and really nice pizza , especially the new less than 500 calorie pizza – i loved it !

  11. Hi I walked in to get a walk in special and had to wait more than 20 minutes for it to be ready? At the. Church and Wellesley location store not busy 3 customers me being one of them!

  12. I took the time to do the survey and after finishing it, it went to a link that said the site was having difficulty, and to try again later. I don’t have the time to try again. This was frustrating, to say the least.

  13. April 6,2012 1:45 pm

    The young lady waiting on me was very efficient and personality personified and is an asset to your business. The pizza was excellent and very hot. I like having it made to order. the store is mainst.west, North Bay. Emp.67599. My 1st.time in and we will be back. Restuarant was very clean and tidy. The manager was very nice to talk to also and I was in the rest. business 30 yrs. Thank You r

  14. The service was great and they were very fast with the order. The pizza taste was good and hot


  16. We buy at Pizza Pizza at least once a week and the service is always great. There is a lady in the Cornwall store that is always pleasant and considerate and I’ve never seen her without a smile. If there was a way she could be recognized for this I would give her 2 thumbs up.

    It’s nice when we are called by our names when we come in.

    This is great.

    Way to go Manon

  17. i ordered a pizza from malvern town centres pizza pizza and they gave me the pizza very late

  18. this is an on going problem it has been the 5th time my delivery has been wrong at malvern town pizza pizza location they don`t deliver the right pizza i order and also they deliver the pizza late kindly please give me the head office contact number.

  19. Every 2 weeks I walk in tp Pizza Pizza & get my order to go. I also do your survey online & get free potatoe wedges . To-day I went in as usual & they are saying the pomotion for the freebies is over, & that the promotion must be over as it doesn’t show up on his computer. Well even on my receipt it says do the survey & get free wedgies of to-day. The store no: is 655. I love this place & everyone is always polite & friendly, & efficient. Just want to know is the promotion for free wedges still on??? An answer at above e-mail would be great.

  20. This is an on going problem at the Pizza Pizza in North oshawa On Ritson its been about 10 times i have ordered an there is always an issue i work late at night and this is the only place i can order from even customer service is rude and not helpfull there always out of products send wrong order etc etc, it would be nice to be contacted by head office to discuss this on going matter
    thanks erol

  21. Today I visited our regular Pizza Pizza shop at 1500 Upper Middle Road west- Oakville. I was totaly upset with the staff’s attitude starting from ordering guy,
    I ordered one large and one medium pizza. After ordering I looked at the offer of $20.99.. 2 large or medium….with 4 cokes,2 dips..etc.
    i asked the sales man about it…it didn’t anser it properly…he was rude with me…
    I will never try Pizza Pizza in future…….

  22. I did my first ever purchase yesterday, October 14th at 2650 Lawrence Ave East.
    Great work guys!! for efficient, prompt, friendly and courteous service!!
    My colleagues were absolutely delighted with the quick delivery, as well as my Manager learned that you have a salad bar.
    Thumbs up for the Caesar salad!!!

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