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Did you know the Marcos Pizza founder was actually born in the town of Sulmona, Italy?!

Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco emigrated to the United States, to Dearborn Michigan, when he was just a wee lad at 9 years old.

His family had its own pizzeria, and he grew up tossing flour and helping with the pizzeria chores and daily business when he was still growing up.

He worked with his dad to perfect the Marcos Pizza sauce recipe that is still in use, and in many happy tummies, today.

Pat opened the first restaurant of the Marcos chain in 1978, and it took off, doing well then and still doing well today.

Currently there are over 800 Marcos restaurants in the US, 34/50 states, as well as spread across Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and India.

As they continue to grow, Marcos looks for feedback and ways to improve. It does this through its TellMarcos survey, which is a feedback survey they offer to customers in exchange for a coupon to use at one of its stores.

If you want to take the survey and get a Marcos coupon, keep reading below.

TellMarcos Survey Prize

The TellMarcos prize varies by location and time of year, so make sure to check your receipt to see your exact coupon prize.

Prize: The prize is printed on your receipt & after taking the survey you’ll receive a coupon code that will allow you to redeem the prize

How To Take The TellMarcos Survey

  1. First you’ll need to buy an item at a Marcos Pizza store
  2. Then you’ll need to bring your receipt home with you
  3. Next you’ll need to take the online TellMarcos survey, go online to and answer all survey questions to complete the survey
  4. Then you’ll need to write the validation code you receive at the end of the survey onto your receipt
  5. Lastly, within 30 days of receiving your receipt, you’ll need to go into a Marcos location and redeem the offer printed on your receipt using your receipt and survey coupon code Survey Homepage

The festive green and red colored Marcos survey homepage with a pizza in the background, invites you to choose your favorite language to proceed in, either English or Spanish.

TellMarcos Survey Rules

  • Must have made a purchase at a Marcos location
  • Must have filled out the online TellMarcos survey to be eligible for coupon
  • Coupon code must be redeemed within 30 days of receipt date
  • Must write validation code on your receipt for coupon to be valid
  • Must bring receipt and coupon code to next visit to be able to redeem your coupon

Contact Marcos Pizza

Phone: (419) 882-3300

Contact Online

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