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My experience taking the Value Village Feedback Survey

I went to Value Village today to shop the awesome 50% off sale, which happens about once per month.

I scooped up some like new jeans and capris for $3.50 a piece! It’s hard to beat deals like that.

My only “beef” with their sales events is that checkout lines are way too long.

I often find 6-10 people with loaded carts in front of me, waiting for checkout. Add to the already long lines

the occasional delay for price checks (missing tags) and other inquiries and the waiting time seems longer than they should be.

For the most part, I am satisfied with the pricing for clothing. Occasionally I have seen worn pieces

for higher prices than new merchandise at Old Navy, Bluenotes, etc. !!

As well there are housewares (cups, plates, dishes, planters, etc.Dollar store) that are priced higher than

similar/same at the Dollar store!

I find these items are best picked up during a 50% off sale as well! Just make sure you know what

merchandise is included/excluded before otherwise you may be disappointed when it comes to time to pay!

Someone should be checking into this.

What is your experience with Value Village?

70 Replies to “ — Take Survey & Get $2 Coupon”

  1. I find that value village has really high prices on some items, even some more expensive then in regular shops.
    There are some good finds to be had, but others way over priced . The staff are nice although some can be a bit less nicer then the others shall we say. The line ups are long in both dressing rooms and tils.
    In donating you get the maximum 20% off no more 30 or 40%.

  2. I love value village!! growing up with a single mother this store became very helpful for my mother to buy our shoes clothing etc. I am now a mother too so me and my kids shop there all the time and we donate everything to them. I find clothing there that I would never find anywhere else. The variety is good. Plus we get a discount coupon so it’s great. think it’s so good that there are stores like this for those families that can’t afford the regular prices.. thank you value village!

  3. Try going to to take the survey, that should work!

  4. I regularly donate to Value Village and they are always giving me coupons for 20% off my purchase. I have several coupons and decided to use one today. I gave the coupon to the cashier just before she started ringing in my purchases – the cashier waited until I paid for everything and then told me that she did not use the coupon – I was not impressed.

  5. In the survey you ask for Customer ID that consists of 19 digits. Mine is only 10.

  6. A friend gave my friend 4 coupons. He did not provide the receipts so have no record of when he delivered these items to the store. The 4 coupons have the same codes 2150. The store is in New Glasgow N.S. We also donate items to this cause. I would not want her to not be able to use these coupons as she is a frequent customer of this store.
    Thank you — Terry W.

  7. the store is affordable and the merchandise are so unique. I enjoyed shopping at value village donation store because it fulfills my shopping needs and its within my budget.

  8. I love your store and to donate my used clothing. especially when I can use the 20% coupon.

  9. I shop at VV quite often and the selection is good
    I do find the constant announcements very
    Annoying. There must be a better way to contact employees

  10. I saw many items I wanted today but too many people were in the way. They were talking to others so I didn’t want to interrupt them. Well My main purpose was donating today and that I did. I will be in tomorrow and get what I want. Which is a couple sweaters and a good pair of shoes. Maybe a shirt or two also. Do you accept bank cards? I don’t carry much cash on me nowadays. I use to and was robbed too many times by pick pocketers!

  11. I visited yesterday the behaviour of the staff was very cooperative I am satisfactory by the services

  12. every time you fill out the survey and get to a certain point the screen blanks out and you have to start all over again which is a pain in the butt. I was finally successful once but this time i will just forfeit, not worth the $2 for all this frustration. I am a regular customer

  13. I was sad to see that you no longer have the 30% discount punch cards for donations any longer. Why would that be? It was the only reason I bothered to donate to a business that is not a non profit organization.

    Your store items are higher priced than Goodwill or Salvation Army so the 30% coupons made it more in line with the other thrift stores.

    Be careful, it looks like you are getting a bit greedy….

  14. Some prices are great, but some higher than new one. I usually go in senior days or 50% .

  15. i go to Value Village at least once a week. You never know what you will find. Best to go with an open mind and browse…..

  16. Always find something here. Have been noticing that the prices are getting higher. Some damaged things are just crazy high.

  17. i like to donate my not used stuff to Value Village . I like shopping there,can find things i need to replace in my closet, like the selection of childrens cloth.

  18. Purchased a small sofa at Value Vilage and a salesman from the Wasilla store went over and above to be helpful and patient as we made the sofa fit in my car. Such a kind and respectful young man. Truely an employee that needs to be recognized. His name is Aaron.

  19. Enjoy searching for what is a treasure to me. Enjoy casual exchange of remarks with other shoppers. Going to shop for gifts or needs is like taking a holiday from daily life. Costs much less than a boat cruise but can be just as liberating.

  20. your staff member at you location in Barehaven was outstanding just like the way the manager keeps the store in tip top shape code 2147

  21. I adore value village it’s the best place I go their very often I am on love with some antic

  22. I visit value village often and always find something unusual or interesting, prices are usually quite fair on most items if you concider the original retail price, and there are not many stores with such a versatile display of items.

  23. I enjoy shopping at Value Village. Prices are good and the selection is great. Employee are helpful and courteous.

  24. As a visitor to the beautiful state of Alaska and the fair city of Fairbanks, in particular, I was very pleased to find Value Village.
    I purchased a beautiful (almost new) skirt along with a couple of other items on my first visit. If I’d had more time, I’m sure I would have found even more treasures!
    I will definitely be back for another “treasure hunt” before I leave for home (Houston, Texas).

  25. I guess i am too stupid to get to enter the code that my reciept gave me to get 2 $ off my next purchase of 5$ or more so I would like to thank you for making it so difficult so you can save your 2$ thanks dave

  26. I go to value village all the time. And always find something useful especially in household. Lots of different choices from clothing, shoes, bags etc. And i love it when everything is organized. It’s easy to find the stuffs you are looking for!

  27. You know I don’t believe I have ever experienced an impolite employee at value village, I think that is pretty awesome!

  28. The seniors discount and 50% discount days are an incentive to shop at Value Village. I find many new and/or lightly used objects of clothing that are of a quality that make them suitable for gifts. In addition, I find objects that are intriguing as collectibles, as well as those that are of practical use around home. My only criticism is of the many times that I find myself in line for one or two cash registers.

  29. I visited value village yesterday May 14/18. I just love this store , most of my clothes are from value village. I think its great. My husband travels to Brantford quite often, when I can go I just drop me off at my favorite store and GO ANITS A STORE TO JUST WANDER AROUND AND get Ideas! Granted the lines are long at times. Maybe because I’m nosey but standing in line I talk to the other customers. The girls at the checkout are the best even when you end up screwing up their service they are calm and no kidding, smiling. Now I’d be throwing a fit. Oh I guess I’ve blab bed on enough . like I said before the store and staff – Wonderful. I’ll admit Iam nosey.

  30. I visit Value Village regularly and sometimes get very good deals for some items. I am generally satisfied with everything. I have noticed the prices on some things are a bit higher than usual…. sometimes. I recently found new clothes for a very good price!

  31. I do not have my receipt for my recent shopping trip, but I did want to give a few comments on Value Village St. Albert.
    I have been very pleased since Value Village opened in St. Albert. But I do see that they do not give you any discounts anymore for purchases. They did that since they opened until about 6 months ago. Also, I have noticed some of the prices are quite high for second-hand clothing. I also want to comment that the store is very dirty – the floors and especially the change rooms.

    I love shopping there but these are a few of my latest disappointments.

  32. I love to Shop in Value Village because all items are affordable,friendly staff,awesome…

  33. There are lots benefits from shopping at value village. The customer service is very awesome. Thank you

  34. I love shopping at what I call my Boutique. First of all I find unique items that I can’t get at another store. Second the price is right. And third. the staff is polite and friendly. When people compliment me on my shoes or whatever I am wearing. I say”I got it at Value Village”

  35. I go to Value Village about twice a month. I enjoy shopping there. i am able to purchase items for my pets and grandchildren. It is my enjoyable outing.

  36. Love the shopping experience at VV, and I especially like the music! It’s fun to dance down the aisles. Thank you!?

  37. I have been shopping at Value Village for the last 10 years and I am doing so to look for stuff that I need but doesn’t need to be brand new, specifically those clothing that I need at work to get dirty with oil, rust and stains.

  38. I visit value village at least two times a week as you never know what awesome things your going to find…since relocating store is much bigger and cleaner so I’m guessing thats what affecting the much higher prices

  39. If you ask about an unmarked item, the price goes higher then I can buy it new.
    Very nice people working here in Bellingham.

  40. I dropped off a carload of good used clothing and utensils. The man who came out to help me was polite, friendly and very helpful unloading my car.
    I often find great treasures on my trips into the store.

  41. I shop at Value Village at least once a week and usually find a treasure either in housewares, clothing or knick knacks.
    My husband & I find the staff both pleasant & helpful.

  42. I have shopped at VV since they opened in every town I have lived in and visited. I have my husband, family and friends hooked as well. Friends call me the Value Viillage Friend! I donate spring and fall and we made 40 trips to VV the last time we moved! Love my VV…..

  43. I like being able to clean out my unused clothing and items and donate. I’m very satisfied with customer service and cashiers.

  44. I go to Value Village at least once a week and find so many treasures. Lots of things that i have never seen before but can make use of.

  45. since you opened new, much bigger Value Village store, prices are higher, but some are very high… dresses for little girls and boys as well, are the same, or higher price than new ones….

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