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About Toys R Us

Toys R Us is a toy store that was founded in Washington, D.C. in 1948. The store started out as a baby furniture store called Children’s Supermart. Soon customers began to request that the store carry baby toys, and after that there were requests for toys for older children. By listening to customer requests, Children’s Supermart eventually evolved into the Toys R Us store that we know today. There are currently over 1,700 Toys R Us locations across the globe. The international expansion started when Toys R Us stores began to open in Canada in 1984. Additional sales are conducted online. The general Toys R Us website is, but there is also a website specifically for Canadian orders –


The Toys R Us Canada website does a great job of promoting their weekly deals. When you head to the home page, some of the most popular sales of the moment will be advertised along with shipping deals, coupons, and other promotions. They also group the weekly deals into the Deals tab, located here. There are always dozens of deals happening at once. The deals are spread out across all categories and age ranges, and they always include special pricing on the hottest toy brands.

Air Miles Program

Toys R Us and its sister store Babies R Us are sponsors of the Air Miles Reward Program. Because of this you’ll earn Air Miles reward miles on all your Toys R Us and Babies R Us purchases. The base off is one reward mile for every $30 spent, but you should also be on the lookout for bonus offers where you can earn extra reward miles on specified purchases.

Finding a Toys R Us Near You

If you’re not sure where your closest Toys R Us or Babies R Us store is, you can enter your location in this Store Locator. Hit the Find Stores button and you’ll get a listing of all locations within your search radius.

Contacting Toys R Us

If you have a question or comment for Toys R Us you can use this contact page. Follow the instructions to select a topic to make sure our question/comment to get FAQs on your issue. You can also go directly to the contact form here. Fill out the form and you should receive a response within 48 hours.

50 Replies to “ Take Toys R Us® Survey, Win $500 Card”

  1. My husband and I went into the store to get a birthday gift for our grandson. We were not sure what we were going to get. A young man guided us through some areas. He was very knowledgeable. We were pleased to get a gift for our grandson.

  2. Thanks Toysrus, I have been shop at Toysrus for over 4 years and still continue for my second grand daughter, good service, good deal and good quality. I spend at toysrus four times a month at my Sundrige,
    Market Mall, cross Iron Mall. Once again thanks for service and good deal.

  3. Je suis allée magasiner avec mon petit fils de 6 ans et demi chez Toysrus au galerie Rive nord à Repentigny. Personnel courtois. Emplacement très propre et très bien indiqué. Pleins de belles decouvertes pour mon petit . Et celui -ci est resorti très heureux avec son jouet. Je reviendrai surement.

  4. went to get a birthday gift and I was short on time, noticed that the line was long and only one till open, within no time another till was opened and I was able to get through quickly, much apprecited

  5. Last night I was at toys are us to purchase a toddler bed for our granddaughter. I could not have been more please at the service that I received. Three different service people helped me, and it was wonderful experience. I cannot say thank you enough for the experience. My husband went back this morning to make some more purchases and had the same excellent service experience that I had received We were at the Lethbridge Alberta Canada store. # 3543 our cashiers were Lacey T. and Diana F. They were also excellent. We loved our experience and will go back often.

  6. My 12 year old loves The Walking Dead action figures, so could you please send in some more to the Kamloops Toys R Us in Canada.


  8. I was there yesterday to ask a question about a toy & receipt from my baby shower. I noticed a sign that said if you do your baby registry at babies r us you get coupons and a bag o free samples. I told the cashier that I had not gotten anything when I did my registry. She then provided me with samples I would have gotten and was very nice and polite while helping me. Made for a very nice end to my night 🙂

  9. Daniel was very nice 🙂 I found everything I needed with help from a nice guy that offered to help me

  10. I went to the toys r us express in north bay and dealt with a cashier named natasha she was awsm at looking up the item I wanted and ordering them , she made the experience so easy and it made my day.

  11. I went to brampton location. There was no one to help out to find the stuff. Cashiers were fast though.

  12. Llillian Targa,
    I went into store in wooidbridge #3569 the baby registry did not work, bought a gift for my dauhter in law wich was the stroler by eddie baure that was fine, then went home I phoned back to store needed to ask for a price . I never excpierenced so much hasel first thier voice mail was full, after so many times trying to get some one a lady came and put me on hold for 15min she kept coming after saying did enyhone pick up, well she did not even know why i was phoneing ,
    so me and my husband drove there to ask the ?. When i told them that I want to speek to the manager, they told me she is bizzy and does not want to be desturped. Ok next day i called todfay that is Feb13th/13 again the voice mail full, I kept phoning till some one ansured I explained to her how much trouble I’m having, so she said the manager was away and she transfered me to this man that is taking over the store manager I told him the story but nothing was done machine is still full. I will never shop in that store again I will drive to vaoughMills
    store but never again to woodbridge wich the store iss mn away from my house.
    I work with costomer service and I have to tell you this store is really bad for service.

  13. I shop at wpg.mb i dont have kids myself but many nephews i was there 3 times this wk and a few things that didnt have the price i had to find the scanner cause there was no one to help me then went to babies r us and i asked the worker somethin ab clothes for babies and they were so rude and eye roll sorry i didnt know i dont have kids

  14. Staff were very friendly and helpful even though they were run off their feet with the Christmas rush. Thanks

  15. I found the young man in the electronics section quite knowledgeable and kind. I know we are at the age where our children know more about this than us, so it was great to get the help from him to get me started on my Christmas shopping.

  16. love toysrus- raised 3 daughters-always at store. now have 4 grandchildren -always at store. can always find the perfect gift for the children.friendly helpful staff.

  17. I I was just at the store in Whitby Ontario, on this Black Friday shopping day and I was quite pleased with everything. Although it was crazy busy,it took me only 1 hour from the time I left my house( about 20 min. from the store) til I returned to my house.I picked up my 2 packages,went through the cash,went to my car and voila, as was back home in no time. Great service.

  18. our shopping experience was great at toys r us my son really loves buying his toys there and just browsing throw the store ,he buys all his halo lego’s from there which makes him happy and me happy as well,over all the experience was great everyone have a great christmas and happy new year. thank you toysrus

  19. I was shopping for a christmas gift for my grandson, i found what i was looking for right away as the display was great. When i went to check out there were only four in the line and they openned another cash the time for shopping was short and great serivce from floor staff to cashiers i just love the store at cedarbrae mall.

  20. Excellent service. Store employee was very helpful in helping me find the toys I was looking for.

  21. First of all I’d like to say the staff was very efficient and attentive. I purchased the playard for $229.99 plus tax and was offered the extended warranty for another almost $40.00. I declined but I felt that my cashier, Brenda was a bit disgusted with me for being cheap! Maybe I’m old fashioned but I think for this price the product should withstand general wear and tear and not need an extended warranty. I’m sorry if I misread her reaction.

  22. I like going there and every time I buy something for my daughter and I love when my daughter give me cute smile when she get what she want

  23. I would have bee happier if i would have seen some online strollers in rack especially 3 wheel strollers. I bought what ever was avail;able.overall happy with the service.

  24. Great store, always has something one of my three kids wants and is a great place to buy toys and other materials for my dayhome.

  25. My son loves THOMAS THE TRAIN so much! so at first glance we bought the ROUND HOUSE PLAY STATION not having any second thought about it! we end up opening the box since he was very excited about sir topham hatt and henry! I called my sister to tell her a goodnews about how excited my boy and was able to pronounce topamhat! he is 27 months old! and she said…”I already got it for him, while your in the mall go back and return it” was her advice. I am very positive that they will take it back since it didnt last even an hour in my hand..but the drama beginssss!!!!!!

    I went straight to the customer service, I smile and said to the lady that I want to return the toy with a please..The lady look at me with no smile no hello no greeting..that didnt come to me yet..she took out a ballpen and a piece of paper and said..i need your name address telephone number..and signature,then she look away and talk to someone..when she come back she inspect the toy and said..this is open and not in a good condition for selling..the plastic is open i cant sell this anymore… I was surprised I told her that I bought it not even an hour damage no scratch just she have to put it back in its place again usaing a tape..and she said NO! this is not saleable anymore the plastic cant be fix..(the plastic where sir topham hatt is securely placed…I said well some other store will take it back and this is not damage..still in good condition..but she refuse anything I said and made up her mind not to take it!!! very grumpy very unfriendly talking to me straight in my eyes with a very unpleasant face!!! to make things worst..she put on my receipt…REFUSED RETURN B/C OPEN + USED…#3540 MEL D. I ask her do you have to do that? she said YES! she really screw me up! I felt like I did something wrong and that the toy is damage or broken ..but its just the plastic!!!!..she is not right for her position!!! not at all to work there!!! I was so upset that I return the other toy I bought!!!!! I never experienced something like this or even near to what she did to me!!!! I been your avid customer from buying gifts to getting stuff from my pregnancy up to having 2 kids!! now this is what I have to get back in return of being your loyal customer…I believe that at the other store..MASTER MIND..WALMART ..or any other store carrying the toys you have …100% they will take back my returns..its just the plastic covering..the box is still intact…I dont know in what basis she siad its not in a good selling condition. I am still upset..and now I am writing this comment…its 2:10am in the morning and can’t believe how I was treated!

    I want you guys to do something to improve the quality of service specially that woman with a cranky face…unapproachable and very very unfriendly..shes not supposed to work in a kid and parents atmosphere store! she should be in a ZOO! talking to the monkeys and lions!!!..I dont want to see her in your store or otherwise I will be spreading the news that be carefull in your store since they dont want to take back returns if you damage the plastic…

    17600 YONGE STREET
    MEL D. #3540



  26. i found the staff real helpful when i explained what i wanted for my grandson and age took me right to the item and showed me it was on sale

  27. My son is a huge Star Wars Fan. After saving his own money he was very excited to buy a Lego Star Wars Building set at the Toys R Us store in the mall. He had previously looked at the Feb. flyer indicating that if you purchase a Lego Building Set for $35+ you would receive a Free Anikon Star Wars Building Set!!! He was so excited to be getting TWO lego sets! While paying for his new toy he was told he could not receive the free gift. The cashier told us their store was an “Express” Toys R Us store and the offer was not valid here. As we live a fair distance away from your other stores we were not able to go where the offer was valid. My son could not understand this concept. We love Toys R Us, but we are disappointed that this offer was not valid at your Express store. Please keep this in mind when dealing with your most valuable customers…the children. They don’t always read the fine print!

  28. B.C. Canada, surrey location. It was a firday night, me and my friend are suddenly in a mood of buying Yu-Gi-Oh cards, after going through 5 different places to check, non of them have Yu-Gi-Oh Cards. Both me and my friend are disappointed, then i suggest going to toy “r” us to check. And i got there it reminds me how i go there when i was a little boy, it had been almost 4 years since i last step into toy “r” us. And finally we got what we wanted , 2 Yu-Gi-Oh Deck. i am very please and thankful for all the toys Toys R us have . and i love the Yu-Gi-oh deck that i bought , it bring back so many memories. Thank you Very much.

  29. I found all staff very friendly and helpful, so much so one member of staff helped me to the car with my bags. Went back again one week later and still the same service. have already told friends and family of the new location in Barrie. Will go to this location from now on. Great to see customer care is still here. I moved here one year ago from England were customer care is dreadful. Good job.

  30. My shopping experience was very enjoyable. Staff were friendly and upbeat. The cashier was very personable, and very good at conversing. I will return.

  31. I visited the Toys r us store on Oct 27th on Argentia road in Mississauga. I went there after work and was in a hurry to pick up the kids. I walked in and spoke to the first person that was at the entrance. My issue was i had ordered a laptop for my daughter and it was french (later discovered it was just a simple way to make it english – click of a button). I had gone to two other Toys r us stores and they: a)would not accept a return based on the fact that it was bought online b) they did not have a replacement. Silly really!!

    So I was really frustrated to begin with when I entered this store.

    A lady by the name of “Vipra” answered my questions (very professionally), sincerely wanting to help, UNDERSTOOD MY FRUSTRATION, SOLVED my problem (figured out how to switch from french to english) and didn’t break a sweat!! The mear fact that she could keep her cool and solve my problem restored my faith in continuing to purchase items from this store. Infact I walked out of there purchasing 2 additional laptops for my sisters kids with the buyer protection plan.

    Let’s just say if it weren’t for Vipra…I would never have shopped at a Toys r us store Again! Hats off to you Vipra for making my daughters day !!! As well as my sister’s two kids !!! Because a happy child means a happy mother !!!

  32. the girl in the boys department (lego) was very helpful. when i went to the girls side there was no one to be found.
    i searched and couldn’t find what i was looking for. i went and found the first girl and she was very helpful again.

    the girl at the checkout was not very interested in helping.

  33. The sales girl at the cash was grouchy and rude. Her names was Brittany. I had to bag my own purchase as she stood there and watched me? If I hadn’t been in such a hurry, I would have spoke to a manager. The boys and girls working on the floor were so into them selves, chatting and laughing that I could not get the required information that I needed. Bad store in Sudbury Ontario. Would I shop there again? I think not. Bye-Bye Toys R Us.

  34. Hamilton Toys R Us. My latest visit to the Babies R Us was excellent. The salesclerk was helpful and very pleasant. I was buying a gift and was explain all the exgange and return policies which I found very fair. Alot of places give you a lot less time. I will definately ne back again.

  35. It’s was good but the legos are over price I think and I have alot and I want to kepp getting them. But other then that it was great

  36. I went to the Oakville ToysRUs on my lunch hour to buy a gift for a newborn. I had no idea the store would have so much stuff!! I wish there was so much choice when my kids were little. The staff was pleasant and knowledgeable. I didn’t know what to buy. I ended up buying a gift certificate so the new parents would have the fun of buying something they wanted. Great store. Thanks very much. I didn’t have to go to the “States” to get a selection.

  37. Todays visit was a relaxing trip to Toys R Us. I went early to pick up a toy for my granddaughter. I had no trouble finding it with the help of the store clerks (very helpful).

    The store at Dufferin Mall seemed cleaned and very well laid out. We were looking for things for an expected grandchild as well.

    I would shop there again.

  38. I was very please with the customer service, the check out was a little bit long, i always shop there,i love shopping there

  39. I was very please with my shopping experience at your store in Nepean, Ont. The salesclerk was really helpful and so was the cashier. I will certainly go back again to that store as it was neat and tidy, and good service. Thanks Judy Foster

  40. I was very pleased with the service and the layout of the store today. The salesclerks where helpful and also the cashier. I surely would return. Thanks. Judy Foster

  41. Medford Oregon location. I went in to make some returns and the gal who helped me, Jenny, acted like I annoyed her and was very short with me. She said that if I was going to return the toys, she would only credit me back partial credit since I didn’t have a receipt. I asked how much “partial” meant and she said she didn’t know, the computer figured it out. I left there feeling like taking toys back to toys-r-us was such a nuisance and because she made it clear that returns without receipts DO NOT get full credit makes me wonder why i would buy toy gifts from there.

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