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Christie Thinsations Snacks Free Samples

Christie Thinsations Samples


The first Facebook Freebie of the New Year !

Would you like to try Kraft Thinsations snacks for free?

Visit Kraft/Christie’s Thinsationson Facebook, fill out this form and

receive 2 Free sample packs AND a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon for the next box of your favourite snack.

You will get the free samples and the BOGO coupon in about 1–14 business days.

Thinsations contain only 100 calories per serving.

Fits perfectly with my New Years resolutions!


Thinsations come in individually wrapped packs and they are great for eating on the go.

My kids love them in their lunch packs and you’ll always know how many calories you are consuming.

Try the Thinsations Oreos and the new Chocolate Pretzel which are just absolutely delicious.

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