Shoppers Optimum Earn 12 000 bonus points

Shoppers Optimum Account: Update Your Profile and Receive 4,000 Free Points


shoppers drug mart my optimum updates

Shoppers Drug Mart has a new exclusive Optimum offer.

Earn 12 000 bonus points when you spend $50 or more on almost everything in the store.


The My Optimum account will allow you to check your points balance and transactions,

transfer points, update your membership profile and donate points to a charity.

Log in at the site,

visit My Optimum website here



Shoppers Drug Mart has a new code out for updating your account.

If you are a current member, simply visit the new My Optimum website here and log in.

Update your information and before you hit submit, enter promo code 1998

When you do you’ll get 4,000 free points.

code is valid until October 5, 2015.

Points will be added to your account within a few weeks.

Limit 1 bonus Optimum unique code per person every 6 months.


details at or


Shoppers Optimum Points Guide


 Shoppers Drug Mart has created a new page to help you keep track of your Optimum Points rewards.

If this is your first time visiting, create a new  My Online Optimum Password at

and you can start enjoying the new features.

On this new site you will be able to check your points and transactions

Enter new Bonus codes or balance or sign-up to the v.i.b. program.

Click here to get started has all the new Shoppers Drug Mart Contests and Coupons here



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Shoppers Optimum Points Guide – Optimum Points Rewards

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9 Replies to “Shoppers Optimum Earn 12 000 bonus points”

  1. The code is. ……. 2828………got it from another site. Hope this helps you to get these bonus points.

  2. Yes, unfortunately I have heard this a few times. We wil have to ask them to look into in, Kathleen

  3. The web page won’t let me update my profile which means I don’t get the 2000 points for updating grrrr

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