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TellBaskinRobbins – Baskin Robbins® Survey – $1 Off Brothers Burt and Irv (Baskin) of course, actually started separate ice-cream shops, Burton’s and Snowbird ice-cream in 1945 and 1946. Do you think they supported each other fully, or was there any brotherly competition? I think there was competition at first, but then realizing they could do better as a team. The brothers merged

Sponsored Links – JCPenney® Survey – 15% Off Survey JC Penney was founded in 1902 by a man with the fitting name “James Cash Penney”. Fitting that a man with the middle name cash would create such as successful cash-building store. I’ve actually never even met anyone with the middle name cash before. Now the store founded by the man with the

Sponsored Links – PolloListens® Survey – $2 Off Do you speak Spanish? If no, then you are probably not aware that Pollo Tropical means “Tropical Chicken” in English. I’m glad they named the store in Spanish, since Tropical Chicken doesn’t have quite the same ring as Pollo Tropical. The Spanish name was genius and something any aspiring entrepreneur should take note of

Value Village Listens – Official Value Village® Survey Value Village, a for-profit thrift store, was founded by William Ellison under the “Savers” brand. Although they are a for-profit retailer, they support non-profits by purchasing clothing and items from over 100 non-profit retailers each year. There are 300 Value Village stores and they employ over 20,000 people in the US, Australia, and Canada.

Albertsons Survey – Take Albertsons® Survey

Albertsons Survey Albertsons dates back to 1939 where Joe Albertson opened the first store in Boise, Idaho. His vision and goal were that it already be the best food store in Idaho. To make the experience unforgettable for customers, he would supply hot roasted nuts, warm delicious popcorn, homemade ice-cream, and a bakery that cooked

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FootlockerSurvey The Footlocker was started in 1974, however it was not until 1988 that it was officially founded as the company we know today. It is a US company with its headquarters based in Manhatten, NY, USA, with over 3,000 stores worldwide in 28 countries. The company is known for its fun employee uniforms that – Take CVS® Survey – Win $1K Did you know that 76% of those living in the US live within 5 miles of a CVS location? If you’re reading this page, you’re likely part of the 76% statistic, since you’re trying to take the CVS survey online. Personally, the closest CVS to me is .3 miles away, so I am 100% – Burlington® Survey, Win $1K Wives can convince their husbands to do pretty much anything. True or False? In the case of Burlington, definitely True. In the early 1900s, Monroe Milstein worked a full time job while his wife also spent her time working as a librarian. That sneaky wife though, since he earned a full-time income from his – Take Kohl’s® Survey – Get 10% Off Polish immigrant Maxwell Kohl founded the store Kohl’s in 1927, so you can guess where the name came from. His last name, of course. Maxwell Kohl started the first Kohls in Wisconsin as a small corner store. The first large Kohl’s department store didn’t open until 1962. 10 short years later The British American – Official Publix® Survey – Win $1K George Jenkins founded Publix grocery stores in 1930 in his hometown of Florida when he was only 22 years old. It was so successful he was able to open another 5 years later on the other side of town. However, his dream was to have a large, beautiful supermarket store which he fulfilled by

MyMichaelsVisit – Take Michael’s® Survey How many employees does Michaels have? 31,000 people running around and making the world a more crafty and better place! Michael J. Dupey founded Michaels in 1973 in TX. Today it has grown to over 1,200 stores and is the biggest US craft store. If you can imagine, the average Michael’s contains over 40,000 – Take Official Little Caesar’s® Survey Founded May 8, 1959, the Little Caesars pizza chain has been around for quite a while. It has had quite some success and is the third largest fast food pizza chain in the United States. One of its famous marketing efforts is its catchphrase “Pizza!Pizza!” meant to signify you can get 2 pizzas from – Take Cinemark® Survey – Win 1 Year Lee Roy Mitchell started the Cinemark Theatre brand in Texas fairly recently in 1984. Interestingly it has expanded globally and is now the biggest movie chain in Brazil. Officially the chain states it was founded in 1984, however some evidence suggests it may have been operating as early as 1977. The chain is known

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TellNoodles Noodles and Company is based in Colorado, and is known for its casual ambience and great noodle dishes. When it went public in 2013, its revenue jumped to over $300 million, all the way from only $300,000 in 1996. All of this from only 510 restaurants in only 39 US states, you can – Take Safeway® Survey, Win $100 \ Safeway Survey Marion Barton Skaggs founded the first Safeway in 1915 in the US. The Safeway motto “Ingredients for life” encapsulates their offering of selling all ingredients you need for your daily life and food needs. Skaggs actually purchased the original store from his father for only $1,089 in 1915. Inflation would greatly