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Sobey’s Canada is holding a new survey contest.

If you are shopping at Sobey’s keep your store’s receipt and see if you are invited to take a feedback survey.

Sobey’s would like to hear your feedback on various aspects of your latest shopping experience.

The information you provide will be used to improve customer service and satisfaction.

To get started, you will need to enter the store number which can be found on the bottom of your store receipt

Enter the number and click the “Begin Survey” button to continue.

As a Thank you for your time you will be entered into the Gift Card draw.

Please remember to fill out last page with your address and personal information

visit to enter, click here for details

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About Sobeys

Sobeys is a supermarket chain – the second largest food retailer in Canada. It was founded in 1907 in Nova Scotia and originally started out as a meat delivery business. In 1924 the business expanded and began offering a full range of groceries. Over the years it has expanded to include over 1,500 supermarkets that operate in all ten provinces. In 2013 Sobeys launched a campaign called Better Food For All, an initiative to emphasize the high quality of their food and the launch of Certified Humane meat, poultry, egg and dairy products sold in Sobeys stores. “Better Food For All” is now the company slogan.

Sobeys stores have traditional grocery sections that you’d expect to find in a supermarket. This includes meat, cheese, grocery, produce (including local and organic), deli, seafood, bakery, and ‘our kitchen’ – a selection of fresh, ready-to-go or take & bake items. Sobeys has also partnered with British chef Jamie Oliver, whose line of products is carried in the store.

The Sobeys private brand is called Compliments and has been offered as an alternative to national brands since 2005. Compliments products include bakery products, baking supplies, beverages, breakfast, dairy, meats, produce, seafood, snacks and personal care items. There are also some specialty Compliments subdivisions. These include Sensations (products advertised as premium quality without the premium price), Organic, Gluten-Free, Balance (health-conscious products) and Green Care (a line of eco-friendly household products).

The Sobeys website can be used to explore these products and learn more about what is “in-store” for you when you visit a Sobeys location. They also have a wonderful Get Cooking section which features recipes, tips, and food guides. Other notable sections include Get Healthy – a section where you can learn more about eating healthy, nutritional guidelines, special diets, allergies, tips and inspiration – and the SobeysTV tab which features a number of short videos including “how to” and features from chef Jamie Oliver. You can also use the Sobeys website to find information about your local Sobeys and to view your weekly flyer.

Sobeys mission and values all have to do with offering affordable, better food for everyone – because good food is not a luxury, it’s your right. They like to encourage Canadians to choose a healthy lifestyle – to eat well, choose the highest quality, and commit to a sustainable lifestyle.

49 Replies to “ Contest: Take Survey To Win $1,000”

  1. I shop at Sobeys 90% of the time I shop. Something I have noticed – I use to by bones for my dogs they were between a dollar or 1.50 as they are pretty much scrap, I also buy chicken hearts and livers for my dogs and they were always between 1 and 2 dollars. Unfortunately I mentioned that I buy these items for my dogs and amazingly the prices have sky rocketed – two bones with barely anything on them are now going for between 3 and 5 dollars and the same with the chicken hearts and livers – coincidence????

  2. In slave lake Alberta, can’t believe you took away all purity products, I now have to travel to Saint Albert , which is 2 1/2 hours away to do my shopping, because I’d be hesistant if I’ll shop at Sobey‘s anymore, you keep taking away products here in slave Lake, we are in northern Alberta with two grocery stores in this town, and you keep taking away stuff, you people in in office need to get your head out of the clouds, you have no idea what we need, take care your customers

  3. Sobeys in Lethbridge , their prices are always higher than all other supermarkets , no-frills , wall mart , superstore , when they have a sale they make the product smaller for example : hot dog buns shrink in size when sale is on , the whole wheat ones are way shorter than the hotdog , I am thinking about listening to my friends and switching to no- frills

  4. The staff in Antigonish always go out of their way to help everyone ! I have seen it time & time again ! Sobeys is sure lucky to have these fine workers & the other way ’round as well .

  5. Staff are always friendly, store is organized and lower prices makes shopping in the St. Catharines store great..

  6. Fresh red lean ground beef, labelled that it was packaged the day I purchased it, was a shell covering a mass of dark, old meat underneath. You are losing a long time customer.

  7. I always shop at my local Sobeys. I appreciate the quality of the products, the organic selection, the specials, etc. However, and this is happening more frequently to my dismay, there are fewer registers open and waiting in line to check out becomes a common problem. This happens even on less busy days. FYI this is exactly the reason why I stopped shopping in your your competitors stores. I did get an apology from the young woman at the cash register but doubt that she is in a position to rectify the situation. A line up of three or more full carts and only one register open is not acceptable!

  8. I entered the contest and answered all the questions, but did not get a chance to identify myself, so how would I know I won, and how would they know who to notify?

  9. On March 19, 2019, I was picking up a few items at the Forest Hills Sobey’s in Cole Harbour. As I was walking by the deli section, a young man who worked the deli (had beard protector on) was outside of his work area, blowing his nose and pretty much grossing me out with his “process”. I watched him return to his work area at which time he tucked his shirt tail into the rear of his pants. I was waiting for him to wash his hands but to my shock, he continued with his duties, picking up some type of cart and walking within the deli area. At this point, I had to leave as my thoughts of him continuing to work in this section (or any for that matter) made me quite disgusted, to say the least! I apologize if this is not the forum for making such a complaint but this is the site provided on my sales slip to advise you on “how we are doing”

  10. I’m wondering if I’m the only customer who thinks employees need to be trained how to package groceries? Safeway used to train their employees how to package groceries properly. I’m not very impressed when raw meat is packaged with fresh produce or ready-to-eat foods.

  11. Sobeys so fantastic place to make shopping i all time go there products so good fresh
    Staff so friendly and nice all of them without exception

  12. Elite experience to have such great service and staff acknowledgement every day with a smile .

  13. Always enjoy Sobeys. More personal and informal.
    Very happy to see a larger organic section as well as a gluten free section.

  14. I just entered the customer survey on line, but the last page didn’t come up, so I couldn’t leave my name, address, etc. My trans # is 1347. How can I finish the survey to be entered in the contest ?

  15. I have had nothing but horrible service from the west end sobeys in Brandon, mb. Specifically from an employee by he first name of Jalpa. I went to sobeys earlier this morning to get a few things for thanksgiving. I couldn’t find cranberry sauce. So when I got to the checkout I said I wasn’t able to find cranberry sauce, could you tell me where I could find it? And the girl at the checkout (Jalpa) was like oh no I don’t know, sorry. So then I was like okay, well call someone who does. So she reluctantly calls. No one comes to the checkout and then she’s like no one is coming and smiles… and then I’m like yeah not good enough, page then again. So then she just smiles and ignores me. So then this other employee walks by and she’s like do you know where the cranberry sauce is? And he’s like oh. No. And walks away. So then I walk up to the customer service desk and was like do you know where the cranberry sauce is.. because no other employee seems to have any idea.. and he’s like oh isle 3. So then I just stood there staring at him and then he got very uncomfortable and was like umm do you want me to go get it? And i was like yep, I sure do. And so then he’s like ugh okay what kind, and he finally went and got it, brought me the wrong stuff. So I just got out of there before I got even more frustrated with one of your incompetent employees.

  16. Love Sobeys.Have been a loyal shoppers for over 50 years.The store is always clean,friendly,and inviting.Everything is easy to find as everything is well posted..

  17. I shop at Sobeys weekly due to location to my home & sanitary conditions in the store. Parking is excellent & I love the small carts to push about. I scan the flyer for the deals weekly. I will not use the self check-outs.

  18. Like Sobeys for quick in and out – however forgot where milk is kept! Like fresh veggies and meat!


  19. When it comes to quality you can’t beat Sobey’s..the service is also as good as it gets.

  20. I really enjoy shopping here : For it prices , atmosphere . It cleanliness is very sanitary . To it friendliness with all the staff and clientele , even with all the cashiers and the manager you couldn’t ask for anything better with the one in Douglastown and
    Please street, Newcastle , NB . CANADA .

  21. Enjoyed my dinner every Sunday night…. love the food they serve,,, lots of choices and healthy….

  22. Shopped at Sobeys today and found the shelves to be well stocked. Great in store discounts. Customer Service was awesome and cashier whom served me was very pleasant and helpful. Would definitely recommend this store.

  23. I was at Sobey’s and got over 100$ worth of groceries but forgot about 100 Air Miles so I want back in to get my 100 bonus Air Miles. The staff was so good trying to correct my mistake. Love Sobey’s

  24. I have filled in the survey but was extremely disappointed by the question of ethics. To me there is no such thing as Black or white, we are ALL one color or another!!

  25. Actually the click here link is in bold print, David. Hope you entered the Sobeys contest. Good luck 🙂

  26. The staff are always friendly and helpful the store is always clean and bright and is well decorated for Christmas great job staff.

  27. As you can probably tell, a lot of people are having a hard time spotting the link to the survey. The words “click here” in blue don’t exactly leap out at you. I would suggest a larger font to draw the eye, and/or a different colour than the surrounding boarders. …

  28. I visited your Oxford Street Store in London to purchase a Christmas tree that I thought would be $25.00 only to be informed that that price was only on the weekend and that they were now $35.00. I was disappointed to find this out, and purchased the tree for $35.00 which was quite a bit more.

  29. The prize must have been won already because I cannot seem to enter. Or is this a treasure hunt.

  30. We shop at Sobeys all the time. Reason is for great products, great meat and sea food, local fruit and vegetables when available, the Manager is like a best friend. When my husband passed away, my grad daughters wanted to toast their grandpa with chocolate milk in little shot glasses, Brian knowing there were going to be 200 people at the golf course ,,arranged for the milk to be delivered at the proper time and made the wish fulfilled for our family. Bless them and Brian

  31. For about the last 3 to 4 shopping visits my wife and I had at Sobeys in about 3 weeks.
    We were very satisfied throughout the shopping experience inside the store.
    I will point out one thing that I will never do is cash myself out. I have had nothing but
    problems with those machines, I would rather deal with a LIVE cash out employee.
    I have noticed the lack of cashiers lately. I question a couple of cashiers and the response
    hours cut back. Question do you balance the ratio of employee management hour cut backs.
    Meaning, you as management do you cut you hours the same as you do your employees at the same ratio ?????

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