Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points Guide – Earn Free Rewards

 FREE Shoppers Optimum Points Guide – Earn FREE Rewards


The Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points program can be an awesome and fast way
to earn free Groceries, Cosmetics, baby supplies and even FREE Electronics like cameras, laptops, video games and more.
Shoppers Optimum Members earn 10 Optimum Points for every $1 spend on almost anything in-store.
I have been enrolled in this program from its start and have been able to redeem hundreds of dollars
in free product rewards. Last year I saved my points for a Free Xbox 360 Kinect system, a Christmas gift for my Kids!

If you are new to Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum program please keep on reading to get the inside scoop!


Get Started Information

1. Join Here and fill out the online form with your personal information, address details and email.

Shoppers Drug Mart will then mail you your personal Shoppers Optimum Bonus Card. Use your card every time you make a purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart and immediately start collecting points on almost anything you buy. From Groceries and Cleaning supplies to cosmetics, Beauty and Baby products and more. Shoppers lets you earn points on the items you want or need. (there are some exclusions like lottery or pharmacy). If you are a Senior, 55 years and older you get even more discounts on Thursday’s which are the designated Senior Days at Shoppers Drug Mart.


2. Receive Special members Coupons and Points offers.

Several times a month Shoppers Drug Mart may send you exclusive coupon offers like $10 off coupons, secret 20x the Points Invites and more. These offers are not posted online and are for Optimum Members only! I have also received monthly Bonus Points deals that are personalized to my Shopping Needs. This is great because you will get extra savings on the products you purchase the most!

view the image below, which shows a few of the coupons I have received last week.

Shoppers Drug Mart may send you exclusive coupon offers


3. Earn Your Points Quicker with BONUS Point Events

like the following:

10x, 15x  or 20x the points deals!

These promotions come up several times a month and you should check your store flyer and stock up on advertised specials. We also post updates on these promotions in our newsletter.


4. Watch for special Bonus Points offers in-store and in your email box.

Often you will receive 1,000 – 10,000 Bonus Points simply by purchasing certain advertised products.

current specials can be found here (examples are Buy any 2 Olay Products and earn 2,000 Points or collect 1,000 Optimum points with any Pampers Purchase)


5. Buy a Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card and earn points!

– Did you know that you can collect points by buying Shoppers’Drug Mart Gift Cards?
While all other gift cards are excluded from the Points program You will receive 500 Points with the purchase of a Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card and get 500 more Points when you redeem it.
My tip:  Simply purchase a card before you start shopping and use it at checkout and you will be able to collect 1,000 Points just for that!


How Do I Get My Points

As a Shoppers Optimum Points member you will receive an Optimum Bonus Card by Mail.Simply present your card at checkout time every time you shop
and points will be added automatically. If a product qualifies for Bonus Points they will be added to your account balance as well.
All regular points and Bonus points earned on your Shopping trip will be printed and shown at the bottom of your store receipt.
Make sure to double-check!


Wonder what Points are worth?

View the illustration below to see what you points would be worth if you redeemed them on Non-Redemption Days.

Please note that these are only the “regular” amounts. If you wait for Spend Your Points Days (please read below)

you could get more Free Stuff


Check your current Points Balance


Tips & Tricks in redeeming Points:

If possible always try to wait for Bonus Redemption Days (Spend Your Points Events)

to redeem Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points.

On these Days (mostly on a Saturdays or Saturdays & Sundays ) you will get more FREE Stuff for your points.

For example :

Spend 30,000 Points & get up to $60 off (you will get an extra $20 off )

Spend 50,000 Points & get up to $125 off (you will get an extra $40 off )

Spend 95,000 Points & get up to $250 off (you will get an extra $80 off )


The exact number of points may vary and Shoppers may change the cash amounts, but the bottom line is

if possible, save your points until you have the greatest amount to redeem 🙂


view the latest Bonus Optimum Points Promotions here

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  1. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for your great comment.
    Glad your are enjoying the site 🙂

  2. Hi thanks for your very informative blog, I just went to the link you left to sign up for the optimum card and they don’t seem to mail out anything…you must print it off and take the form to a Shoppers Drug Mart. Love your site thanks for all the cool shopping tips!

    “You must have access to a printer to complete this process.
    During your next visit to any Shoppers Drug Mart® location, simply present your Shoppers Optimum Temporary Pass to a cashier to receive your personal Shoppers Optimum Card® on the spot so you can begin using it to start saving and earning FREE stuff!
    Please ensure that you pick up your Shoppers Optimum Card in-store within 21 days of submitting the below form. “

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