Schneiders Canada Coupons: Free Pepperettes Promo

Schneiders Canada Coupons and Freebies. 

Save on many of these products with the coupons and deals below:



Find a new Schneiders promo in your grocery store.

For a limited time you can get a free package of Pepperettes

when you buy any 3 Schneiders sliced deli meats.

This bonus is valid in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, & Ontario only.

See in-store for details.


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Schneider Meats On Your Table

Schneiders Canada has many fine products that are naturally delicious.
Schneiders Country Naturals Cold Cuts & Deli Meats are authentically crafted with only wholesome ingredients.
Schneiders Country Naturals Ham and Tender Tip Ham is just the good stuff made with quality cuts of ham.
If you are looking for wieners with all natural ingredients, try Schneiders Country Natural Hot Dogs.

Schneiders Canada now has Schneiders Lunchmates that are the perfect wholesome and nutritious meal for your children.
You should also try Schneiders Country Naturals Bacon and Sausages.

Cook with Schneiders Canada, Get these Recipes

 When you are looking for great recipes that your family will love visit Schneiders Canada Recipes webpage at

Schneiders Canada lets you search through delightful recipes by keywords, type of meal, category of product or by the amount of time you have to prepare the food.

You will find amazing recipes such as Marmalade Glaze Ham, Country Ham Stuffed Tomatoes, and Summer Hot Dog Sensation.

Visit Schneiders Canada’s website to figure out what you are going to have for dinner.

Schneiders Promotions

 Sign up for the Schneiders Canada Newsletter at

You will receive exclusive Schneiders Canada offers, recipes and chances to enter Schneiders Canada contests.

You can also sign up for the Lunchmate Club where you earn rewards and contest entries when you buy Schneiders Canada Lunchmate products for your kids.

Just enter the PIN code found on the Schneiders Canada Lunchmate box and you will be on the way to redeeming great rewards.

You can earn movie passes, gift card to Subway, Roiworld tokens, game downloads and much more.

Free Schneider’s Products

Schneiders Canada has many Free product coupon Giveaways on their Facebook page. We have shared offers for Free Schneider’s Sausages, Bologna, Free Deli Meats and more. View a recent example to see how it works and stay tuned to our newsletter for more Freebies from Schneiders Canada.

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Where to find Schneider’s Coupons?


Get Schneiders Coupons on Facebook. Visit their Fan page at and see if coupons are like these ones are still available:

  •  $1 off Schneider’s Lunchmate+ Fruit
  •  $1 off Schneider’s Pepperettes

get it here


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