Win $500 cash with Taco Bell Survey

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Taco Bell Survey Contest – 


Taco Bell Survey Contest -




Love to eat at Taco Bell’s?

Wouldn’t it be great to win $500 cash just for giving your opinion?

Taco Bell is looking for your candid feedback on their food quality and services provided.

Share your last Dining experience at Taco Bell Restaurant and

enter Taco Bell’s “Tell the Bell” contest to win $500!

Taco Bell sells a range of Tex-Mex foods, including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos and other items. For tacos you have a choice of hard shells, soft shells, and Doritos flavored shells, with your choice of beef, chicken, steak, or vegetarian fillings.

Taco bell also carries a number of specialty items that include quesadillas, Gorditas, Crunch Wraps, Mexican pizza and a number of Fresco items. They also sell sides (fries, churros, nachos and grillers) and desserts (empanadas, churros and cinnamon twists).

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To enter the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will need information from a Taco Bell receipt.

Fill out the required information, and then fill out the survey.

Promo on while supplies last. A week is Monday-Sunday.

You may enter once every two weeks.

Prize is $500 cash


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Taco Bell

The Survey contest is available at each year. Last year’s prizes included iPad and free gift cards.

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Nutritional Information

To see nutritional facts about all of Taco Bell’s menu offerings, visit this page. There you will see menu items listed along with their calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, sugars, protein, vitamins, calcium and iron.

Finding a Taco Bell

To find your nearest Taco Bell, use the store locator on this page. You can search by your address, postal code, or your city. When you hit Submit you’ll get a list of Taco Bell restaurants in your area.

Taco Bell eNewsletter

If you want to stay up to date with Taco Bell’s latest offerings you can sign up for their eNewsletter on this page. Simply fill out your contact information (name, email, postal code and date of birth) and you’ll receive emails regarding new menu items, promotions, coupons and company news. The sign up form also gives you the option of adding your phone number so you can get text updates.

Contacting Taco Bell

You can contact your local Taco Bell with the store information found when you use the store locator tool, listed above, or by speaking to a manager inside any Taco Bell location. If you’d rather send an email to Taco Bell’s customer support team, visit this page and fill out the contact form.


39 thoughts on “ Win $500 cash with Taco Bell Survey

  1. Mona S. Bigam says:

    I wAS at Taco Bell in Grove City, Ohio 2787 London Groveport Rd. they are very nice
    and everything is wonderful

  2. Mona S. Bigam says:

    the taco bell was fantastic the young man that waited on me was very nice I ordered 3 burritos and they were delicious

  3. Doug Hoadley says:

    My wife and I have dined at the Taco Bell on 1812 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, Va. several times and have
    found it to be far superior to any other Taco Bell in the area including Gloucester County and Newport News.
    We’re always greeted with a smile by very courteous employees and the fare is always delicious. To top it off
    we, as seniors, get a free cup of coffee. No other franchise in the area offers this. Only free soda. We will continue
    to eat at this eatery as often as possible.

  4. J. C. Buchanan says:

    Doubly pleased with your new “Breakfast” menu and the dinner offerings. Taco Bell has done it again!

    If I am fortunate to win this drawing, please donate the proceeds to The Salvation Army.

  5. Shari Metcalf says:

    Our Taco Bell in Spring Hill is the best! Service is fast & the food is always fresh & great!! Staff is always clean & wearing a smile! Restaurant is always clean & most important….their food is always the best! Thank you, Taco Bell 🙂

  6. tony benoit says:

    I have always loved Taco Bell, the food is delicious and the price is right. The attendants are always friendly and ready to help, get quick service thru the drive thru also. I ordered from there tonight and had a delicious meal! Thanks Taco Bell

  7. Barry Woodfill says:

    Staff was very courteous and friendly. Our meal was served very hot, and was delicious. We order two five dollar boxes, and both were special order and they listen and made our order correctly. Thank You Taco Bell.

  8. Keiko Mitsunaga says:

    Crispy Taco is so delious

  9. karen beth hall says:

    love the food and the prices. although sometimes they do not get orders right. friendly is not #1.

  10. cheryl durham says:

    I love the people at yr Norton ,va store they are so happy and friendly .you rock guys ,love to have one closer too home

  11. Michael Morales says:

    I love the friendly service and the food was delicious!! My mom has NEVER eaten at Taco Bell until that fateful day, and She said she loved the taco’s and the service and she was going to bring her friends with her NEXT time.

  12. matty Antelope says:

    I like Taco Bell. But I received bad service at the Taco Bell at 640 Wadsworth in Lakewood , Co. I order a cheese nacho’s I asked for lots and lots of cheese. On my receipt it showed that I paid for extra cheese. When I got my order I barely had cheese one my nachos, so I asked for more cheese. Then the clerk told me I had to pay extra for the cheese. Plus, there was no minorities working there too! I was unsatisfied when I left. I will never go to that Taco Bell no more!

  13. gilbert hurst says:

    breakfast was great and the people that work there were wonderful

  14. Love your “TACO.” Just had two after I left church. Having two lumps in my throat. I was craving for tacos, lucky I was able to eat it. That’s where my 2 cysts are, were the foods go down.

  15. Gail M. Hilaire says:

    The food is awesome and the service out of this world. Everyone greet you with a smile. That good for business.

  16. Lisa HENRY says:

    I love Taco bell

  17. pam kemper says:

    Great food and customer service

  18. Margaret Brown says:

    I have always loved Taco Bell, the food is delicious and the price is right. The attendants are always friendly and ready to help, get quick service thru the drive thru also. I ordered from there tonight and had a delicious meal! Thanks Taco Bell

  19. mike nemeth says:

    very friendly customer service and food was prepared delicious to the eyes as well as the tummy

  20. I love Taco Bell, Quick and inexpensive Mexican food

  21. Sara ochoa says:

    Brady at the taco bell in Abilene on s. 14th st had excellent customer service. Thank you!!!

  22. Lynette Stovall says:


  23. Kriste Roupe says:

    Taco Belle is much better than years ago. Then the taco shells were thick and greasy tasting. Now the shells are crisp, crunchy (maybe a little too crunchy? 🙂 and taste so much better. I especially like that you now have some foods with chicken and that I can get something with corn. I’m allergic to wheat so can’t eat the items that are made from flour tortillas. Keep it. Ours could be cleaner though. Not enough help to keep the tables cleaned, I guess.

  24. Dave Bartlow says:

    As a senior citizen, the discounts really help. The Taco Bell in Sandy,OR has never charged me more than 25 cents for a senior drink. I attend Bend[OR] Elk baseball games and stop in around 10pm for a warm bean burrito and soft drink after the game. Their tacos, regular or soft, are still the best among competitors.

  25. Gwen Gibson says:

    Visited store #026463 in Tallahassee, Florida on Sunday about noon. The staff was very friendly and our service was quick and on time. We ordered and enjoyed the hard tacos and others items. My husband normally don’t like tacos but said he enjoyed them.

  26. richard e. anderson says:

    everyone told me how good taco bell was, i tried it and was very impressed with the service & the quality of food.very neat and clean establishment.

  27. Linda Newsted says:

    Just had another of your steak taco salads and it was so good. My husband and I enjoyed it so much as it is perfect for a summer evening. The store is located near us and I love the drive through. The employes are polite and very quick fixing your order. I could eat Taco Bell seven days a week.

  28. linda kribbs says:

    WE enjoy the food everytime we are there. Ever thing is fresh. Service is friendly. A,\lso never a wait.

  29. I love taco bell

  30. michele grice says:

    Frances was AWESOME!!!!!! Food was great!!

  31. d. sorrells says:

    (That is, how do I take the survey?)

  32. James W. Fohl says:

    Ate at the Bell at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs Grate service even better food. Had the $5- big box had to take some home.

  33. Den Donohue says:

    I love TACO BELL


    “Visit TacoBell if you are hungry”( Mexican tasty food available at TacoBell). It is stated as per my personal experince.

  35. Bonita Getz says:

    The food I got on 6/5/2014. Was COLD,I ate at the store. I told,them it was COLD. They put it in the microwave for 5 seconds. And gave it back to me. It was still COLD and shells were very wet.

  36. Thank you Taco Bell you have always satisfied my hunger for Mexican food. Quick and friendly service and always very good and tasty food.

  37. millie reinman says:

    never took Taco bell seriously as a fast food restaurant until they came out with better food and ordering the way you want it as well as ordering inside its always clean ……and very friendly Taco bell you have done everything right and now you have made your way to my travel map on the GPS I will always look for you now….Thank you for being one of the best…..Millie Reinman

  38. Tyler Jackson says:

    It as my first time walking into a taco bell but I was shocked everyone was so nice and they would always have a smile on there face. Now I know what taco bell is and I really loved it taco bell is now my #1 favorite fast-food place EVER!

  39. Karla walker says:

    The foods was very tasty customer service was wonderful I love when they greet me when I entered the door

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