Sprout Free Online Games for Kids

Sprouts online games for children

Sprout Online has lots of fun free Online games for your child.

Find matching games, puzzles, challenges and more.

Select games to improve Creativity, Fine Motor Skills, memory skills, numbers and counting,

problem solving, music and of course play Just for FUN!!!

PLus some include your child’s favourite TV show characters.

view here

at time of posting, these great games are available for Free:

  1. Arnold’s Bug Box – Help Arnold gather some bugs in his box.
  2.  Chica’s Adventure Game
  3. Go on an adventure with Chica! Dress up as a pirate and find the buried treasure or travel into space and find Lunar on the moon!
  4.  Duckie Races
  5. Click the yellow duckie to make him move faster and win the race. Let the duckie races begin!
  6. Mr. and Mrs. C’s Melody Maker, Search around the Costume Coop for instruments, then make music and dance along with Mr. and Mrs.
  7. Aztec Dash, Dash through the jungle with Justin from Justin Time.
  8. Create-a-Puppet Game – Create your very own puppet.
  9. Moon Rock Catch, Help Banjo catch the moon rocks before they fall to the moon’s surface.
  10. The Pajanimals Birthday Party Game, Time to celebrate a birthday party with the Pajanimals!



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