Swagbucks Canada: Get September Collector Bills for more Free Cash & Rewards

Swagbucks Canada 2017 – What’s sweeter than Summer? Swagbucks Collector’s Bills!

Swagbucks Canada 2017 - What's sweeter than Summer? Swagbucks Collector's Bills!


Why “gooogle” when you can earn free cash with Yahoo & Swagbucks Canada??

The thing I love most about Swagbucks is that I will get rewards just for searching using the Yahoo.ca and Swagbucks search engine.

Current Collector Bills promotion

Swagbucks Autumn Harvest Collector’s Bills!

from September 11th, and when you get a search win, you may get a special Collector’s Bill valued at either:

4 SB, 6 SB, 9 SB, 11SB, 18 SB and 26 SB

When you get a Collector’s Bill you’ll receive the value of each bill

PLUS if you collect all 6 Collector’s Bills and you’ll instantly earn a 20 SB Bonus!

Keep searching til you find them all!

As you can see, you will collect points just by doing your normal Internet searches, and it’s a very easy way to earn Points for free cash, gift cards or shopping sprees 🙂

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What are Swagbucks Collector’s Bills?

Every time you use the Yahoo/Swagbucks search engine you’ll have the chance of winning points for free cash.

In addition to getting rewards every day, there are also monthly Collector Bills promotion where you can win Collector Bills. These specially designed bills will get you extra Swag Bucks.

How Do I Find Collector Bills?

You can win these limited edition bills by using Swagbucks Search on your desktop or mobile phone. Simply use search the web as you normally would. 

It’s very easy to collect all Bonus Bills.

Just use Swagbucks Search: click on “Search” in your topbar of the site, load and use the toolbar and download the free mobile app so you can search while on the go with the Swagbucks.com mobile site, or search right on the Swagbucks.com homepage.

Take advantage of this bonus promo and earn your next gift card even faster.

To view and keep track of your bills, visit the My Swag Bucks” area of your account and click the Collector’s Bills ” tab.

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Not a member yet?

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Join now and earn 30 Points instantly!
You earn rewards for doing all of the things online you already do, and it’s completely free. no credit cards, no fees EVER!

If you are new to Swagbucks Canada, read our free Swag Bucks Guide here and see how it is to earn gift Cards.






Is it possible to collect the same Collector’s Bills multiple times?

Yes, you could collect any of the Collector’s Bills multiple times.

join here or log in to search and collect free gift cards~

Swagbucks is a free Rewards program that let’s you earn free prizes just for searching the web and more.

If you need more info, read our free Swag Bucks Guide here and see how it is to earn gift Cards.


Swagbucks Free Gift Cards: New Holiday Collector Bills

Past Swagbucks Collector Bills


  • May Flowers Collector’s Bills! –  Collect roses, lilies, or daffodils
  • The Olympic inspired bills come with event names like Short Track Speed Shopping, Alpine Surveys and Cross Country Searching.
  • Back To School Collector Bills!
  • Around The World Swagbucks Collector Bills
  • Swagbucks  Spring Collector’s Bills
  • Sports Collector Bills

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