SwagBucks Canada: Halloween Cash Backs + FREE Gift Cards

Swagbucks Shop Online: 2017 Earn Cash Back Codes


Do your shopping online and get free gift cards!

Are you looking for new promo codes and coupons for your favourite stores??

If you shop online, there is an easy way to get extra discounts and coupon codes,

all in one place.

I do all my online shopping with Swagbucks, where I not only find promotion codes but get extra points, called SB, just for shopping through my Swagbucks account.(free rewards program)

It does not cost you anything extra, but you’ll get extra rewards (SB points)  for every dollar you spend (on top of the bonus)!

Halloween Bonus Alert

Now that Halloween is almost here, Swagbucks has increased cash back promotions at a big group of their Halloween-related stores, so you can earn cash back while getting costumes, decorations, and more for the end of the month. 

Just click here to see the deals, and sign up for Swagbucks (if you haven’t already)

to start earning cash back in the form of SB points, which you can exchange for gift cards or PayPal cash.

The sale is going on until October 31st, and if you sign up through me,

you’ll get an additional 200 SB ($2) bonus when spend $25 or more!




Double and Triple Cash Backs

It’s super easy to use and I’ve earned hundreds of dollars in free gift cards since I joined them over 5 years ago!

Swagbucks may even offer double or triple cash back incentives during holiday shopping times and other promotions!

Pick up some of the great deals below and earn up to free TRIPLE cash back from your favourite stores

when you shop through Swagbucks! (free rewards)

HOT Cash Back Offer 

  • Amazon’ Up to 2% Cash Back
  • Sears Canada Up to 2% Cash Back
    Forever 21 Earn 2% Cash Back
  • Sephora.com 3% cash back
  • Under Armour 3% cash back

(please note, this is a featured offer, check for all your favourites below!!)




Here’s howSwagbucks Shop And Earn works:

sign up for Swagbucks here (if you are not a member yet)

then click the link below and see the stores offering deals and cash back.
Click through to your store of your choice and do some shopping!


Earn cash back in the form of SB points, which can be redeemed for free cash and gift cards.

Points can be redeemed for gift cards to stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target or Paypal cash so I can treat myself.

Shop and get cash back now, if new, join here to get free cash back!

more, read on below and find out about Shop and Earn

About Swagbucks Canada’s Shop & Earn Program

If you are shopping online, make sure to get collect extra Points (SB) when shopping Online.

This is a great way to earn up to 10% cash back (Paypal) or free Canadian gift cards.

Swagbucks Canada is offering a new and improved Canadian Shop & Earn Program that lets you earn extra reward points.

You will be able to shop at major retailers like Walmart.ca, Amazon.ca, Sears.ca etc and the Shop & Earn also gives you access to exclusive coupons, deals and offers to give you the best bang for your buck!

Get started with the Swagbucks Shop & Earn today.

view here

Not a member yet,?, click here to join Swagbucks Canada for free today (no credit card required)

Log in at your Swagbucks account and click on the Shop and Earn banner.

Pick your retailer, or search for a product you are interested in, you will then be told, who many points per $ you can earn.

Click the link and be directed to the online store and earn on any purchase you’ll make.


Swagbucks Shop and Earn Retailers

Shop at over 60 stores including Walmart.ca, Old Navy and Chapters Indigo

check out some of the stores below:

  • Walmart Canada –  -1 or 2 Swag Buck per Dollar – – Better than 1% Cash Back
  • Under Armour Canada  – 5 Swag Bucks per Dollar – Better than 5% Cash Back
  • Buytopia.ca – 6 Swag Bucks per Dollar – Better than 6% Cash Back
  • SelectBlinds Canada – 6 Swag Bucks per Dollar – – Better than 6% Cash Back
  • Maclean’s Magazine Canada – 27 Swag Bucks per Dollar  – – Better than 27% Cash Back
  • SpaFinder Wellness Canada – 4 Swag Bucks per Dollar  – – Better than 4% Cash Back
  • Sears Canada  –  -1 Swag Buck per Dollar  – – Better than 1% Cash Back
  • Banana Republic Canada   -1 Swag Buck per Dollar – Better than 1% Cash Back
  • Yves Rocher Canada  -10 Swag Bucks per Dollar – Better than 10% Cash Back
  • Dell Canada  -1 Swag Buck per Dollar – Better than 1% Cash Back
  • Hatley Canada  – 5 Swag Bucks per Dollar – Better than 5% Cash Back
  • LEGO Canada   – 2 Swag Bucks per Dollar – Better than 2% Cash Back
  • Yves Rocher Canada  -10 Swag Bucks per Dollar – Better than 10% Cash Back
  • Shoeme.ca   – 5 Swag Bucks per Dollar – Better than 5% Cash Back
  • Starbucks Canada  –  – 3 Swag Bucks per Dollar – Better than 3% Cash Back
  • Kiehl’s Canada   – 5 Swag Bucks per Dollar – Better than 5% Cash Back

view the complete list at Swagbucks shop here

Want to know how to redeem your Swagbucks points?

read here how to redeem Swagbucks ponts for Free gift cards


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