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True or False:

Did a Pizza Hut Executive start Smashburger?

If you said True, you’re right!

Tom Ryan, a Pizza Hut Executive branched out to found Pizza Hut in 2007.

He was also the brains behind bringing McFlurries to McDonald’s, so you know his food-related ideas have always been amazing.

Tom got a PhD in flavor and chemistry at Michigan State. His deep understanding of taste and how chemicals interact to create it may be the reason he introduced so many delicious foods at different restaurant chains including starting Smashburger on his own.

If you eat at a Smashburger and want to take the SmashburgerFeedback online survey after eating, you can redeem the survey completion code for a free side when you buy an entree on your next visit.

Continue reading to find out how to take the Smashburger survey and redeem your prize.

Smashburger Feedback Prizes

Prize: Free side with entree purchase on your next visit

How To Take The Smashburger Survey

  1. Make a purchase at a Smashburger location
  2. Hold onto your receipt
  3. Go online to and fill out the required info on the first page
  4. Press the red ‘Start’ button to begin the survey
  5. Complete the survey questions
  6. Write down the survey validation code at the end of your survey
  7. Bring your receipt and survey validation code to Smashburger on your next visit within 30 days and purchase an entree to redeem your free side coupon

SmashburgerFeedback Rules 

  • Purchase required
  • Must take the online survey and purchase an entree to redeem your free side
  • Coupon valid for 30 days

See your receipt and the official Smashburger website for full survey rules and more details

Contact Smashburger Feedback

Contact Smashburger Online with Specific Survey Questions

Phone: 1 (303) 633-1500

Contact Smashburger Online

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