Coupon Zone Coupons


There are new store coupons available at the Real Canadian Superstore (Ontario) coupon zone.

Below are a number of coupon zone coupons, I picked up this week.

I found these coupons at my local Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart. Check your coupon board or look for them in the store aisles.

These are Manufacturer’s coupon, valid at any store.

New Coupon Zone Coupons New Coupon Zone Coupons

Real Canadian Superstore coupons

Where to find In Store Coupons?

This question may sound like a no-brainer and you will most likely say:

“Well, you find them in your store!”

Of course, this is correct, but the trick is finding ALL the coupons you may be interested in!


Coupon Zone Coupons

Most grocery stores now have a big coupon board or coupon zone, which greets Couponers at the front entrance.
Remember to grab the store flyer too, as it may contain store coupons to clip!
When I started couponing the coupon board was pretty much the only time I looked for coupons while shopping.
Sometimes I did notice the odd tear pad coupon; that was hidden on a shelf beside the products.

Coupon zone coupons may include store coupons, which are ONLY valid at the store or store chains they belong to.
For example, all Loblaw Store coupons are valid at
Atlantic Superstores, Atlantic Super Valu, Extra Foods, Fortinos, Loblaws, Maxi, Maxi and CIE,No Frills, Provigo
Real Canadian Superstore, Real Canadian Wholesale Club, Valu Mart, Your Independent Grocer, Zehrs,

Unfortunately, you cannot combine Loblaws store coupons with any Manufacturer coupons. It is one coupon per product or item.

Loblaws store coupons are valid for about two weeks, so there is always a fresh supply of new coupons available.

The coupon zone boards also have Manufacturer coupons available, which can be used at any other stores, and it’s great to save one for another shopping trip when a special or promotion may be available for this product.


Dive Into Summer Savings Booklet

Coupon Booklets

Another mistake I made as a Coupon beginner was that I ignored these little Brand Name booklets that looked just like advertising to me.
Only after I started picking up a couple of them (Smucker’s Breakfast Booklet, Campbell Soup, etc.), I quickly realized that these little books often contain some great value coupons
and some yummy new recipe ideas.

store coupons tear pad coupons

So after that, my shopping trips started with the coupon board, then I would walk down the aisles with an open eye to tear pad coupons and coupon booklets.
It is surprising how many people do miss these booklets and tear pads.

Last week at Zehrs, I was chatting for a few minutes with a friend while standing beside the Doritos and Pepsi store display. Zehrs had a big box with Doritos and Pepsi and a box with a coupon booklet was displayed beside products.
We watched as people walked by, grabbing a bag or two of Doritos and Pepsi and most of them never even looked at the coupons, which were in plain sight!
They could have saved over $4 on the purchase of both, plus find more coupon savings inside.
My estimate was that 8 of ten people missed the discounts!


Find more Grocery coupons here

Check for more tear pad coupons




Peelie- Coupons & Stick-on Coupons

So, these are just the obvious store coupons you may miss.

The next ones are much harder to locate because it does take more time to find them.

I am talking about peel-off, hang tags and inside/on package coupons.old el paso coupons package

These coupons are directly attached to theproduct and you must or should buy the item to get the coupons.

I have seen people peel off sticker coupons from products to add them to their collection(s), then put the item back on the shelf. This is uncool, so please don’t do that!

Examples for products with coupons attached to them include cereal boxes (General Mills), Shreddies, etc, which often have cut-out coupons on the back, soft drinks (free popcorn …, Dinner Kits ( free chicken/Beef with Old El Paso view image on the right ) >>>

Maple Leaf Meat products, and many, many more.

These coupons are much harder to find! You may only see a little banner on the box, mentioning the coupon offers found inside.

So unless you are looking directly at the package, you would never see them.

If you go shopping with your children make a game of finding these coupons.old el paso coupons

My girls still enjoy playing a game of Coupons Hide’N’Seek when we go to the store. They will go (not run ;-)) with me through the aisles finding coupons. It keeps them busy and entertained and

I have to admit they are better and faster in finding coupons than I am!

To sum it up, here are the places to look for in-store coupons

  1. Coupon Board (store entrance)
  2. Tear pad (on store shelves)
  3. Hang-tag, peel-off or in package coupons (check each product)


Are you looking for store coupons and where do You find most of your store coupons?

Also read our article Best Canadian Coupon sites here

to get more Mail and printable coupons.


Below are some of the recent coupons I have found lately:

store coupons august

RCCS New Tear Pad Coupons

Tear Pad and store coupons

seen at Real Canadian Superstore here

Coupon Zone

Store Coupons Super Store

store coupons new
Bick’s Save $100 on any any 2 of Bick’s products, valid until June 13, 2014
French’s Save $0.50 on any any one French’s product, this coupon expires on June 13, 2014
Nelson Save $1 on any a 2 L carton or a 4 L bag of Nelson Organic milk, valid until June 13, 2014
Sally’s When you purchase one bag of Sally’s cereal of equal or lesser value you will recieve one bag free, valid until May 30, 2014
Hellmann’s Save $1 on any any 2 Hellmann’s 890 ml/750 ml products, valid until June 13, 2014
Huggies Save $10 on any any two Huggies Diapers (54 ct. or larger) or Wipes refills (448 ct. or larger), valid until May 30, 2014
Schneiders Save $1 on any any Schneiders Country Naturals product, valid until July 31, 2014
Minute Maid When you purchase one Minute Maid 1.75L Chilled product, you’ll save $0.75 on one Minute Mid 10x200mL Juice product, This coupone expires on August 31,  2014
Gillette Save $2 on any any Venus 3-blade disposable or 5-blade disposable razor, valid until June 30, 2014
Gillette Save $2 when you purchase  any Gillette 3-blade disposable or 5-blade disposable razor, valid until June 30, 2014
Friskies When you purchase five 156g cans of Friskies you will recieve one can free, valid until July 31, 2014
Black Diamond Save $1 on any any Black Diamond Cheese Spread, valid until August 30, 2014
Garnier Save $2 on any any Garnier Olia haircolour product, valid until June 20, 2014
Tassimo When you purchase 2 of any Tassimo Latte, Cappucino, Macchiato, Hot Chocolate or Mocha, you will save $5 on the purchase of any one of these, valid until September 1, 2014
Swiffer Recieve a free package of Steampad Refilla on any a Swiffer Bissell Steamboost Starter kit, valid until July 11, 2014
Pampers Save $2 on any Pampers wipes on any any Pampers Easy Ups or UnderJams, valid until May 30, 2014
Tylenol Save $4 on any Tylenol Muscle Aches & Body Pain producta (72 or 110 ct.), This coupon expires July 19, 2014
Save $ 5 on any on any Emergen-C  valid until July 31, 2015
Save $ 2 on any any Garnier Olia haircolour product  expires on March 31, 2014
Save $ 3 on any any adult Benylin product    valid until March 31, 2014 
Buy and Quaker Harvest and save $1 on any yogurt purchase   valid until April 30, 2014
Save $ 1 on any any one VH Steamers   valid until June 30, 2014
 Save $ 1 on any a pack of 4x100g Silhouette Greek Yougurt  expires on May 31, 2014
Save $ 3 on any any Motrin Liquid Gels Product   valid until June 30, 2014
Save $ 3 on your 3rd Children’s Tylenol or Infants Tylenol product on any 2 expires on December 31, 2014
Save $ 1 on any any Black Diamond Cheese Spread   valid until August 30, 2014
Save $ 1 on any any one Air Wick Freshmatic or Scented Oil Familiar Favourites product  expires on June 30, 2014
Save $ 2 on any any Revitalift Moisturizer   valid until March 31, 2014

previous offers

store coupons

They are:

Save $ 10 on any any two HUGGIES Diapers (58 ct. or larger) or Wipes refills (448 ct. or larger)  expires on February 7, 2014
Save $ 4 on any 1 Oral Pill + Canesten External Cream expires on January 31, 2014
Save $3 on any Lax-A-Day 238 g, 510 g or sachets, expires on August 31, 2014
Save $ 3 on any one CESAR Wet Multipack or twelve CESAR Wet Individual Trays (any variety) expires on July 31, 2014
Save $3 on any any one pack of PULL-UPS Training Pants or GOODNITES Underwear expires on February 7, 2014
Save $ 3 on any any Secret Clinical product, expires on June 30, 2014
Save $ 2 on any any Infants’ or Children’s MOTRIN product, expires on August 31, 2014
Save $2 on any any Meta-mucil product, expires on March 31, 2014
Save $ 1.50 on any any one Starbucks K-Cup 10 count pack expires on June 28, 2014
Save $1.50 on any any Garnier Body product expires on June 30, 2014

Save $ 1.50 on any any Mini Babybel product expires on June 30, 2014
Save $1.50 on any Helixia kids product, expires on June 30, 2014
Black Diamond Cheestrings
Save $ 1.50 on any any two packages of Black Diamond Cheestrings (16 or 28 pack),  expires on July 31, 2014
Save $1.50 on any any FLINTSTONES product   valid until July 31, 2014
Save $ 1 on any any Degree product   valid until December 31, 2014



Dr.Oetker Save $ 1 on any any Panebello variety product
Save $ 1 on any any one box of Tazo Filterbag Tea (24 ct.), Tazo K-Cup Packs or Tazo Latte Concentrate
Save $ 1 on any any Halls Bag (15 – 30 drops), expires on May 31, 2014
Save $ 1 on any Maxidol, expires on December 31, 2014
Save $ 1 on any any 1 Yoplait Yopa! GREEK Yogurt (4x100g or 500g), expires on February 23, 2014
Save $ 0.75 on any any Scope Rinse, expires on March 31, 2014

international delight

Save $ 0.50 on any any International Delight product, expires on February 28, 2014




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  1. Ho DoubleOO,

    You are very welcome and Thanks for your comment.
    I love finding and sharing these deals

    and hearing you appreciate it just makes my day 🙂

  2. Hi Muriel,

    I agree. I love the Real Canadian Superstores and my local Sobeys for finding tear pad coupons.
    Sobeys seems to be a great place to get coupon booklets 🙂

  3. I have yet to see a coupon Booklet at No Frills and I have been shopping there ever since they opened.Somtimes you might get one or two of their own tear coupons inside with a very short time for expiration date on them.

  4. Hi Ruby,
    P&G Brandsaver is offering Mail coupons.
    simply create an account and order free of charge.
    Coupons will be mailed within 10 days
    Enjoy 🙂

  5. Hi! I’m new to couponing. Can you print brand coupons like P&G and it will be honored to any grocery stores?

  6. Alymer tomatoes can have buy 2 alymer accents save $1, sometimes one has to look for these cans as not all are marked. Like you when I went to Atlantic superstore checking at the large coupon board inside door was all I did until a friend told me to look by product.

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