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Shopped at Walmart lately?

Check your recent Walmart store receipt for the invitation to a Customer Shopping survey.

There will be a survey link and a store and bar code at the bottom.

Please note that not all receipts contain a survey invitation.

You will need to enter these code numbers found on your receipt to get started.

(simply follow the instructions on the survey page)

After you have completed the Walmart Canada’s Customer satisfaction survey, 

you have the choice to be entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win 1 of 3 $1,000 Walmart Gift Cards.


details about the Shopping survey:

This survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

For your time, you will be eligible to enter a drawing for one of three $1,000 Walmart gift cards!

The survey is designed to get your feedback about your recent shopping experience at Walmart.

All your responses to questions will be kept strictly confidential and your chance to win are is not influenced by whether you provide positive or negative feedback.


About Walmart Canada.

Walmart Canada is a full service Discount Supermarket, including meat and poultry, baked goods, delicatessen, frozen foods, dairy products, garden produce, and fresh seafood.

Many Wal-Mart Supercenters also have a garden centre, pet shop, pharmacy, Tire & Lube Express, optical center, one-hour photo processing lab, portrait studio, and numerous alcove shops, such as cellular phone stores, hair and nail salons, video rental stores, local bank branches, and fast food outlets (usually McDonald’s).

You may also shop Online now at Walmart Canada and even receive FREE Shipping on many items, including baby diapers, electronics, toys game and home merchandise. >>>

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193 thoughts on “ Contest: Win 1 of 3 $1,000 Gift Cards

  1. exellent service

  2. Linda Horbatuik says:

    The store staff is very helpful and friendly. I also find it very easy to find what I am looking for because of the signs in the aisles.

  3. s. mackeigan says:

    very friendly staff.

  4. philip j francis says:

    I always get the items i want at my Walmart the staff are always friendly and ready to help in anyway.I can,t stress enough how easy it is to shop at my Walmart unlike a lot of the other stores in my town.Please keep up the great service and never change the way you do things it,s A-OK in my experance.Philip j Francis ,Gander,Newfoundland.

  5. Bernie Mercer says:

    great store, staff very friendly, 99% staff helpful and pleasant, Store always clean whether it be in clothing, grocery section, or hardware section. Enjoy shopping there, easy to locate items and shelves are well stocked. Fresh produce is good and fresh!
    Enjoy using the car service section and then I can go shop for much more interesting things while my car is being serviced/oil-changed, etc.!
    Enjoy the “fast cashiers” line-up too. So convenient. One of the cashiers even advised my daughter(with 2 – 15 mon. old twins) to come through the fast cashier line-up with her babies anytime as she needs to get her shopping done asap as she’s such a busy mommy!!
    There’s always carts in the store – so thanks to the guys who get those shopping carts back into the stores very regularly!
    I’m a frequent 2 x per week shopper (at least) at Walmart – keep it up – you’re doing a great job!

  6. martin neufeld says:

    like the service

  7. martin neufeld says:

    like their service

  8. Restie Ramos says:

    Great stuffs, great staffs, great store!!!!

  9. Restie Ramos says:

    Great stuffs,great staffs, great store!!!!

  10. Janet Kushnir says:

    Oil change performed, on time, on schedule. I always hv a great experience at wAlmart when getting oil changed. Great customer service!

  11. alexander L Tymos says:

    I was Quite impressed with your new store

  12. I tryed to complet the survey, but it take like forever, too many qusetions, they should improuve survay web site,

  13. Derek HOYLE says:

    I had just returned from a trip which took me to Nunavut and Greenland and had 507 pictures on my camera card. At Walmart (STORE CODE 3112) to make prints. There is NO one-hour service because Walmart has run out of paper for that service and of 5 Kodak processors 2 are not working. I start printing and my printer runs out of “ribbon”. The clerk in the printer ( avery nice helpful person) has a hard time getting the machine to take the paper and works on this problem for 25-30 minutes.People are at the other two working machines and a couple of people wanting to use the machines line-up behind them. Someone must have complained because the clerk puts up a sign on my and the other machines that there is a limit of 100 pictures/customer. It is NOT my fault Walmart is not maintaining there machines and making sure adequate supplies are on hand. I thought it VERY rude to put that sign up “in my face” To say I was embarrassed and frustrated would be mild. DO NOT put the blame for Walmarts short comings on me a supposedly a valued customer. Is it a Walmart rule that a customer can only get 100 pictures???? I think someone is making up rules without proper authority to do so– am I wrong??? I expect better service and not to be harassed like this when I shop at Walmart!!!!

  14. Rebecca Sampson says:

    I bought a nice Strawberry/Rhubarb pie (item #062891500144) yesterday (price. $6.97). The cashier does NOT know how to pack a fresh pie! She put it in a small bag, on its’ side, so by the time I got home, the pie was a mess, and half the filling was inside the box it came it–very sloppy! I was unable to exchange it for another, as I was with a friend, who had to wait in a long line. It may be a GOOD suggestion to tell the people on cash, that fresh baked goods should be laid flat, in a larger bag, if necessary! I think her OP# is: 00006518 Te:08, Tr# 01138. I will be shopping @ Walmart, again, but won’t be buying baked goods, unless the cashier packs it properly!

  15. walmart is the first store we go to to get any suplies

  16. PRIMEAU NICOLE says:

    aujourd’hui j’ai fais de bonnes économies en magasinant chez WALMART.

  17. Julie Lajoie says:

    Walmart est un de mes magasins favoris

  18. Very good store to shop[ in. Almost got all of the Christmas shpping done and saved a lot more money than I expected, KEEP IT UP.

  19. Very good store to shop in and prices are good

  20. renald lepage says:

    je suis très bien servi quand je vais à mon Wal Mart

  21. Love Walmart it’s awesome

  22. magasin propre et marchandise bien en vue

  23. how witer to win

  24. how can i make win

  25. yves asselin says:

    on trouve de tout

  26. Connie Bergen says:

    Today I was shopping in store #3075 (code).I hunted all over the store for popcorn. I finally found an employee to help me, I was also looking for some kitchen towels and pot holders. I never did find them.

  27. margaret whitehead says:

    I have no comments right now, it’s nice to shop at Walmart, love going to shopping there.

  28. karen driesman says:

    very friendly staff,very helpful

  29. janet voris says:

    The greeters are very nice

  30. always friendly helpfull staff we are regular shoppers at your port coquitlam store excellent prices and sellection especially on your rollbacks

  31. Janet Voris says:

    I was there about 2 weeks ago and the lady was very helpful and polite, it was wonderful.

  32. I shop @ walmart 2 or 3 times a week.The checkout lines are often long,not enough cashiers on duty.The produce is not up to par with other grocers especially the fresh fruits.

  33. Norma Hidalgo says:

    April 02, April 10, and April 19, 2013 Store Code: 3031 We have been shopping at this Walmart Store for a long time. We just have a new addition to our family.. Twin boys and now making big purchases of Pampers.. diapers and wipes..and Similac Advance formula. Your staff was very helpful and friendly especially Ms. Anne Marie, one of your department managers, who helped me with the many boxes of Similac, and she even pushed the cart for me and assisted me to the front cashier. I truly appreciate what she did and that’s one of the reasons why we enjoyed shopping at this store.Compared to other stores, I find your price much better!! Thank you.

    Norma Hidalgo April 20, 2013

  34. Now Guildford’s Wallmart is well organized

  35. me and my family had a great day at walmart there wus great and my family go there every time we need something we could just go to are corner store but it is much cheeper at walmart .the store is realy well stocked but cheking out is realy daughter wanted new boots but were to expensive so I went to walmart and there wus not her size so a couple days went passed and the maneger called me and had her size and held them for me and I got them. I am so happy walmart is her it’s the best store I have ever bin to thanks walmart.

  36. always excellent service in Charlottetown PEin store#3162

  37. Janet Voris says:

    The store is wonderful

  38. Derek Perrault says:

    i only went for one item but took the time to look around and see what they had
    the store code is 1119

  39. I shop a Walmarts quite often. In Calgary,Reddeer,and Olds. It has always been a positive experiance. Yesterday it was the Olds store. Store code is 1084

  40. Fatima Kullo says:

    AGINCOURT #3000
    Bar code: TC# 5246 5853 3643 7932 6713
    On Jan. 17th, I went to Wal-Mart specifically to purchase the 9″ Dish Heater #30406040, the gentleman in charge of the Hardware Dept. looked high and low not once but a second time around just in case he had missed it and also looked in the neighbouring areas just in case customers are lazy and drop off wherever they happen to be. I asked him if he could help me to call some of the other stores and see if they had one of those heaters I was looking for and he told me that it would be a waste of time, being the last day of the sales, the staff would be too busy to answer phone calls. He told me that I would have better luck to go up Scarborough Town Center, that store is a much larger store and the variety is better. Before I left the Agincourt Wal-Mart, I had already spent $69.72. I find that store very well organized, the people are extremely helpful and friendly. I took the bus and went up to Town Center and to my bad luck, they didn’t have any of the 9″ Dish Heater either. I guess, it was a very good heater and I hope that if that model comes up on sale again, I would appreciate it very much if I could be informed. I haven’t been to a Wal-Mart store yet in Canada or China, where I did not received excellent service. If you have received any negative surveys, believe me, it could be the way the customers approach the staff members. “CUSTOMERS ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT”.

  41. steph cimato says:

    me and my family love to come to walmart for everything like birthday gifts and our grocerys. we never have a problem with walmarts wonderful services. we always can find just what we need! we can count on the cashiers to help us make our purchuses and the coustomer sevrvice to help us find or return the products that we buy. the every day low prices help me to save money on all the hottest toys, videos, and games. me and my kids love to be up to date on everything from ipods and ipads. walmart has EVERYTHING! no really everything. the one thing i think walmart could improve on is to try to use more local products from canada, other than that walmart is my favourite store!

  42. Wasent bad went there to get baby stuff with my girl they were very helpfully finding things good people bridgewater,ns

  43. I enjoy shopping at walmart my store code is 3106 the staff are friendly and helpful.

  44. I enjoy goining to walmart andI love going there where people are friendly.

  45. This is anew WalMart, and I was very impressed with the attitude of the staff,my shopping was an enjoyable ezperience.

  46. Fran McCormick says:

    Fran says January 12 2013 WalMart has always been a great store for me to shop in. A few days ago I purchased some livingroom lamps and today I was in another store {not a walmart}and the same lamps were twice the money. So I got a good deal. Love you walmart.

  47. Janet Voris says:

    It is very pleasant tobe there and people is very freindly there.

  48. enjoy shopping at Walmart, great deals. store code is 3107

  49. aladar von rhedey says:

    walmart shopper. for xmass my daugther gave me a fishing rod, on boxing day buddy and i went to try out our rods, when i casted mine it made a funny sound upon further investigation we noticed the rod was cracked, i called my daughter and asked her where did you buy the rod she said walmart, not having a receipt i went to walmart on the 29th to customer service they were very friendly and the lady told me, because i did not have a receipt to check if they had the item in stock as they would need the bar code, i brought back the new rod with bar code they processed the transaction.
    excellent service fully satisfied great store.

  50. Yes I was not at all happy with the service today. When I checked out and was ready to pay the cashier added money on the card instead of taking it off . Well then she had to find someone to help get the money off again. That took for ever =( then I get home and find that they over charged me an extra 1.77 after all that not a good experience at all .

  51. Yes I usually enjoy shopping but today”s experience was horrible I wanted to use the remaing money off my gift card and instead she added money on needless to say it took a good 20 min extra just to get it voided off then the cashier told me it was my fault that this happend =( then I told her I never asked her to add money on . Then I get home and look on my reciept and see they over charged me 1.77 .=( So no I am not pleased with the service at this certain store at all .

  52. Shelley Thompson says:

    I was at the walmart at Meadowlark in Edmonton today and have never been so disgusted by the customer service. They were rude and very unfriendly. I for one will never go there again and suggest others dont either. Lets show them that customers deserve to be treated properly and with respect after all we are spending our money so they get paid.

  53. corinna kress says:

    I would like to inter to win a 1000 dollor gift card


  55. Nancy Crouse says:

    We always shop at Walmart. They are so efficient.

  56. 11/25/2012 Storecode is:3638 To day I shope my things and went to pay.My master card is not properly worked.Casher asked to pay balance by cash.I go back and tried to get that.I couldnt.Iasked to retourn that item and cancel the bill.There were so many customers waiting.Casher asked me to take the item and no need to pay.Ican say that casher was interestingly do her job.She quikly surve the customers without delay.

  57. Thérèse André says:

    J’aime aller chez Walmart parce que on trouve de tout et à bon prix.

  58. louise dube says:

    I love to shop there as it is very convenient for me ,I can use your motorized basket , I can’t walk and using a wheelchair I find everything I need for my appartment food, personal items etc.

  59. Ginette Guay says:

    J’aime bien magasiner chez Wal*Mart, j’apprécierais avoir la chance de gagner un lot de $ 1000.00. Merci de l’attention apportée à ce commentaire.

  60. I have now shopped at the new Peterborough location twice. I will not be returning the staff at electronics were not helpful and when I asked about fitness DVDS they said they were not sure and went over to other staff and started talking.(and not about my question) Then my girlfriend and I went to shoes and the associate there would not move out of our way while she was stocking so we had to bump our shopping cart into a display because the carts are so huge and staff member felt we were not important her job was more so.,

  61. Walmart stores here in thunder bay would be better served to send thier associates back to customer service training. on two seperate occaisions, my family and i have been into the new supercentre in thunder bay north and had really bad customer service from the front end staff. once from the customer service desk, and once from a cashier just today. we are not impressed by the quality of customer care that we have recieved. we will continue to shop at walmart in county fair in thunder bay, simjply for ease of purchase, but i STRONGLY reccommmend the staff get sensitivity trainging and better customer service training.As a general rule, Walmart has a very great track record for respecting customers wishes, however some staff have also gone above and beyond the call of duty to help customers out.My hat goes off to walmart as a company, and we will continue to shop with the company, for the most part great job, keep up the good work.
    sincerely, walmart shopper

  62. bouchard francine says:

    j aime magasiner chez Walt Mart

  63. bouchard francine says:

    j aime magasiner chez Wal Mart

  64. bouchard francine says:

    j`aime magasine chez Wal Mart

  65. Lee Warren says:

    WalMart is the greatest store for everyone. It has everything that people need. Great selection of most items that would be found in many, many stores. Everything under one roof. This is the modern way shopping should be done.

  66. Ward, Ghislain says:

    Nous avons un bon service. On trouve tout ce qu’on veut ou presque.

  67. Amanda Blacksioux says:

    i like shopping at Walmart, The people who work there are very friendly and they take the time to help you find what you are looking for at least everytime i go the people who work there are doing a good job.

  68. Dubois Michel says:

    Je n’ai pas grand chose à dire a part que le service est excellent et que le personnel est chaleureux,c’est veaiment un plaisir de magasiner chez Walmart.

  69. Keep up the good work…Your employees are very friendly, your stores are cleaned and your merchandise is well diplayed but most of all your prices are much better than some other local stores….thank you Walmart

  70. Florine Rutledge says:

    STORE CODE 3056

    The saleslady was most efficient in directing me to the product I was searching for, gave me choices of product. The product cost less than at a competeing store.

  71. armande tremblay says:

    bon service

  72. Lise DesBiens-Cantin says:

    J’ai eu un excellent service lors de ma visite.

  73. Lise DesBiens-Cantin says:

    Très bon service.

  74. Maureen Hasselmann says:

    Walmart is a very clean and friendly atmosphere to shop in. Can always find what your looking for. I always leave with more then I came for. People are very friendly and helpful. I shop at Walmart at least 3 times a week. My firrst choice in shopping!!!!!

  75. nirmal wander says:

    I like to shop at walmart because,prices are good. you can find lots of other kind of bargains.

  76. Shirley Francis says:

    Store is always clean and your store personnel are always very friendly. Checkout personnel are very polite and helpful. Your shelves need some attention as far as being well stocked. Can go for quite awhile without some items. I have noticed some shelves empty for about a week or two. Don’t know whose fault it is. Sometimes it is hard to find someone to help us in the various departments.

  77. Irene Nelischer says:

    How do I enter your survey?

  78. sandra ruston says:

    Wal-Mart is always good to shop in – lots of bargains and sales throughout the stores – like to shop at different ones even on vacation

  79. Everting good

  80. A. D. Kroeker says:

    I will be back to shop there soon

  81. Frank Mauro says:

    wel stoked store friendely service, nice toshop there
    storeprices very conparable to other retalers

  82. lauren irving says:

    I had an issue with bad customer service which i didnt expect from walmart cause they have always been great! I had bought a ring for my stepdaughter at the jewelery counter and had to return it because the ring didnt fit! I had never been worn and i brought it back with the receipt. I was rudly told that i could not return it because its jewelery which i was not told when i purchased it. After waiting 20 minutes at the jewelery counter someone finally helped me and refunded it. Why did the girl at the customer service counter not help me like the other lady?

  83. Carolyn Thibodeau says:

    Walmart is offering great service. Fast at chehkouts.

  84. Carolyn Thibodeau says:

    Walmart is always ready to serve. The greeters are great.

  85. Liz Neilson says:

    For those above that say they could not enter, maybe you should read the instructions more carefully.
    I had no problems at all .

  86. gilmer lopez says:

    me gusta comprar el walmart.

  87. I’m having the same problems. And there is no postal code printed on the receipt. What kind of a contest is this anyway? Should be reported to some gov’t agency to look into. Hmmmmm?

  88. karenBonazza says:

    Tried so many times to enter store number but keep showing not a valid store number….don’t know why since i have the receipt and copied the store # and TC #….wasted my time.

  89. karenBonazza says:

    Tried so many times to enter store number but keep showing not a valid store number….don’t know why since i have the receipt and copied the store # and TC #….

  90. karenBonazza says:


  91. stan kowalski says:

    went to this walmart and their brand of canned and condiments were not on the shelf.This is the second time this happened.

  92. AUDREY TAYLOR says:


  93. luis eduardo burbano says:

    I love walmart

  94. Larry Poznansky says:

    I enjoy shopping at Walmart because of the convenience of the riding scooters as I have had a leg amputated which makes it difficult for me to get around.

  95. Anna Alkhimovich says:


  96. Anna Alkhimovich says:

    code 3195

  97. Betty Carlson says:

    I have tried now for quite awhile and cannot get into the site. What is wrong.

  98. guy grandmaison says:

    I was in walmart on April 3, 2012 to purchase some items which had been advertised as an insert in our local paper. Tums and breathe right were advertise as a special from March 6th to April 6th. The tums were available at the advertised price of $2.97 but the in store price for the breathe right was for sale at $16.97 and not the advertised price of $14.94. I did buy 2 bottles of tums but I only bought one box of the breathe right.
    I am very dissapointed in Walmart.

  99. erlinda mendoza says:

    Tried so many times to enter store number but keep showing not a valid store number….don’t know why since i have the receipt and copied the store # and TC #….wasted my time.

  100. nolathompson says:

    i love walmart

  101. iris mansfield says:


  102. S. McGuire says:

    I have a valid receipt and tried to do the survey. It said my receipt is not valid. That is a little odd?

  103. just bought a birthday cake for my 1st year baby ,very good :). And some birthday gifts ,very nice but low prices ,save my money :p

  104. Chuck Armstrong says:

    We shop at the hyde Park super store..But as time goes by we shop there less and less..My biggest beef ..It takes longer to go through the check out than do our groceries..I hate going there..I only go for my wife and I bitch about going so much I can sometimes change her mind..the check out sucks..I hate standing in a line for a half hr to check out I just refuse and it won’t be foirst time I left a cart full of groceries because I became so frustrated ..I can get just as good a deal anywhere ..every body price matches these when after spending about 45 min in a stinking line the checkout casher ..never said one word to us..thanks kiss my ass or anything..I am moving away from wallmart more and more all the time..I hate the check outs..Did I say Ihate the checks..Then got home to find my milk and orange juice missing..probably still sitting in her rack she was busy yapping to the check out girl beside her rather taking care of us…I had a bad experience and really poor service..I will skip them for next weeks groceries..they have some work to do if they would like my business they need to earn it…..

  105. Monique gagnon says:


  106. Manuel Perez Portillo says:

    J’aime magasiner chez Walmart car les prix des articles que j’achete est tres commode pour ma portefeuille et j’economise beacoup…ex: ma montre casio de 19.94+taxe est de 22.93 $ pour moi es t une economie….

  107. Danielle wiebe says:

    it ok

  108. DIANA HECK says:

    I had a very good experience shopping at Walmart as usual.

  109. joyce santrelli says:

    weatherford ok.very ice store and everyone is so helpful…

  110. I shop at midland Wal Mart and have found that their just isnt enough mobile scooters for either elderly or disabled. They are always broken down and never stay charged long enough, so very limited to getting one. Today we went shopping and on our way out the door we brought the cart back to the exact spot we picked it up at as thats where our car was outside the doors… the woman working the door said we have too many carts here, as if I was going to take it to the other entrance and walk all the way back to this entrance and out to my car. I find ALL the door workers to be rude, and very inconsiderate when comes to asking for a scooter.

  111. iris mansfield says:


  112. Gordon Neufeld says:

    We love our Walmart in Winkler. We most of our shopping there.

  113. My name is Madlene Roulette. says:

    I just did your walmart survey which took over an hour last night It was for a 1000. free gift card. I hope I sent it to you ok.

  114. montreuil johanne says:

    jaime bien magasiner chez vous il y a plusieurs commi et ca ses tres apprecier a la caisse ses assez rapide et ses agreable.

  115. Great variety and prices, very helpful staff.

  116. Message:
    My wife and I shop at our local Walmart (store 1071)probably 3 times a
    week and generally leave satisfied. Today has been an exception. I
    brought back a receipt and a flyer (from the Edmonton Journal of 25
    Nov) showing a discounted price on an item in pharmacy. I had to
    return with the receipt because there was no knowledge of the
    discount, or a price correction in the sytem, when we checked out on
    Saturday. Today I had to go from customer service ? to the pharmacy
    with the flyer then return to customer service to get the refund. The
    staff member at customer service had difficulty with the process and I
    must have waited for at least 10 minutes to have this $2.85 item
    corrected. I was not pleased nor were the other customers lined up to
    deal with this single clerk. On completion of this transaction I went
    to find my wife, giving up thoughts of the other shopping I had
    planned to do. She followed another lady into the checkout queue and
    got stalled there because an item that the lady had checked with
    another clerk and had a sale price confirmed could not get the same
    price to scan at the checkout. Even with the department clerk coming
    to checkout and confirming what the customer claimed the checkout
    clerk would not accept the information. This resulted in another delay
    of a minimum of 10 minutes.
    To cap these events when I went online to respond to the invitation to
    complete a customer survey the site would not accept the TC code on my
    sales receipt even though I tried twice and proofread it as accurate.
    Maybe it is to Walmarts benefit that I was unable to complete the
    survey because today I am NOT a happy Walmart customer.

  117. Sophie Bourget says:

    J’aime la variété et les prix.

  118. LeeAnn Smith says:

    I am very unhappy with my recent trip to Walmart. I went there to purchase two products which I did and they would only match the advertised price of one of them in the local Toys R Us flyer. I spoke with the assistant manager and he said that was all they could do. I spent $331.20 and they could not give me the sale price for both of the products. The local Toys R Us had a limit of 2 per person and I was told that Walmart would match that as long as I had the flyer with me. Well that wasn’t the case so I left feeling very ripped off. I should have went to Toys R Us in the first place but thought as I enjoy Walmart they would have matched “as they advertise” any flyer price. It would have been a $30.00 savings for me which to Walmart isn’t a lot but to someone that has three grandchildren to buy for is.

  119. hell-o i did a comment at walmart just 5 minutes ago we always shop at poinciana store

  120. I always find things cheaper at walmart and friendly people

  121. Doreen Edgar says:

    I was in the Dartmouth Crossing store on Wednesday Nov 16th 2011 to have pictures done . The young woman who has been there for awhile is very good with the clients she serves and needs to be comended.

  122. Talbot Carole says:

    Bon service et j’aimerais gagner pour profiter des achats sans frais.

  123. iman yassine says:

    store code:3131 date:11/12/2011

  124. Monique Lemieux-Vandeligt says:

    I was in your store on October 22, 2011. I was at the express desk (10 items or less). The cashier scanned my sewing machine twice by mistake. She called the CSM, Amanda her name. She was standing at the podium with another Walmart worker. She waited a good 10 minutes before she came to clear my item as it was over $50.00. There was over 15 people waiting at the cash and she kept talking then she went to the courteousy desk. I flagged her down and she went back to the podium with the same worker she had been chatting with there. I waved at her. She came over at the cash and I told her I was in a hurry and I had been waiting 10 minutes. She told me her beeper or whatever it is called, signal to clear my order was only 10 seconds old. I told her I was no fool that I had waited for 10 minutes at the cash and there is a big line-up, seniors, shoppers with young babies waiting and she’s not rushing to clear my order so I can leave and another shopper can be served. I was not impressed by her attitude. The cashier on the other hand was so nice and kept apologizing for her error. I do not like to be treated. When you’re called to clear an order, clear and get the line-ups at the cash moving. I was very upset. I had to pick up my daughter for 5:30 and left the store at 5:32:53 which could have been avoided. Contact me if you need more details. Thank you for your understanding.

  125. Darleen Nordlund says:

    I signed up for surveys in the past put haven’t done any for a while. I tried to go in and enter the last 4 times I have shopped at Wal-Mart, but it won’t except me because I have already signed up Where do I go to enter without signing up again.

  126. claire pelletier says:

    code du magasin:3149
    Je vais faire ma commande chez Walmart parce que c’est le seul endroit que je connais qui nous prêteune chaise roulante électrique.
    Je me suis fracturé un talon et je ne peut pas aller à une autre épicerie parce que ju’ai absolument besoin d’une chaise pour magasiner.

  127. try putting up a disclaimer that if you don`t buy all four tires from us we will not install them ,,,slick trick i can understand having to buy all four the same for a 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive but REALLY on a small front wheel i wanted to put a heavy grip tire for the front for the winter because it has no traction and they came up with the stupidist arguement i`ve heard we can do it for a rear wheel but not a front wheel ??????????because the braking is not the same ….well if you must know most of your braking is putting more pressure on the front wheels than the back!!!!! So for traction and braking in the winter wouldn`t it be better to have a better grip tire in the front ??? store code 3107

  128. I shopped at Wal*Mart’s today in the pharmacy dept. and paid with my debit card and withdrew $60.00. The cashier asked if she could put the item that I purchased in my shopping bag and while I was putting my debit card back in my purse , the cashier was answering another customer. I had a bus to take and when I arrived at the bus stop to take out my money, I noticed that I didn’t have any bills in my wallet. It then doned on me that the cashier didn’t give my my $60.00 so I returned to the store. I told the cashier what happened, she didn’t excuse herself, she gave me my money, no questions asked, but was very rude to me when I asked her if I had anything to initial insinuating that I was the one who was at fault. I then missed my next bus and had to wait an hour for another. The clerks are supposed to have us initial the sales-slip when we make a withdrawl, which she didn’t. The least she could have done was tell me that she had made a mistake, which makes me wonder how often she does this….

  129. Everything you need, walmart have it all!!

  130. I enjoyed shopping at walmart!!

  131. Rita Neufeld says:

    Sept. 10th
    Store code 3040
    Walmart is my favorite store . The staff is so cheerful and helpful .

  132. Stacy Barrett says:

    walmart is cheap, convenient, and I spend a lot of money when I go there. Generally, I like it.

  133. tomas estrda says:

    me gusta walmart porque puedo comprar todos mis alimentos incluso mi ropa para mi y mis hijos
    gracias walmart

    translation : “I like walmart because I can buy all my food even my clothes for me and my children
    thanks walmart ”

    (by Editor)

  134. tomas estrda says:

    me gusta walmart porque puedo comprar todos mis alimentos incluso mi ropa para mi y mis hijos
    gracias walmart

  135. dinelle. n. says:

    BONJOUR succ; 3047
    voici je me suis presente la Laval pour achat de 4 pneus ete
    apres recherche 0 en stock inventaire 12 je demande telephone ailleurs ste-dorothee succ il xx en ont xx en stock je rends la-bas au garage obligation d,avoir un employe
    de wal-mart pcque c,est Mr.Lube finalement apres 25 min.
    attente 0 en stock alors ecouere de la situation j,ai ete chez
    Canadian Tire fature $$ 418.oo j,ai eu satisfactions
    c,est malheureux wal-mart a perdus une vente $ 418.oo

  136. Gilles Lévesque says:

    Bonjour,chez Walt *Mart ont y retrouve de tout en quantités et au plus bas prix.Votre force d’achats,les consommateurs y trouvent leurs comptes en bénéficiant des bas prix.Dès l’arrivée de votre circulaire,je m’enpresse de le consulter.Ma famille se compose de 6 personnes alors chaque sous ou dollars économisé en vaut la peine.J’ai essayé Walt*Mart et je l’ai adopté. Merci Walt* continué les Waltons ! Bien à vous Gilles Lévesque.

  137. nicolebélanger says:

    j`aime magasiner chez walmart. merci beaucoup….

  138. nicolebélanger says:

    j`aime magasiner chez Walmart. merci beaucoup..

  139. nicolebélanger says:

    j`aimerais participer au concours. c`est très intéressant de gagner un prix. j`aime magasiner chez walmart..merci beaucoup…

  140. Elizabeth Lucenio says:

    Friendly store, i get everything i need.

  141. shelly ann wishlow says:

    The one stop shop it’s great!

  142. Francine Petit says:

    Bonjour. J’essais de faire le concours de mille dollars mais toutes les informations que j’entre, ca marque qu’ils sont erronés. Alors je trouve que c’est bidon. Je n’arrive pas à participer. J’ai essayé plusieurs vois et rien ne fonctionne. C’est choquant et décevant.

  143. jeannotgilbert says:

    merci. je participe au concours de milles dollars…….

  144. MARTA RIEGER says:


  145. yasmine jalfi says:

    bonjour,j’ai 9ans et j’adore wal-mart a chaque fois que je gagne de l’argent je dit a mon pere es que tu peux m’aporter a wal-mart SES UN DES MEILLEUR MAGASIN ON TROUVE TOUS.

  146. Julie De Carufel says:

    jaime votre magasin je suis toujours bien servis par les employer

  147. pauline chamberland says:

    Magasiner chez Wal-Mart est un plaisir .Prix très très concurentiel.J’y trouve tout et à bon prix.

  148. Les prix sont très bons et compétitifs. On y trouve tout ce qui est utile et de base pour les besoins d’une résidence. Les employés sont affables et disposés à vous aider. Bref, il est agréable de magasiner chez Wal-Mart.

  149. Bienvenue à Merci de votre participation au sondage sur la satisfaction en magasin chez WalMart.

    Pour commencer le sondage WalMart, veuillez choisir une langue ci-dessous

    Il faudrait compter environ 15 minutes pour répondre à ce sondage. En guise de remerciements, nous aimerions inscrire votre nom à un sweepstake susceptible de vous faire gagner l’une des trois cartes-cadeaux de Walmart, d’une valeur de 1 000 $ chacune!

  150. jAime magasinez au walmartcar je trouve presque tout.

  151. Robert Noreau says:

    Walmart je vous aime.

  152. I was being accused yesterday of stealing your shampoo which those are my own, they won’t just check the camera to prove that I did not steal any, I felt embarrased and so angry with the situation. They want me to pay for it too. Had a tough argument before they let me go.
    Another issue is in the tv section, the employee shows disinterest in my query with the t.v. I had a very upsetting night with Walmart

  153. helen sabourin says:

    the store code is::3177

  154. helen sabourin says:

    i enjoy shopping at walmart )1 the prices are within my budget )2i can get mostly everything i need i one place )and when they expand i will beable to do all my shopping therte

  155. lafrance charlotte says:

    J’aime beaucoup magasiner chez Walmart,mais quand on cherche une personne pour nous aider quand on ne trouve pas ,ya pas beaucoup d’employé sur le plancher ,ou sont tous dans même coin ensembles et c’est très désolent………….

  156. norman lewis says:

    i tried and tried to enter you servey and can not to me its all a gimik to get me to by more ithems from your store the chances of me wining is slime to nothing im going to shop elswere as i cant fill out your servey cause it wont let me so hoever can fill out for the gift card go ahead and you get the 1000 dolars cause i know i wont your truly

  157. i love to shopped at walmart.

  158. I enjoy shopping at Wal-Mart. The staff is friendly, and knowledgable. Good variety of product.

  159. I am total disgusted with the Woodstock store they offer small shopping carts for you to use than as you go to leave the store with your cart full they stop you and tell you that the cart can not go outside leaving you to try to carry multiple bags. UNF”N REAL why have the cart if you cant take it outside.

  160. j aime beaucoup les speciaux en magasin. surtout la nourriture merci

  161. patricia kerr says:

    I go to the store early in the morning and get what i need before it gets crowded. Also like the prices on most of the merchandise especially the grocery and pet food items.

  162. DORIS YAREMKO says:


  163. store code 3172 – get everything under one roof.

  164. Go to Walmart everyday. Great variety of useful products under one roof. Keep up the good work.

  165. I love Wallmart .. It is a one stop for all . However Store number 3054 in Mississauga,Ontario I find that many associates are not helpful and have a horrible attitude unlike the greeters . Please look into this as it is a nice Wallmart and i enjoy shopping there … However, the superior attitude has got to go ,. Wallmart and many other stores offer PRICE MATCH for prices … and my goodness the day i did one price match it was just terible !! they told me they could not honour the price match .. So please please talk to the employess at Store number 3054 about PRICE MATCHING and not treating customers rude .

    Thank you

  166. Jennifer Spelliscy says:

    I love Walmart. We spend a great ammount of time and money there. I am soooo happy you guys decided to join our community. Love it, love it, love it!!! :o) <3

  167. rosie griffin says:

    good selecton, friendly.

  168. Bernie Hartwick says:

    Went to get some groceries and had no problem finding any thing. Every one treated us like we were somebody, it is that way any time we go to Walmart. Very nice place to shop very well treated.


    merci pour lagentillesse des employers du WALMART DE mon
    CODE DE SUUC 3074

    LE 1er/02/11

  170. Guillaume Brault says:

    Merci pour la gentillesse des employés du Walmart de Mascouche.J’ai hate de voir le magasin une fois l’agrandissement terminé. J’ai fait mes achats le 30 Janvier 2011.Mon code de succ. est le 3149.

  171. I like walmart.

  172. Velma Munn says:

    I enjoy shopping at Wal Mart,my Store Code is 3091

  173. tamyl a matias says:

    I enjoy shopping at walmart. The prices are great and the employees are friendly and helpful.

  174. souhail karima says:

    i enjoy shopping at wal mart my store code is 3642

  175. Fatema Khatun says:

    STORE CODE: 3130

    Wal mart is really different than any other supper market in their product presentation and product selling.Helping of WAL MART staff is really good when asking about various goods.

  176. Brett Mottershead says:

    Yes you have alot of products,please inform your staff that some products are limited . I was in the store when Iasked a staff member if the store was going to get more before xmas he said yes.Three days before xmas I found out that you will not carry this product anymore, on the shelf the price sticker and code are gone.NOT HAPPY!!!!! get staff that can help with your products.

  177. L. Martin says:

    I had 2 coupons for 2 free items. It’s so nice that they charged me tax on free things.

  178. Wayne Matthews says:

    Store very busy, but clerks were pleasent, easy todeal with and accomidating.

  179. I was annoyed w2hen wallyworld wanted to know what percentage I spend in each store. I like WALMART but I* shiop where I want when I want to. i don’t keep track of how much, where etc

  180. Staff very friendly and always helpful Store isvery clean compared to other’s I have been in. Store code is 5753.

  181. Margaret Lefebvre says:

    I spend way to much time at walmart

  182. Pat Barlow says:

    Just finished completing the survey for a chance to win $1000. Funny though there is no where to enter your contact information. Rule state you will be contacted by phone. Nice try (Walmart) you did not leave room for the imput of this info. Seems like a con to me, What do the other shoppers think???

  183. jelica vukojevic says:

    i like the service

  184. Wendy Canning says:

    I was very disappointed!!!! The serve yourself check lanes are now only 10 items or less. This is new and NOT improved!!! This is a very busy time of year and only 2 lanes were open in the self check out. If they were all open there would be NO NEED to limit number of items. Do you want people to spend their money??? On another note the parking lot does not have enough places for cart return. Not a happy Shopper.

  185. Barbara Forestell says:

    Love shopping at Wal-Mart. Wanted pair of boots, but they didn’t have my size. Regional Manager was able to find them and called me to say they were holding them for me. Great Customer Service!

  186. Thanks for accepting my survey. I am enjoy shopping at Walmart.

  187. Very disappointed in survey, was almost half way done when I couldn’t finish due to internet problem! Waste of my time!!

  188. I love walmart so so so much because I can get everything in store, I find everything I need, everything I want and the prices are very good.:):)

  189. I triede but your site( failed me and would not respond even after restore e
    took time away fro me. Why have a survey yiu can’t finish?

  190. Andre Simard says:

    J’ai fais une bonne affaire

  191. I am seriously thinking of not shopping at Walmart again as everytime I go there I get frustrated by your staff and their lack of knowledge of product, not helpful and sometimes downright rude, their lack of speaking/understanding the English language and when you ask where something may be located they point in the general direction or tell you “if you don’t see it we don’t have it” or “we don’t sell it” after which I have found it in the store. In one of your stores the clerk told me I would just have to wait at the cash desk because she “has to go pee”.

    Now, do you see any reason why I should shop at Walmart??? There are plenty of other stores in my area.

    Marlene B.

  192. Bienvenue à Merci de votre participation au sondage sur la satisfaction en magasin chez WalMart.

    Pour commencer le sondage WalMart, veuillez choisir une langue ci-dessous.

    Il faudrait compter environ 15 minutes pour répondre à ce sondage. En guise de remerciements, nous aimerions inscrire votre nom à un sweepstake susceptible de vous faire gagner l’une des trois cartes-cadeaux de Walmart, d’une valeur de 1 000 $ chacune! Cliquez ici pour obtenir plus de détails sur les règlements, les modalités et les prix du sweepstake.

  193. Robert Patrick says:

    Paul greets us and is very body’s friend. Great welcome to this Oakville Store! The Store is well stocked but checking out can really be challenging not enough cashiers open at any one time. They could have saved money and had more sales floor if they only had half the cashes. Not half the cashes are ever open.

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