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Where to find Newspaper Coupon Inserts in Canada – Redplum & Smartsource

     Where to find Newspaper Coupon Inserts in Canada  The Smartsource and Redplum coupon inserts can be found in several Sunday and Weekend Newspapers across Canada. The newspaper include free weekly editions and paid subscription papers. Below is a list of newspapers that may offer the monthly coupon savers. . British Columbia: Trail Times

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DIY Beauty Products

DIY Beauty Products Have you ever taken a look in your cupboard at all your beauty products and calculated the cost of them? It’s really quite incredible how much money we will spend in order to look our best. What if there was a way to still look fantastic in a way that didn’t cost

Sponsored Links New Cashback Deals Valid September 24-30 New Couponing App – How-To-Guide New Cashback Deals Valid September 24-30 Zweet Canada is a new couponing and cash back app. Save on fruit, vegetables, groceries and beauty supplies. This week’s savings have been posted and you can view all current offers below. Zweet can be downloaded to your iphone and iPad. Pick up your

How To Get FREE Groceries & More

  Did you know  you may be able to get some of your Groceries for FREE?  I am not talking about bringing home shopping bags full of free foods, but a few free items every week or so and you will be surprised to see how fast this adds up to a nice amount of savings

Aeroplan Event

The Aeroplan Program AeroPlan Rewardsis one of the best programs to save for airline flights, besides Air Miles; however, unlike Air Miles they offer up a lot more choices.You not only earn AeroPlan Reward miles when you travel on any Air Canada or Star Alliance carrier, but you can also earn at over 75 Sponsors

SnapSaves Guide: How to Use the Snap Saves Couponing App & FAQ

   SnapSaves Guide:  How to Use the Snap Saves Couponing App & FAQ, SnapbyGroupon There are a lot of fun ways to save at the grocery store right now. Weekly sales flyers and printable or insert coupons are old favourites, but I’m also really impressed with the innovative savings programs that companies are coming out

14 Tips for Summer Savings

Summer Vacation Savings Ideas

14 Tips for Summer Savings       It’s officially summer, and I know that everyone is gearing up for some fun in the sun. While many summer activities stretch the limits of our wallets, I know it is possible to have an enjoyable summer with your family without breaking the bank. To give you

4 Fun DIY Water Activities for Kids

Four Fun Water Activities for Kids

DIY  4 Fun Water Activities for Kids   It’s that time of year that all the kids look forward to while parents are scrambling to come up with fun, engaging, and perhaps educational activities to do with kids over the summer. Now that school’s out it’s up to mom and dad to keep the kids

Fun and Easy DIY Easter Crafts with the Kids   Easter is literally just around the corner now and with that in mind you may want to consider some easy, inexpensive, and fun crafts to do with the kids. Crafts are of course a wonderful way to let kids be creative and use their imagination while at the same time it can act

Enjoy March Break on a Budget

      Enjoy March Break on a Budget It’s that time of year again March Break is almost upon us and soon all the kids will be out of school and looking for things to do. If flying somewhere warm and sunny isn’t in the budget this year not to fear as there are

10 Ways to Save Time at the Grocery Store

 10 Ways to Save Time at the Grocery Store     By using coupons and searching for the best prices, you’re doing amazing things for your family. Your efforts help pay the bills and even get little extras, like when it’s time to splurge on your family. But one thing coupon clippers and saving seekers

Free Family Day Activities

  Budget Family Day Activities Family Day in Canada is just around the corner now. It’s a day meant to spend with families, enjoy each other’s company, and have fun in the process. Family Day is a statutory holiday in two-thirds of all Canadian Provinces. It is celebrated on the third Monday of February in