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Do you like shopping at Winners or HomeSense and are happy with their selection or do you have some great ideas to improve your store experience?  Winners wants to know and you could win a big cash prizes just for sharing your opinion.


Winners & Homesense Customer Survey Win $1,000 or iPod

Winners and Home sense Customers can take part in a customer survey

with a chance to win the following:

10 prizes per day of either CAD$1,000, plus 3 weekly prizes of $500 each.

Check your receipt for the invitation to a customer satisfaction survey and enter online

Complete the survey and remember to fill out your name and address details at the end.

Each survey completed on the Website and mail-in entry shall receive ten (10) entries to the draw.

Each mail-in entry will be entered in the draw for the Daily Sweepstakes Period for the day on which the mail-in entry is received. Unselected entries will not be eligible for subsequent draws.

You may also purchase Winners Gift Cards in stores and Online.

The Winners Online Gift Cards are available in $10, $25, and $50 denominations and can be

redeemed at any Winners location, nationwide.

There are no annual fees and the card will never expire.

Visit for more information

at and enter now

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Winners is a customer-driven store, so if you have feedback or questions they make it easy to contact their customer service department. For answers to your questions, simply dial 1-800-646-9466 to speak to a customer service representative. If you’d rather conduct your inquiry online, use the contact form here. We’ve also compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below.

Have some more questions about Winners Stores? 

You may find all your answers listed below!

Q – What are the hours of operation for the Customer Service Department?

A – You can reach customer service at 1-800-646-9466 from the hours of 9am to 5pm EST.


Q – Does Winners sell gift cards?

A – Yes, you can purchase a gift card in any denomination.


Q – What is the return policy?

A – You can get a full refund within 10 days if you have your receipt. If you don’t have your receipt – or you do but it has been over 10 days since purchase – then you will get a refund in the form of a gift card, which can be used on your next store purchase.


Q – Where is my closest Winners store?

A – You can find a store location by searching your address, city or postal code here.



My Winners Experience

I love shopping at Winners and try to make a stop each time I plan a major shopping trip. There are many great Brand Name Bargains, and you’ll never know what you find.  Holidays and January clearance are my favourite times to stop by because you can pick up gifts and designer brands at such huge discounts.
Selection and sizes are always a bit of a hit and miss. I have never been able to find a cute pair of shoes in my size, but then again I get some sweet deals on clothing, handbags, cosmetics, kids toys and books and electronic gifts for my family.

152 Replies to “ Survey — Take Survey — Win $1,000”

  1. A Winners just opened in our town , I have been waiting for 10 years for this to happen here , so Needless to say I am delighted , it has added so much to our town ,shopping is a pleasure now for me . There is a excellent choice in everything , they are offering truley a one stop shopping experience I moved here from a large town so this is the” icing on the cake ” Thanks Winners

  2. I absolutely love Winners. Most of what I wear has come from Winners and it hasn’t cost me a fortune.

  3. For me Winners is the best good service, everything you need is there and you can be WINNER also…..thanks!

  4. I love winners anything that I want need to my personal stuff,I don’t have any feedback bad I love shopping to winners,


  6. I don’t know what uri is….I always ey shopping at HOMESENSE> ALWAYYS FIND GREAT BUYS!

  7. Winners is my favorite department store.I really enjoy shopping there all the time.

  8. I shopped 4 items from winners today with fair price. I like my products. I like winner’s customer servers as well.

  9. Mostafa Lazrak dit;
    je trouve très intéressant de magasiner chez Winners ; la qualité est au rendez-vous au meilleur prix.

  10. Liz Plenzic this is the best Store for shopping a never shop a lot of different style,variety very good price and very good customer services!!!

  11. Je suis loin des magasins,mais lorsque je m’y rends, je trouve souvent des surprises auxquelles je ne m’attendais pas. C’est fantastique de magasiner chez Winners.

  12. Winners is the now place to shop,for me that likes low prices ,quality and fashion.My favourite in drumondvillle.

  13. winners is my favorite store so far lots of cheap and good quality that you can buy. the employees are very friendly and accommodating. great store to buy lovely stuff…

  14. super magasin Winners tres bon prix et je trouve toujours quelque chose pour me gater merci !

  15. Winners is a good and right place to shop at.For those who are after their budget, you’ii find good quality but cheap items.

  16. I’m from Ukraine and that is when I need to buy a cheap and high quality I have come Winners. This is normal store and is a very good shop personal. Thank you so much that you are


  18. I love shopping at winners i can fine and i can get what i want.especially kids sections my daughter love to run there as she can to go to the books and toy section anf as a mom i love to go the housewares and bag purses and for my husband he love to run to the men section..thats how i love winners and really love to wor there sometimes..

  19. went to the fitting room to try on some clothes they give you a card for the number of items you have then to my surprise they asked for my purse to hold till I came out I don’t think so…..

  20. Winners certainly has the right name – every time I bag one of their bargains, I feel like a real winner!

  21. Winners is where I go to always find affordable clothing to keep myself updated in fashion and looking well put together for a really good feeling about my appearance.

  22. I love winners @ home sense. My house is full of these two magazine’s items. I hope can win because I have spent huge amount there for last 5 years.

  23. will i like winners co’z the items is quality and the salelady the good server so i love it.

  24. I love to shop at winners all their products are branded and there are lots of sale!

  25. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Winners/Homesense!!! I go at least once a week… There’s always something good! Great deals and an awesome shoe selection!!! I do a lot of traveling, it’s always good to find a winners store almost everywhere I go!!

  26. Voulez vous acheter les articles de qualite’? Eh Bien!!! C’est Seulement chez Winners que vous les trouverez avec un service impeccable.

  27. Winners Is the best that’s where I buy all my clothes from and my kids clothes and I just went to buy a purse there today

  28. i enjoy shopping both stores , they have excellent product and the price isn’t too bad as comparison to other store.bless this company’s heart….

  29. I love shopping at HomeSense. It is like a treasure hunt everytime. The Staff are friendly. I am hooked.

  30. First time shopper at Homesense but I’ll definitely be back, such great bargains

  31. Is there someone won an IPOD or $1000 Cash after completing winners survey? I am thinking that is fake contest……..

  32. I love to shop at winners, they always have something different when I look for a gift. The prices are great thank you

  33. Marlene:
    December 1, 2012 @ 10:59 am
    I love getting quality for my money and that is what I receive when I shop at WINNERS!!!

  34. I like shopping in Winners most of clothers i wear i got them from winners. So i really love winners clothers. Thanks you very one love to all of you.

  35. Winners is my favorite place to shop because l can accomplish a lot while l’ am there & good prices .

  36. When I’m shopping for a gift I go to Winners first. I can find unique items at a reasonable price.

  37. Loved my shopping experience at winners personal sevice i recieved was top notch WELL DONE Keep up the great work.Merry Christmas

  38. Love it so much I find everything for the whole family and more my dog too.
    I often go sometimes twice a day just because I might have missed something.

  39. Thanks for Homesense!!! Just love it. Call in lots of days in the week.
    Always, good service – Staff very helpful.

  40. I love shopping at HomeSense, Winners, because they always having something totaly different from other stores, and the prices are fabulous. I found the cashiers very pleasant, friendly and efficient.

  41. I like homesense and clothes in Winners at Gatineau . The price and service are good.

  42. i love homesense shop there every week there is 3 stores in my area and i visite them all
    when i have a bad day i pick up a coffee and go shopping at homesense

  43. I love shopping at Winners. I can always find gifts for all my family there.You have lots of unique items. The clothes are very affordable. And the food/ kitchen area is fantastic.
    I started some early christmas shopping in there today.
    Thankyou Winners. Keep up the good work.

  44. I love Winners. I buy gifts , shoes clothes and everything that I need for the whole family.
    Thank you Winners.

  45. i love winners and homesence,,,it ‘s all branded and good price, this is my favourite store mostly i spend time at here, everything looks very special…….

  46. good store
    good prices
    love winners very much
    shop there all the time
    congratulation WINNERS!

  47. i love to shop in winners because of excellent products and low prices everyday.

  48. I love shopping in winners good quality and price winners is the best to shopping….

  49. I love winners they have good quality and good price the best thing is close in my place…

  50. I frequently check for new merchandise because I love the brands that Winners and HomeSense make available at such great prices. A wonderful store providing quality merchandise at affordable prices.

  51. wonderful store my friend and myself spend hours in the store and there is always some new in the store.

  52. I like shopping at The Home Sense Store very much and tell my friends about the wonderful array of products available. A great place for buying gifts for Christmas and other occasions.

  53. love shopping at winners!
    great quality
    great prices
    great stuff
    winners is the best

  54. winners is great!
    lots of great things
    clothes shoes bags ect…
    for good prices and great quality! 😉
    winners is the best!

  55. many reasons to love winners. one of them is minni mall. best product at best price…………

  56. I love winners its like a minni mall itself godd quality products at good price ,wow…………

  57. Winners has different variety for clothing and different accessories. I love the cloths and even the housewear is good too. you wont get bored at winners for hours.

  58. Oh my gosh both my mom and I love to shop at winners,not only for the deals but the unique items sold there.

  59. i like the winner its good quality in good price and good brand mostly papular brands in winners

  60. Hi I like to shop at winners because its all branded and they are accomodating.thanks

  61. I love to shop at both Winners and Home Sense, I tend to be in the stores at least 2-3X a week, and often leave the store with minimum 3 bags, There are so many great new items daily, Would be saddened if i miss out on something i really loved,
    Currently i’m opening my own Salon and Training studio, Where else would i get my fabulous decor..THEN WINNERS and HOMESENCE..
    I wouldn’t go any where else..

    sincerely your biggest fan and shopper
    P.S there cashiers there know me so well they call me by name and never have to go over return policy as they know i know it..LOL

  62. i love winners.. best prices… always. but you need to check the stuffs on clearance some of them are really torn and buttonless or broken its makes shoppers fustrated when u think its a great deal only to find its not u should have a rack for those kind of clothes so the customer knows if i get it i need to fix it after..

  63. Thank you for making a each shopping trip an adventure. Your staff are always helpful and I leave feeling like not only a champion with my deals, but a WINNER! 🙂

  64. I love shopping at home sense. home sense customer service is very good even though i think they can improve a little. Other than that everything is amazing.

  65. I shopped one day after the sale on December the 18th (I was out of the country until today) and after purchasing $3349.26 at Store # #0376 in the jewelry department (Christmas gifts) the sales person told me about the 25% off sale…THE DAY BEFORE!!!


    At least the manager could have offered the discount to such a loyal and long standing client.


  66. When I have always been a bargin shopper for quality for a great price I found the winners store.In only paying a third of the retail price , i have always found my bargins at all times of the year at winners..I recommend winners to all I meet ..and my family will shop there first before going to pay retail prices.The designer fashions are top quality with top designers and there is a price range for all incomes..I definately rate winners high in my books. sincerely LD. P.S. I do wish the store was bigger!!!

  67. I have been shoping at Winners for years and it is my favoutire place to shop, I always find items that are different then any other store and for excellent prices

  68. The lady @ jewerly section @ Trinity Mall, very charming and polite. It was great to shop there and find a person like her.

  69. The prices were GREAT! It was not crowded. The store was clean and organized, not like other Winner’s.

  70. Love shopping at Winners, however experience would be much more enjoyable if all cashiers were open when there is 15 or more customers in line-up.

  71. My WHOLE family loves it there! WINNERS has great prices on great clothes,shoes,accesories and more.We even recommanded it to many people who now shop there non-stop as well! We go there at least once a week.We (my family and I) will continue to shop at the greatest store in history a.k.a WINNERS 🙂


  73. Living outside of Canada for a short while, Homesense and Winners is the biggest shopping experience I miss. I hurry there almost as
    soon as my feet hit Canadian soil. As a designer I have taken every client there first for the accessory run and we can get almost the entire list done at your stores.

  74. makes shopping easy…everything you need in one store…clothes, housewares and accessories….saves my fuel and time….Thanks!

  75. love winners! all the cashier are funny and they sell some realy good quality shirts and pants for really low prices!!!!! always go there fro shirts

  76. I noticed the last time I was in Winner’s that the housewares and food sections were exceptionally tidy.

  77. I love homesense I try to go to every one in myarea. Edmonton and Sherwood Park

  78. i love shopping in winners i can fine whatever i wan..
    my number 1 store in montreal..

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