Sampler App: FREE Sampling Chance – Nescafe Sweet & Creamy Samples

The Sampler App: 2018 Contests, Giveaways & Free Samples

win the Mom's Week RSVP prize and receive exclusive access to the calendar of events!


The Sampler App may have new free product trials for you.

Have you completed the short survey on The Sampler App website yet?

The Sampler App matches households with great free sample opportunities.

Take a short screening quiz (less than 1 minute) and you may get free offers

from Canadian Brands like Kraft, L’Oreal, Garnier, Cadbury, Kiss My face  and more

Visit them at the link below and answer a few questions to see if you qualify.


This time they are giving away Nescafe Sweet & Creamy Samples.

The Freebie includes 3 packs – one Original, one French Vanilla and one Mocha

I was asked the following questions:

  1. Define your beauty profile from indifferent to obsessed. When it comes to beauty I am:
    What brand of diapers do you currently purchase or plan to purchase?

visit here

Today I did not qualify for the current sampling opportunity, but I have received several awesome free samples so far!

View below:

This time I qualified for a free sample of

Knorr Chicken Bouillon Cubes

view here

If you enjoyed this sampling opportunity, you may also want to try the Free Samples at Social Nature


Sampling Opportunity With Sampler


I received the following after joining:

Nabob Full City Dark and Maxwell House Original Roast Coffee,

Kool-Aid Clear Fruit Punch, Sambucol Cold & Flu support and coupon for KRAFT All Natural Peanut


visit them here



The Sampler App is inviting you to a Sampler’s Mom’s Week Event!

Fill the form on their Facebook page  and you’ll be entered

to win the Mom’s Week RSVP prize and receive exclusive access to the calendar of events!

Sampler teams up with your favorite brands and gives you the chance to get free product samples







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  1. It’s unfortunate that we must have a Facebook page/account. Naturally, so they can access our “friends” to promote their products. ???

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