Swagbucks Review: Earn Free Gift Cards – see how Swagbucks works

 Swagbucks Canada Review: Earn Free Gift Cards – see how Swagbucks works

swagbucks giftcards

 Top Canadian Rewards Program (This offer is valid in Canada and US)

How to Earn Free Gift Cards or Cash with Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a free rewards program; that lets you earn “points called SB.”
I signed up for Swagbucks in 2012. At first I was very skeptical if it would work and if it was worth my time. But as it turns out, it’s absolutely the best rewards program I have ever joined. Below, I will explain why and how it works.
First, it is completely free, and there are no costs and No Obligations (view my earned prizes below : lol: )
And best of all, it does not take any extra time since I am using my computer or Swagbucks phone app every day for surfing the internet.

There are many more ways to collect points (scroll down to read on)

see how Swagbucks works





What Is Swagbucks and How does it work?

Swagbucks is a Search Engine just like Google or Yahoo.
The difference is that Swagbucks will PAY YOU to use their search page.
Just type the keywords you are searching for into the browser, and you may win points. Each time you win, you will receive a message, as shown in the picture below. “Congratulations, You have won x points ….”
That’s the reason I love using Swagbucks. In my experience, it is the best Canadian Rewards program. There is no need to purchase anything to collect points.
It is easy and just for searching the Internet you can receive gift cards just like I do.
Swagbucks is completely free and without any obligations, and there are no credit cards required at all.

details at Swagbucks here


swagbucks pro tips del

swagbucks search 14 points

How will you get paid ?

  1. First: You are earning points, so called SB, which are digital points.
  2. Each time you search you have the chance to win instant SB
  3. You can also do daily polls (answer 1 question) and get 1 SB per Day (view more ways to collect Points below). I do this every day.
  4. Keep collecting points and then redeem them for FREE gift cards or Paypal Cash.

P.S. read on below, there are more FREE ways to earn points.


The great thing is you do not need a gazillion points to earn cool prize Prizes . Check out these nice deals that were just published recently:

  • $5 Amazon.com Gift card 450 Points
  • $5 PayPal Cash 700 Points
  • $10 PayPal 1,335 Points
  • $25 Amazon.ca Gift Card 3,150

My gift cards What I have received so far:

I love gift cards and CASH, well who doesn’t? So far I have received over $400 in Amazon Gift Cards, $350 in Pay Pal Cash, several Starbucks Cards, and a $100 Old Navy Gift Card. View the images below, which show the Free Gift Cards I earned in 2012 and 2013 with Swag Bucks Plus I still have over 24,000 Points in my Balance which equals another $250 in Free Gift Cards  update: more free gift cards redeemed: Free Gift Cards with Swagbucks (Canadian Rewards Program) .

more free gift cards at the bottom of this page.Just try it for yourself and start earning SB, when you search the web.

I use the search bar during the day and normally win 3-5 times,  an average of 7 -15 points each time!

Doing this daily really adds up fast. Remember to download the mobile Swagbucks phone app after you join and you can earn points while searching on your phone. 

More Ways to Earn Swagbucks

There are more ways to earn points, if you so choose like:
  • playing online games (free)
  • take a daily quick poll (for 1 point/day)
  • look for special swagcodes offered during the day (make sure you are logged in,they will pop up)
  • load toolbar daily (1 point)
  •  watch videos Online  (5 points)
  • print Coupons, view details here
  • shop Online and get exclusive member only discounts
  • Invite Friends to join and you can earn up to 1000 Swag Bucks, view here for details
  • complete trial offers (like try out Netflix for Free etc.)
  • take surveys to earn points
  • follow Swagbucks on Twitter and earn Swag Bucks from exclusive Tweets
  • Get 50 SB on your Birthday (enter BD in your Account info)
  • You can now also use the new Swagbucks Mobile and watch Tv on the Go to earn extra Points.
  • (this is great way to “kill” time in the waiting room, during commute and so on)
  • add the swagbutton, Chrome extension to your browser for easy access + exclusive codes that can only be entered in the button
  • download the mobile app to get swag code alerts, search the web on the go, watch tv and play games.


I get my free gift cards mostly by searching the web, watching Swag TV and “catching” swag bonus codes, which are released daily. Plus, just loading the toolbar and doing the daily poll will earn 2 points every Day. Stay up-to-date, view the  newest Swagbucks promotions here

How to search:

Simply type a search into your Swagbucks browser and receive points. (this will be awarded randomly) download the search engine here
For example, I just searched for “Old Navy Deals” and won another 9 points.
You don’t get that when using Google, Bing or Yahoo!


      You’ve won 9 Swag Bucks
      See what this can get you in the Swag Store
       Your Swag Bucks have been automatically added to your account.
       Click here to send a confirmation email.


Remember to immediately install and USE the toolbar to start collecting points.

Not a fan of Toolbars?  That’s not a problem either. Simply use the official Swagbucks Plugin, which is easy to install, and Internet Explorer friendly. The toolbar is best, but the Plugin is a great alternative.

Is Swagbucks Toolbar safe:

Since someone posted a concern about Swagbucks and questioning if the site was safe I
visited McAfee Safe search to look up the Report and they gave swagbucks a “green light”
Swagbucks received the standard thumbs up with the standard message:
We tested this site and didn’t find any significant problems.
When we visited this site, we found that most of its links are to sites which are safe or have only minor safety/annoyance issues.
To compare this to websites like Sears Canada,Bell Canada or any major reputable sites,you will get the exact same answer.
You could try it here to see for yourself :http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/sears.ca


Personally I have the toolbar installed for over a year and never had any problems.
Unless you consider collecting free Amazon  gift cards a hassle (Hahaha !)   🙂

Here is an image of my query


Free Gift Cards with Swagbucks (Canadian Rewards Program)


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  1. Bon service

  2. Wendy, please read the article on how to earn free points.

    The points add up fast if you do the suggested tasks, search, poll, swagcodes, watch tv, etc.

    I have earned hundreds and lately I have been using Swagbucks for Holiday shopping because the cashback is better than ebates.

    My tip is to install the swag button, it’s a must to get alerts about active codes.!

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    Thank You Again
    Your Long Time Customer Since 1984

    Tania Poling

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  16. It’s legit, I live in Ontario, Canada and I have recieved 50 dollars in paypal money from two months of using swagbucks. I <3 swagbucks!

  17. Believe it or not I can’t do the math question to register. Not sure
    what * means or / means. I think the answer should be 2 but apparently not. Please help with this easy math. Thanks.

  18. No that is incorrect.
    Swagbucks applies to CANADA as well,

    you can see from my images, that i have received several hundreds of Dollars in Gift Cards and Cash

    I live in Ontario, which bis a Canadian Province!

  19. Hmm, this deal should specify that Swagbucks is US based only

  20. Not available for Quebec resident … 🙁

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  29. Thanks for clearly explaining SwagBucks. There are many “terms” on-line that I don’t quite understand, but I don’t have the time to check them all out. Again, thanks.

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