Shoppers Drug Mart: Spend Your Points Event, FREE Stuff

Shoppers Drug Mart Spend Your Points Promotions

It’s Black Friday at Shoppers Drug Mart and

there is a new Shoppers Drug Mart Spend Your Points promo coming up!!

It’s happening this weekend, from November 25, 2017 to November 26th, 2017 

Shoppers MyOptimum members may redeem their Optimum Bonus points for

free stuff!! Redeem your points on almost anything in stores.

get the following Spend Your Points deals: 

  1. redeem 95,000 Points ($170) and get $40 in points value back,
  2. redeem 50,000 Points ($85) and get $20 in points value back

Please note, Taxes are payable on the full purchase price prior to the application of the discount reward.

Read more about your event here.

Dates & What are Spend Your Points Promotions Information

Shoppers Drug Mart has several Spend Your Points Promotions every year. The points that are required may vary and for some events, you get an even bigger Bonus. They are called the Super Spend Events. The best part about the Spend Your Points Events are that you can redeem them on almost anything.

For example, you cold use them to buy groceries, baby products, and personal care items. Or spoil yourself with a new perfume, beauty supplies, and seasonal articles.  These promotions are also great for buying electronics, toys, and gifts during the holiday season. Below some of the deals that come up once or twice per year:

Watch for more like these:

  • Spend 25,000 points and get $50 in merchandise (an extra $16)
  • Spend 50,000 points and get $110 in merchandise (an extra $25)
  • Spend 95.000 points and get $220 in merchandise (an extra $50)


Spend your Shoppers Optimum Points and earn these Rewards below:

  • redeem 38,000 Points and get up to $70 off (worth an extra $10)
  • redeem 50,000 Points and get up to $105 off (worth an extra $20)
  • redeem 95,000 Points and get up to $210 off (worth an extra $40)


Shoppers Drug Mart has new Spend Your Points promo and

this one is valid with a coupon ONLY!

Shoppers MyOptimum members may load this coupon to their card:

During the Spend your points PLUS event,

get 22,000 points BACK  ($30 worth of points), when you spend 95,000 points!

The offer is valid Tuesday, March 7 or Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Log in to load coupon to your card

or Print Coupon

If you qualify, you may also watch for Special Senior Deals like these

Shoppers Drug Mart: Seniors Spend Your Points Event

Shoppers Drug Mart is offering a new Points Redemption Deal for Seniors 

Seniors may stop by for an exclusive Spend Your Points Event.

• redeem 22,000 Optimum Points & receive $38 in free stuff
• redeem 38,000 Optimum Points & receive $75 in free stuff

We have Shoppers Bonus Points promotions here

Get printable coupons from Shoppers Drug Mart



4 Replies to “Shoppers Drug Mart: Spend Your Points Event, FREE Stuff”

  1. Shoppers Drug Mart has been emailing out coupons their Optimum card customers and I found out that the stores do not have to accept them. It was a big waste of my time. There was no fine print and it was not part of any of the other weekend offers that Shoppers currently has.

  2. No, Wen you don’t earn points on them.

    the exception are Bonus offers.

    f.e.Receive 1000 Optimum Bonus Points when you buy 1 JOHNSON’S Baby Product.

  3. Why is the offer not valid in BC? You have a lot of stores here……which many of us frequent. Don’t like our goofy government? Jealous that our shrubs and bulbs are already blooming?

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