Top US & Canada Food Freebies Deals

Top Freebie Deals

Many stores and restaurants offer freebies when you take their online customer experience surveys. Here are some of my favorites.


You can take the Burger King survey at and you’ll get a coupon that entitles you to a free sandwich on your next visit. When you purchase a regular drink and side on your post-survey visit, you can choose a free chicken sandwich or Whopper using your survey promo code.

The JackListens can be found and taken online at You can take the Jack in the Box survey after you eat at one of the restaurant locations. Your prize for taking the survey is a coupon for two free tacos which you can redeem at your next Jack in the Box visit.


The DQ survey is accessible at and Try both to see which works best for you as sometimes one of the links may not take the survey code you have on your receipt. The prize for completing the DQFanSurvey is written on your receipt, and it is often a free Dilly bar.


If you want to take the Sonic survey, the best way to do so is to go to The prize for taking the Sonic online questionnaire is a free Route 44 drink, meaning any of the soft drinks they have on tap, which you can take advantage of on your next Sonic visit.


Dunkin Donuts classic survey is available online at After eating at a Dunkin, you can take the survey to get a coupon for a free donut, which is available to redeem the next time you eat at Dunkin. They are known for their coffee and donuts, so getting a free Dunkin at Dunkin Donuts is always a very good perk.


The Subway Survey is located online at, which you are welcome to take after you visit a Subway location. The survey gives you a freebie code at the end which you can bring to your next visit and get a free cookie, making it one of my personal favorite surveys.

Whataburger Survey

Whataburger fans can head over to to take the survey after eating at an in-person location. The best part is, you get to share your feedback on your in-person ordering and eating experience in exchange for a coupon for a free burger the next time you eat there. That’s a survey that’s worth taking!


The Wendy’s Survey can be taken online at Taking the Wendy’s survey entitles you to a free sandwich on your next visit. All you have to do is share your thoughts about how your last visit went on the online survey site and you will receive the freebie sandwich coupon, available for use on your next visit.

The tellculvers Culvers survey is online at After eating at Culver’s, you have the opportunity to go online and tell them about your experience. In exchange for your time and honest opinions, you get a coupon for a free custard. Culver’s custard is arguably the best custard in the US, so this is a survey I will definitely take every time I eat there.


McDonald’s has a survey you can find online at The prize is listed on your receipt and does change. A recent prize was a buy one get one free of a specific item. Often you can do a buy one get one free egg mcmuffin or burger. The prize is usually well-worth the time it takes to complete the quick survey and I highly recommend the McDonald’s survey.


IHop’s survey is available at When you take the iHop survey you are rewarded with a validation code that gives you the choice to either get a free stack of pancakes or a $4 off coupon, both great prizes, especially since the survey does not take up much of your time.


Chick Fil A Survey can be taken online at If you take the Chick Fil A survey after eating there you will get a coupon for a free sandwhich, making it well-worth your time.


You can take the Noodles Survey online at Have you ever eaten at a Noodles and wanted to try an appetizer, but the entrees looked so good and you didn’t want to spend the extra money on an app? You’re in luck because if you take the Noodle’s survey, you will get a coupon for a free appetizer on your next visit so you don’t have to spend any extra and you’ll get the app for free.

The TalktoBo survey is online at The Bojangles survey gives you a free coupon code for a free biscuit when you take the time to give them online feedback about your in-person restaurant experience. It is worth the few minutes of your time to fill out the survey in exchange for a free biscuit.

DennysListens survey can be taken online at You will get a coupon for a free pancake stack when you take the online survey. You may also be entered into their sweepstakes for a chance to win cash prizes, so you get a freebie and a sweepstakes entry, 2 for 1 when you eat at Dennys and take their online survey.


To take the Starbucks survey you can go to You’ll know you’re eligible if your Starbucks receipt has a survey code on it, as not all visits are able to take the survey. Anyone who takes the survey gets a free drink on their next visit.

PotBelly Listens

You can take the PotBelly survey online at The great part about eating at Potbelly and filling out the online survey after is you get a free cookie on your next visit if you bring your receipt and the survey validation code. The free cookie makes taking the survey a great idea and I recommend doing it every time you go.


You can find the KFC survey online at The KFC survey is a fun one to take because the prize is a free chicken go cup. If you want to get a chicken go cup on your next KFC visit but would rather not pay for it, you can simply take the survey online using a receipt from your past visit and then save the survey completion code, bringing both your receipt and the survey code to your next visit and you’ll get a free chicken go cup that you don’t have to pay for.

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