Value Village Deals: Save 50% Off Winter Clearance Promotion

11 thoughts on “value village

  1. Me too, Luba.

    Always some cool finds at Value Village

  2. Yvonne Reaume says:

    I shop every Tuesday as I am a senior .Love the discount. Everybody is so helpful and friendly as I am disabled sometimes need help.

  3. Love shopping there!

  4. I love browsing to find the best items that fit my needs.
    As a senior I do find deals and some items do seem high for my budget.

  5. rita langille says:

    good service and we like there fast output thank you

  6. Good to shop on Tuesdays as 30% off. Wish the books were cheaper! Should be $2.00 each period.

  7. Magdolina Richard says:

    Thanks for the incentive donation card.

  8. Gotta love Seniors day. I never forge as the grandchildren always want to go.

  9. Love shopping at Value Village stores for clothing, shoes, purses and household items. The return policy is great and the sales are super.
    There is lots of variety and you never know what you’ll find. Value Village has saved my family and I alot of money.

  10. Its good store for purchasing clothes and shoes.

  11. Prices are little high for some of the merchandise

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