Valentine’s Day Dates and Gifts on a Budget

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How do I find a romantic and inexpensive gift?

Valentine’s Day gifts and dates and the budget can be unique and more romantic than store bought flowers, candy and gifts. Check out some great ideas for inexpensive and even free gifts for your Sweetheart!

1. Send your partner a love letter by post or send a personalized card.
On the inside write 10 reasons why you love the recipient of the card

2.Create Love coupons. They can be for a back massage, a bubble bath for two people or a picnic in the countryside.
Organize a small trip, for example, to a scenic view point or on the bench, on the the first time you kissed.
3. smuggle a handful of packed chocolate hearts in his/her lunch bag or in your handbag. They will be discovered during the course of the day and certainly melt his/her heart for you!
4. Send your a love-SMS or even MMS with photo, while your partner is at work. This is guaranteed to brighten up the gray day and it only costs a few cents.
5. Put Love Songs on CD. This gift idea is not only easy but also free! Put your favorite song on a cd and invite your love to dance the night away.
6. Lunch Date! Surprise your partner with an invitation to lunch. The surprise factor makes the invitation so memorable.
8. Make a special meal at home.  cooking is a real show of love, Serve food by candlelight and put romantic music on.

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