Websaver.Ca: Get Your Print Coupons For the New Year

Websaver Canada, Rewards, Points & Coupons

Websaver Canada has many printable coupons available this month.

Log in and get over $44 in savings.

  •  ‘Oréal Paris, Save $7 when you purchase L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask with Hydra Genius Liquid Care Moisturizer
  • $5 L’Oreal Paris Ever any two L’Oréal Paris Ever products
  • Garnier Moisture Bomb Moisture Bomb lotion or gel cream, Savings $3.00
  • $5 off when purchasing Ultra-Lift, Lift, Clearly Brighter, Moisture Rescue or BB Cream moisturizers
  • Smartfoo, $1 off your next purchase of 2 bags of Smartfood popcorn (150g – 220g, any flavour; EXCLUDES Smartfood Delight popcorn (154g – 156g))
  • Lynch Original Hot Apple Cider, $1 off when you purchase two (2) boxes of Lynch Hot Apple Cider (230g)
  • Baby Gourmet $2 off, when you purchase Shakers Nutritional Supplement 4 x 244mL
  • Catelli Express, $1 off off any Catelli Express product
  • Catelli SuperGreens, $1 0ff off one Catelli SuperGreens product
  • Philadelphia Cheesecake Crème, 0.50 off the purchase of any one (1) Philadelphia Cheesecake Crème 2x92g, any variety
  • Melitta Premium Single Serve Coffee, $1,50 of on the purchase of any one (1) Melitta Premium Single Serve Coffee
  • $0.50 off Frank’s RedHot Sauce, off one (1) Frank’s RedHot Hot Sauce (any flavour)
  • PHILADELPHIA Whipped BOLD, $0.50 off on the purchase of any one (1) PHILADELPHIA Whipped BOLD 227g, any variety
  • $0.50 off Melitta Premium Cone Filters, On the purchase of any one (1) Melitta Premium Cone Filters (Coupon not valid on Melitta basket coffee filters.)
  • Melitta Premium Whole Beans, $2 off on the purchase of any one (1) Melitta Premium Whole Beans
  • Gold Bond Ultimate, $3 off On the purchase of any Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Lotion (Size: 368 ml and 400 ml)
  • Melitta, $2 off On any one Melitta Premium 652g/930g R&G Coffee
  • PHILADELPHIa, $1 off on the purchase of any one (1) PHILADELPHIA VIVA Protein Yogurt Smoothie, any variety
  • Melitta, $3 off On the purchase of any one (1) Melitta Manual Pour-Overs
  • MadeGood, $0.75 off when you buy any one (1) MadeGood products
  • Melitta, $1.50 off On any one (1) Melitta Premium 250g/300g R&G Coffee
  • Quaker, $1 off off your next purchase of Quaker Steel Cut Quick Cook Oatmeal (368g – 384g; 709g)

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Websaver Canada is now offering a rewards program to its members.

You can log in to the site, or register for free and take online surveys

to earn webSaver.ca points.

WebSaver.ca Rewards members may collect points by completing surveys.

There are daily new opportunities available and points may be redeemed for PayPal cash.

Get started at www.websaver.ca here.

Don’t forget you can get up to 48 FREE ZEBRA MAIL TO HOME COUPONS

when you complete your webSaver.ca REWARDS profile.

You must first log in, and click “Surveys” to begin.

to receive your Promo Code.


What kinds of coupons does Websaver.ca offer?

Websaver.ca has a variety of Grocery, Cleaning Supplies, Fisher Price and Mattel Toys and personal care coupons from major Brands to choose from.
They may include coupons for Free Products and trial offers, like free cereal, bread , snack foods, cleaning products and more.

  1.  Websaver Zebra club coupons
    You will be able to order and receive these mail coupons once per month, delivered directly to your door! and if you already have a Websaver account, you can log in using your current password and account to request yours!
    Be sure to come back next month to get a new envelope with offers and coupons!

2. Printable Coupons

Websaver is now offering printable coupons! Simply print on demand.

Hidden Websaver Coupons

There are also so called “hidden coupons”, that will not be visible on the main Websaver Coupon Page.
Websaver Canada has several hidden coupons portals

How to get started with Websaver.ca ?

Click here to create a free account.
After signing in, simply click ADD COUPON to select your coupons.
Once you have chosen all you coupons, simply click GET MY COUPONS.
The minimum order of coupons is now four.



Please select only the coupons you intend to redeem. so major Brands will continue to offer
Free great coupons savings & free trial samples for all of us!
For more questions, visit the FAQ section at Websaver.ca ,click here





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