Watch The 2018 Winter Olympic Games For Free

How To Watch The Winter Olympics For Free

Everyone’s talking about and watching the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang Korea. I mean, they only happen once every 4 years, right?

What’s your favorite event? So far mine has been watching US snowboarder Shaun White in the snowboarding competition. I’m sure there are plenty of incredibly talented Canadians competing that I will be lucky to watch as the games progress as well.

With 225 Canadian athletes, there will be a lot of action you don’t want to miss!

CBC is the official Winter Olympics 2018 broadcaster, and they offer a lot of free streaming options to make the games accessible to everyone at no cost.

Desktop & Mobile Streaming Options

Watch CBC Olympics Site Live Streaming

— CBC has its own Olympic site that streams live events. Go to the Today’s Events page to see events by date and time.

Watch CBC TV

— here you have access to CBS’s TV video player where you can also see live events and the schedule

Watch Highlights on Twitter

CBC Twitter will be playing some highlight videos make sure to check it out to stay up to date.

All of these streaming options mandate that you have a Canada IP address. All video is high def but you’ll see different quality based on how strong your connection is. Video uses high bandwidth, so if you’re using mobile data or have a bandwidth limit be careful when you stream so as not to exceed your data limits.

Here is the schedule of events:

2018 olympic games schedule

2018 olympic games schedule

2018 olympic games schedule

Which event are you looking forward to most? Comment below!

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