Coupons: 5,000 Points & more

Shoppers Drug Mart – January 2018 Optimum Points Coupons,

shoppers drug mart exclusive offers

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Shoppers Drug Mart is offering some new 2018 Optimum points coupons

You must load them on your account to get the savings:

I have received the following coupon

  • 5,000 Optimum Bonus Points when you spend $35 or more on ALMOST ANYTHING IN THE STORE.
  • and more

In addition to these, there are more coupons available to load!

  • Log in or create an account at

and print this coupon or add it to your Shopper Drug Mart app, to show it on your mobile device

visit and register here to load this and more coupons

Get more store deals here     ~      Find more Canadian coupons




Read our Free Guide How To Optimize Your Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points

Also, check new perks for Optimum card members (free).

Load to your Shoppers Optimum card or show on your smartphone.

To get the coupon log into your account at the link below.

You will also receive , customized offers

check out the savings that are available to you, and upload them online now!

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If you shop at SDM, remember to enter the survey on your store receipt to win $1,000 in free Gift Cards


 Where to Find Shoppers Drug Mart Coupons?

1. You may find coupon offers from Shoppers Drug Mart on their Optimum Points page here
2. Shoppers Drug Mart also mails out coupons to email subscribers. These coupons are not posted on their webpage and to receive offers like the ones above, join their newsletter here 
3. All  coupons and Bonus Deals are also shared on here. Find all recent Shoppers Drug Mart coupons here


What Type of Coupons Does Shoppers Drug Mart offer?

You may find current coupons above. Below some more popular examples of recurring coupon deals from Shoppers Drug Mart:
20X the Points Offers – these are valid for 1 Day only and it’s mostly on a Tuesday.
$10 off coupons  – these are valid with a minimum purchase of $10 or more
– occasionally there is a $20 off coupon when you spend $75 or more

Plus this coupons is very popular and comes out about two to three times per year.

Stay tuned to our newsletter for updates.



Double Deal:

  • 10x the optimum points or 10% off your purchase

The coupon is valid on purchases of $50 or more.

It is limited to one coupon per transaction, per customer.


shoppers drug mart royale

Royale coupon.

Buy any 4 Royale Facial tissues and get 1 Royale Facial tissue FREE! (excluding Royale Facial tissue 6 pack)






carlton cards contestGreeting Card Coupons

save you $4 off two Carlton Cards.

These coupons are available in the greeting card section of your local Shoppers Drug Mart.

Read more about the promotion here.








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