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 Have you eaten at Swiss Chalet lately?

Check your receipt for the customer satisfaction survey.

Visit and complete the survey here (receipt is required)

within 21 days of your last visit and you

qualify for a FREE Soup, Salad or Perogies with your next purchase of an entree!


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Swiss Chalet Feedback

Our family had a somewhat negative experience a while back.

We had a dinner at our local Swiss Chalet Restaurant.
My children ordered a chicken meal from the Kids menu and my Husband was looking forward to his Half Chicken Dinner.
When the food arrived, he could not believe his eyes.
The kid’s meal (less than half the price of the Chicken Dinner) had a larger serving of Chicken Breast than his Adult size meal!
He was very disappointed with the inadequate meal.
But since we had company we decided to rather enjoy our dinner together, than send his food back and have him wait for the re-order.  We did take pictures however to make our point.


You can be assured that this time, my husband filled out his Online feedback form as soon as we arrived at home.
He recommended the service and our waitress but mentioned that he had never received such a tiny
serving at this Restaurant before.
We did not expect to hear anything back of course but a few days later to our surprise the Restaurant Manager called.
He was very sincere in his apology, offered my Husband a free Chicken Dinner and hoped that we would come back soon to take him up on the offer!


Swiss Chalet wants you to enjoy a great Dinner at their Restaurants.

If ever anything is not up to your satisfaction; you are encouraged to let your server know and
Swiss Chalet promises to correct the issue.

So to sum it up, I think feedback on customer service is always important.

If you had great service and great Food, let them know and if your experience was negative

make sure to give feedback so service can be improved on!


Of course, the free soup/salad/perogie offer does not hurt either  😉







48 thoughts on “ FREE Soup, Salad or Perogies with Survey

  1. victor marques says:

    usual customers. today i was not very satisfied with our meal.the salad with the chicken was o.k..potato and cole slaw.very nice but the ribs…looks like they were cooked several hours before and kept in a warmer. they were dry and way overcooked. not the usual.

  2. Byron Lyons says:

    GOOD FOOD~!~ CHECK # 6494~!~

  3. franca digirolamo says:

    Access code 122721-chk 4892. My family and I went to your restaurant on 6210 Hwy 7 Vaughan,On. The service i recd was totally unacceptable. We go to the same place at least once a week. We had 3 people looking after us. 1) took half of our order. 2) took the other half. (we were not informed they were changing servers on us. The second server didnt even acknowledge us) 3) third server brought us our food. We had to ask for additional drinks. 8 mi. later the 1st server brought us our drinks. We did not get their names or ask to speak to the manager. At this point I was so upset I didnt want to speak with anyone. The 2nd server looked like she didnt even want to be there. I think she was waiting for a complaint. We didnt even receive water to wash our hands. No attention whatsoever. NO SERVICE NO TIP”

  4. Loll Tobin says:

    My Family and I went to Swiss Chalet today. The service was excellent and the food was really good, our waiter was very friendly. access code:126815

  5. Mrs. G. Wisted says:

    My daughter and I dined at your restaurant recently
    and found the waiter to be very friendly and came around often, service was good. the food was hot and tasty, and the restrooms clean.

  6. My wife and I go to Swiss Chalet regularly, the service and food is always excellent.
    access code 192523

  7. Russell J Bateman says:

    My wife and I enjoyed our meal it was tasty and satisfied our appetites. The environment was friendly and the waitress was attentive and checked with us often. Our only wish is that the background music be more appropriate to the white-haired clientel who visit your restaurant; this is the only thing that would like to see changed. Access code 123010

  8. Pat Levack says:

    Five adults & three children, we all ordered different meals. Chicken, pasta, burgers & pizza were all great. Of the five different orders of ribs, two of the three full racks were dry and tasted like they were warmed up. Restaurant & washrooms were very clean and our server was very friendly and came around often enough to inquire of our wants.
    access code:120322

  9. Went to Mississauga SC and the service sucked and the fries were cold. Wanted to get new fries but server did not come back. The restaurant was not busy, then she came with our bill did not ask us if we wanted tea/coffee which we did not cause that would have taken 15 min to get. The bill came to 26.07 and gave her $40.00 and asked if we wanted change. Does she think she was a great server to leave $13.95 tip. Will never go back there or recommend. access code 197619

  10. yvonne fortman says:

    We ordered take out on Fri August 23 I had a 1/4 chicken dinner and it was so dry I couldn’t eat it all. We also ordered wings which were great BUT was asked if we would like blue cheese and celery for 99 cents we said yes and was charged the 99 cents but did not receive the cheese & celery We order a lot for SwissChalet and every now and then something is forgotton. I will still order for we enjoy your food maybe a little more time could be spent on take-out I have never had a problem when we dine in. Access Code —177320

  11. Helen Andrew says:

    Our favorite place to go for chicken…and go there often. Service is quick/waiters friendly/food is delicious, always. We’ll be back

  12. Helen Andrew says:

    Love the quarter chicken meal and go to Swiss Chalet often.

  13. Each time I read the rules and regulations, I get quicked out of the long survey, next time I’ll go directly to the second part of the survey …

  14. Go to Swiss Chalet regularly in Charlottetown. food is great and reasonable. Service is great too.

  15. Have you any idea how Swiss Chalet is missed in Buffalo, New York?????? Bonnie What were you thinking pulling out of Buffalo—we all grew up with Swiss Chalet and so did our kids—now, all the Buffalonians have to cross one of the bridges ( and the wait I might add is sometimes one hour just to cross the bridge) to enjoy Swiss Chalet chicken –the fries and dipping sauce——Bonnie

  16. David Houghton says:

    iwas atswiss chalet in laceowood dr in halifax N.S. It was 12.50 when we got seated.a waiter took our drink order and left the place wasnt busy so at 1.10 i asked why we hadnt received our drinks or our order taken yet,a new waiter had to come over after 20 mins,apperantly the other waiter for got about us,when we finally got our food and ate and recieved the bill,i asked if we would recieve a discount for all the trouble i was told it wasnt that big a deal so the answer was me it was,i am really disappointed,i go to the one in bridgewater n.s at least twice a mth but im haveing second thoughts after this kind of service and their attitude was it was no big deal,with my job i dealwith the public everyday so i know it was big deal.

  17. I have been going to the Swiss Chalet in Saint John N.B. for over 3 years ,and I really enjoy the service, the food. It is the only restaurant that I really enjoy going to. The service is excellent and the food is the best that I have had anywhere. I don’t have any complaints.

  18. 121412

  19. Jewel J Wilson says:

    Unable to get free soup, perogies or salad by doing the survey today . I was never able to start the survey

  20. Connie Willis says:

    my access code is 121129.. this applies to the complaint just leave for 1109 Barrydowne Rd, visited there April 17 13

  21. Connie Willis says:

    As a thank-you gesture I travelled from North Bay to Sudbury on April 17th to take a friend to your restuarant at 1109 Barrydown Rd. His meal arrived uncooked, quarter thigh, mine was quarter breast. They replaced it with another uncooked dinner. We were not happy. Roughly ½ hour later I spent much time in the washroom with stomach cramps and diarrhoea…. I await your response.

  22. Nuala Johnston says:

    Visited Swiss Chalet Upper Middle Road Oakville for lunch with two guests today April. 10 .
    The French fries were warm not hot and half of them were discoloured. After complaining to the waitress she brought me another plate of fries again discoloured but at least hot.The chicken on two of the plates were very small and the meat was stringy.I have frequented Swiss Chalet for years and never been unhappy with the food,but today was a disgrace.From now on I will frequent the Cross Avenue restaurant.
    What a waste of money,and such embarrassment for me with two out of town guests.
    N Johnston Oakville

  23. Glen foster says:

    the service was good, and the new chicken fingers tasted excellent!

  24. Have been to new Red Deer Swiss Chalet three times now. Not impressed with food or service. IE no plates given for appetizers, food cold.

  25. Margaret Glover says:

    We ate at the Swiss Chalet on Bath rd, Kingston Ont., March 16th 2013. It took 5 minutes of waiting for someone to greet us, and take us to our table. By this time a line up had formed behind us.We waited 15 minutes for someone to take our order. Another 25 minutes before it was served to us….luke warm.! I complained to the server when she asked how everything was. We were offered a free dessert. This is the second time we have dined at this Swiss Chalet, and had terrible slow service. The previous time was in November , 2012.We will not be going back there anymore, as it spoils the idea of going out for a nice lunch.I will take the time to inform my friends and family , that unless they have a lot of spare time on their hands, not to go there. My access code :124413.

  26. I ordered (for take-out) 3 poutines with chalet sauce on Jan. 19 in Guelph on Woodlawn road. The person who took my order asked if I wanted chalet sauce on all three. I said yes. The receipt stated 3 orders of poutine with chalet sauce. when I got home, all three poutines had gravy. GRAVY! I don’t order swiss chalet gravy because I do not like it. I tried to do the online survey and correctly entered all of the information and was told after each attempt the information was invalid. When I clicked for assistance, the link was down. My check number is 6450 my access code is 115721. By the way – this is NOT the first time!!

  27. noel pinkerton says:

    Noel and Margaret Pinkerton says
    January 14.2013 at 5.30 pm
    We had a nice meal except they put far too much salt on the french fries, Why cant they let the people that is having dinner put on their own salt,(salt and pepper are on the table). The service
    was good .We will return.

  28. stephen glendenning says:

    Good day I had the winter dark meal the soup was nice and hot but the chicken was a litte cold but the fries we
    here ok . the service was very good .The store is at 340 The Boardwalk, Waterloo,

  29. Bonita Connie says:

    3737 Rutherford Rd location Swiss Chalet
    just got home from having dinner. I’ve been a customer for 10 years and frankly today I was turned off from ever going back to that store.
    After paying for my meal and repeatedly asking for my receip I was igorned. Finally when I got the manager to look into it, the waitress came back saying I wansn’t going to keep your change. Well after I repeatedly asked for my receipt and 25 minutes later, I think I have the right to be upsept.

  30. Shona Cusine says:

    My husband and I eat at the swiss chalet on 132 ave in edmonton at least once a week. We are always greeted by a cheerful server and don’t have to wait to long for our food.Our meal has always been good, no complaints.

  31. John Burt says:

    we received our order – chk/rib family pack. We were told that we could not purchase drinks!!! When we received our food there was no butter, sourer cream, forks, knives, napkins, plates – food was good but awful when you have to eat with your hands!!!!
    Access Code: 174135 Swiss Chalet 482 Grand Lake Rd. Sydney NS b1p 5s8 22101 driver – its an awful thing when you pay $50.00 for this kind of service.

  32. Great service with all items in the takeout order.

  33. Gloria MacLean says:

    On Sunday Nov.18th 2012 my husband and I ate at Swiss Chalet 1427 King St. E Courtice ON.I order the Festive dinner but did not recieve the Lindt chocolates,so we where there on Nov.25th had the same waitress as the week before told her that I didn’t get my chocolate.thinking I would get them today when I left ,but just got the one for today.

  34. Good service and good food. No complaints!!

  35. Diana Tracey says:

    Been visiting S C about 25 years and for the most part we were very satisfied just complained a couple of times that the chicken wasn’t completely cooked through

  36. Lily Kenny says:

    We have been enjoying Swiss Chalet, the staff are all very nice.

  37. campeau gaetan says:

    yesterday at 5 pm we eat at swiss chalet and it was very good Do you have this page in french Thank you

  38. The food was delivered hot and tasted very good.Love the food.

  39. james graham says:

    food was hot drinks were cold……….wheres my free perogies?

  40. H. Wauthier says:

    coffee tepid and strong ran out of napkins buns hard as rock needs slenda for sweetners. however our waitress was trying to be very accomodating not her fult. also should have bowls to put bones in when having ribs or chiken

  41. Ruby Scarlett says:

    Your store in Owen Sound is supurb, they have always been responsible to any food order I have placed whether in store or delivered. I really appreciate the fine hospitality shown and how fast they seem to have the food at the table or on a delivery which is hot when received. Keep up the good work as I will be glad to get my food from you. THANKS

  42. Annie and Ashley are especially wonderful people that make my time there seem very special.

  43. I always love to come to your restaurant for the wonderfull service and the delicious fresh food. I feel like they prepare it just for us. They are so friendly and quick to seat and serve you. Very attentave when you want water of coffee… Thankyou to all the special people that work there….

  44. fodd was exelent

  45. irene fischer says:

    great food

  46. Nelson Davidson says:

    went for dinner at our favourite location (10 YEAR) ordered our meal,we waited 1 hour for our meal,chickens were not ready complained server said she did not know when order was placed. very unhappy it also was my wifes birthday. we received free beverage and dessert and coupons for free entrees on our next visit.

  47. We had a wonderful experience. Our waitress “Alysa” was perfect. The food was excellent, even the coleslaw I ordered extra was soooo good, the lettuce under the slaw was just like it had been picked out of the garden. I do have one thing I wish could be changed and that is the gravy. I do not like the spice you use, it spoils it but you have been doing this for years so I guess you will not change now. Our experience tonight means we will be returning as steady customers. I used the coupon you sent us and that was good, it brought us back.

  48. maria hogendoorn says:

    found chicken not done all the way complained but they told us that it was the right temperature

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