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This is a great product to have during Cold & Flu season!

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Sleep Better With a Little Help from Vicks!

We spend a third of our lives asleep, but researchers showed that most of Canadians don’t sleep well, when they are suffering from a cold. If you suffer from cold symptoms you may sleep one hour less and most people state that they feel tired and did not perform as normal the following day.

There are many reasons for Sleep disorders. For example, noise, bright lights, an overheated bedroom, uncomfortable mattress and certainly, Colds and flu infections can lead to sleepless nights.


Here are some ways in which you can get more restful sleep


 1. Alleviate your cold symptoms with products like Vicks NyQuil at bedtime, which effectively relieves your cold symptoms in your sleep. Better sleep means you will help you recover faster and reduce the effects of fatigue on your everyday life

2. Drink a Hot Beverage: Make a cup of hot tea with honey or lemon juice to clear your sinuses.

3. Raise your Bed or prop up your head on several pillows at night. This will help you to breathe better.

4. Breathe well. Have a hot bath or shower, or steam and essential oils like Vicks for extra relief.

5.Use Earplugs to drown out noises that affect your sleep

6.Darken your bedroom. Cover your windows with blackout curtains or blinds or wear a sleep mask.

7. Cool, Fresh bedroom. Let some fresh air into your bedroom before bedtime and make sure to have a lower sleeping temperature than in the living room.

8. Keep a good sleep routine. Try to go to bed at about the same time each night. You will get the most restful sleep between 22:00 and 6:00

.9 Wind down BEFORE bedtime. Take time to relax. Don’t watch TV or read in bed. Even using your phone will expose you to harmful blue lights that may interfere with a peaceful sleep.
10. Ban Stress. A warm bath before bed can be helpful. Spray your pillow with lavender, which is also a natural sleep aid.

11.Use ZZZquil. If you need a little extra help getting a good night’s rest, use ZZZquil to sleep soundly and awake refreshed!


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