Swagbucks Swag Codes 2020 | Earn $$ With Swag Codes

Swag Codes 

Earn Free Gift Cards with the Canadian Swagbucks program


SB Points may be redeemed for free gift cards at Canadian Restaurants, Stores (online and in-store) or Paypal cash! 

Use the codes below and earn your next free gift card through Swagbucks Canada:

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New Canada Swag Codes

$100 Swagbucks Code AU8EJ9
$10 Bonus When You Sign Up Through This Link


Swag Code Alerts 


GapCA in the Swag Code box until 5pm EST to earn 2SB.

Enter here
(enter codes exactly as shown!) enter the Code under the Swag Code Safe Icon and tell all your friends in the “Gimme” box on the Swagbucks homepage


Where to Enter the Codes?

view the image below.

simply enter code into the box (in the example below, the code was: GetDoubled) and hit submit

Then wait for the confirmation message. please note this is an example only.

Active codes may be found above, on Facebook, the blog or Twitter

enter swag codes

stay tuned for more Freebies.


About Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is a completely free program that will let you earn Free Gift Cards and Cash Rewards.

Find out more in the Swagbucks Guide here

How to Find Swagbucks Codes

Where to enter Swagcodes:

Visit >>> HERE

and put the code into the “Gimme Box” (view image below):

gimme box


What do Swagcodes Look Like?

Swag Codes may be words or a Combination of a word and letter(s)

The image below shows an example from the Swagbucks Facebook page:

The code to enter in the Gimme Box was ThreeByTwo.

If you entered the code before the time limit, you would have earned 3 points.

Points will be instantly added 🙂


Other helpful tips.

Along with the Codes Swagbucks will also let you know:

  • how many Points you will receive for a certain Code
  • when the Code will expire

If you are new, You may Join >>> HERE and earn Swagbucks instantly!

Please note that you are now allowed to share active codes!!


Swagcodes on your smartphone


App with Swag Code Alerts (Free Gift Card Program)

Great news for  Swag Bucks and users (free rewards program)

You can now get Swag code alerts on you phone.

 Swag Bucks and has released an update to their app that makes it easier than ever to earn free rewards.

you can now enter Swag Codes from your mobile phone! How easy is that?
At this time the updates only work for  Android phones. (iOS app will be available shortly)

Make sure to update it today or download on Google play (free)  if you have not installed it yet.

Haven’t started yet to earn free gift cards and cash with Swagbucks.com yet?

I joined in 2009 and have collected several hundred dollars in Free gift cards already.

Join here for free today and get your own Cash and Rewards soon.

or read my guide on Swagbucks Canada Rewards here



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