Poise Coupons: $16 Off Poise Pads, Liners & More

Poise Coupons for Canada


There is a new Poise product coupon available on the Poise website.

Click on the link below and get new printable coupons to save

  • Save $3.00 off Poise liners
  • Save $3.00 off Poise Pads
  • Save $2.00 off Poise Impressa Bladder supports (size 1, 2 or 3) valid on 10 ct or more
  • Save $2.00 off Poise Impressa Bladder supports sizing kit

There is a limit of 2 prints per computer.

Log in at https://www.poise.com.

Click on the Samples/Coupons tab and select “Canada” from the options

print here


More Coupons

Looking to save on Poise light bladder leakage products?
Visit Poise.com today and get an exclusive $4 coupon on select pads and liners
log in or sign up here to claim your coupon

Make sure to select the Canadian coupon before printing!


Furthermore, follow the link below and save with coupons from Kimberly Clark’s PickUpTheValues.ca coupons page

  • SAVE $3.00 on any two packages of POISE Liners
  • SAVE $3.00 on any one package of POISE IMPRESSA Bladder Supports Size 1, 2, or 3
  • SAVE $3.00 on any two packages of POISE Pads
  • SAVE $3.00 on any one package of POISE IMPRESSA Bladder Supports Sizing Kit Only

The coupon is valid 30 days after printing.

www.pickupthevalues.com here


Free Poise Samples

Poise has several free sample opportunities every year.
see if samples are available in the Poise Freebies post here



Poise Coupons

Poise coupons may be found at coupon sites like Save.ca

Save.ca  may have coupons for Poise Pads.
Available in the past was a coupon for  $3.00 off any Poise Product.


Poise Tear Pad Coupons

Plus check your store for tear pad coupons:
Tearpad coupons

Poise coupon found in the Loblaws or Superstore coupon zone:
Save $5 when you purchase any Poise Feminine Wellness Product.


Helpful Links and Tips on the Poise.com website

There are many myths and surrounding women’s bladder issues.
If you want some facts, read the article and tips that relate to Light Bladder leakage, Menopause, Kegel exercises and get answers.
I was browsing the Poise website and also noticed that they have some great real life stories and support from experts
Visit Poise.com here and check it out.


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