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One underrated way to get coupons at many stores is to take their online feedback surveys, which many offer and then give you a coupon for completing.

Here are some of the best coupon survey deals out there:

The Nike survey is a popular survey that gives you a free coupon for answering its questions and giving your shopping experience feedback. When you make an in-store purchase, you can use the code on your receipt to take an online survey, and in exchange you’ll receive a $10 coupon you can use on your next visit.

The BWWListens survey from Buffalo Wild Wings can be found at When you fill out the online questionnaire, you are rewarded with a coupon for $5 off your next $25 or more purchase, making the survey more than worth it if you plan on visiting the restaurant again.

The Deltaco survey is online and easy to access. Your reward for hopping online and completing the survey at is a $1 off coupon you can use when you come again. This is the type of coupon you’ll want to redeem every visit, since saving a dollar each time will add up over the long run.


You can find the Converse survey online at Similar to the Nike survey, you get a coupon for filling out the survey, only instead of for $10, the Converse coupon is only for $5. It is still a great deal if you plan on getting another pair of Converse sneakers in the near future however.

The Feedback4OldNavy survey can be taken on the web at Taking the Old Navy survey gets you a 10% off coupon and free shipping that you can apply to your next order. If you’re a frequent shopper, this is a great survey because saving 10% can be a bonus that makes your shopping worth the while.


Footlocker is similar to Nike and Converse in that it is also a shoe company, and offers a hefty coupon discount when you take its only survey. When you take the FootLocker survey you get a $10 coupon you can use on your next $50 FootLocker purchase. Perhaps the shoe companies give out these large discounts to encourage repeat purchases in short time periods as part of their marketing plan.

Hollister is a clothing store that offers a great survey coupon opportunity. After shopping there you can save your receipt and use it to go online to take the tellHCO survey. You will get a $10 coupon in return that you can use on your next visit to save so the price tag seems less hefty at checkout. I know I always spend more at Hollister than I should, so having a $10 off coupon is always a nice way to shave a little off the top of that expense.

Abercrombie is actually owned by the same parent company as Hollister, and they offer the exact same coupon opportunity when you take their store purchase experience survey. You can shop at an Abercrombie, go online to take their survey, and then get a $10 off $50 coupon to use on your next purchase, just as you can also do at Abercrombie’s sister company Hollister.


If you’ve shopped at Michael’s recently you can take their online survey at I know whenever I visit Michael’s I always scour the newspaper or online to find coupons to use, since they usually have a coupon it seems like a waste to shop there without one. Luckily, even if there are no “public” coupons available for use, you can still shop there and get a discount. To do this, all you have to do is save the receipt from your last visit, go online to take their experience survey, and then save your validation code and receipt to get 25% off your next Michael’s purchase.


The Moe’s survey can be taken at after eating at a Moe’s restaurant location. If you like Moe’s, you’ll love their survey, which gives you a $2 off coupon to use at your next visit. If you like to eat at Moe’s, then you should plan on always saving your receipt so you can take their survey to get a $2 off coupon you can use the next time you eat there.

The Pollolistens survey is found online at Similar to Moe’s, Pollo Tropical is also a restaurant that offers a $2 off coupon for completion of their online feedback survey. When you eat at a Pollo location, you can save your receipt, take their feedback survey and get your coupon.

Let us know your favorite coupon survey deals in the comments and which you use most often!

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