— Take Survey, Get Free Fries

Get Free Fries or Salad & Soft Drink

Love to eat at MCD’s?

How to take the Canada McDonalds Survey

Here is how to take the McDonald’s survey and get a free treat on your next visit.

  1. At your next visit to Mc Donalds check your receipt for an invitation to a satisfaction survey.
  2. The back of you receipt may carry the link at .
  3. Visit the site and complete the survey to receive a coupon for a free medium fries or side salad and medium soft drink with the purchase of a Large Sandwich.

Canada is the home of the first non-US McDonalds which opened in 1967 in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

Every day in Canada, more than 2.5 million people eat at a McDonalds.

There are 1,400+ McDonalds operating in Canada today. The chain also employs 90,000 Canadians in Canada.

Crazy to think how huge a behemoth it as become.

The cool part is 85% of the Canada McDonald’s are owned locally by entrepreneurs in Canada and not by the McDonald’s Canada Corporation.

McDonald’s is a huge part of Canada’s economy, as the largest buyer of ground beef in the Canadian restaurant industry.

Additionally they pay a ton of taxes that all go to Canada’s government. This includes $75 million in Payroll taxes each year, $34 million in business taxes each year, and lastly $130 million in corporate income taxes each year.

Personally I think taxes should be lower for everyone, including McDonald’s, and that we should heavily cut back on government spending and handouts across the board in countries including the US and Canada. A lot of the government expenses are deadweight or heavily bundled in bureaucracy and unnecessary.

Support your local McDonalds, including the many local entrepreneurs, and the Canadian government, which gets to profit off of all the taxes by taking the and sharing your opinions on how they can improve.

When you do so, you’ll get a nice little coupon you can use on your next visit, see details below.

Mcdonalds Survey ca Prizes

Prize: Free medium fries or side salad and medium soda WITH required purchase of a large sandwich

NOTE – Prize may differ by location and date, so see your receipt for your specific details

Take The McDonalds Survey ca

  1. Buy something at a Canada McDonalds location
  2. Keep your receipt until you are able to go online
  3. Go online to
  4. Complete the survey and save your validation code
  5. Bring the receipt and validation code to your next Canada McDonalds visit to redeem your coupon

McDonalds Survey ca Rules

  • Purchase required to get survey access
  • Online survey required
  • Purchase also required to redeem your coupon – see your receipt for details

More official rules

*Make sure to read the full McDonald’s website and rules pages, not all listed here, for full terms and conditions

**See your receipt for additional details as well

Contact McDonald’s Survey Canada

Phone: 1-888-424-4622.

Contact Online

More McDonald’s Coupons

McDonald’s Canada also offers coupons and buy one get one free Meal deals.

Find new Mc Donalds Canada coupons here also has new Mc Donalds’ Free Coffee deals and promotions available, view here



About McDonalds

McDonalds is the world’s largest hamburger fast food chain. It was founded in 1940 and was originally a barbecue restaurant until the owners switched to hamburgers in 1948. Most of the company’s growth has been done under Ray Kroc, who purchased the restaurant in 1955. There are currently over 35,000 McDonalds locations around the world, in 119 different countries. Every day McDonalds serves about 68 million people.


McDonalds has a special customer service team to deal with your comments and feedback. If you have questions or want to tell someone about your recent McDonalds experience then you can call Guest Relations at 1-888-424-4622. Another way to share your opinions is by taking the Customer Satisfaction Survey. To do this, just save your receipt and head to this link. The survey will ask you specific questions about your visit (including details found on your receipt) so the store can get your feedback.


My McDonald’s Experience

I am not a huge Restaurant Burger Fan, because honestly my hubby makes the most delicious burgers using his own mix of pork and beef and blend of spices. Then they are barbecued outside on the grill. No other burger comes really close to it. I do however love to stop at Mc Donald’s once per month at least because I am just addicted to their thin delicious fries and their coffee. The summer drink days with their $1 iced coffee, free coffee promotion all this has made me a huge Mc Donald’s fan. They have been making improvements to their menu to include healthier choices, and I also enjoy their chicken snack wraps. The smaller ones because they pack much fewer calories than the signature ones. But who is counting calories when you combine them with fries anyways?

Another thing is the desserts. I do occasionally give in to the hot fudge sundaes, and my kids really enjoy the Mc Flurries. Have you tried the Cadbury Mc Flurry during their Easter promotion. It was so popular last year they were sold out at all Mc locations in our city.

35 Replies to “ — Take Survey, Get Free Fries”

  1. we live in surrey b.c. we go to Mcdonalds in the Walmart store on 24th Ave . they never get you order right French fries are cold hamburger are lie rubber order fish you get chicken we are not impressed with this unit store #40276

  2. I loved everything in McDonald’s specially the fish burger I love what you are doing keep it up.

    My concern is that there is too much oil in the fries so I suggest less oil and also less salt because it is salty.

    But you are still doing a great job keep it up

    Hey, why don’t you try to make an all new sweet crunchy potato .

    But thanks McDonald’s you made my life tasty.

  3. i like mcdonalds so much and the Factor flora zaya she is very good i like her
    and food good thank you evrey one

  4. On Good Friday was in Edmonton for the night. Wife and I ordered 2 Filet of fish at location next to West Edmonton Mall to take back to hotel. Couldn`t eat them. Just like rubber. Left in microwave too long. Was in Camrose on 6 April and asked if they sell the fish bites. Girl said I don`t think so after giving us a strange look.. So we ordered Grill chick salad no sauce,Filet Fish 1Fry 1 drink. and 1 southwest crispy sandwich. We received the salad with sauce and returned it.. No sorry,no apoligy just a discusted look, but it was replaced.The filet was like rubber again and the crispy chicken southwest sand was actually cold, not warm or hot but cold. We also received two orders of fries not one and two drinks not one. We never bothered to go back to counter to complain due to the look we received earlier There were mostly foreign workers and lots of yelling back and forth, the dining room was far from being clean and no nakpins at the serve yourself area. We live in Wainwright Alberta and only have a Mcdonalds in the Wal Mart and they don`t sell Filet of fish. That`s why I always order it when in free standing locations. Wife and I were very upset with the quality of food and service that once was so important to your organization. I was in the fast food service for 33 years in Nova Scotia and never had problems like this at McDonalds

  5. g lee says: i was at mc’s to let them know my order was not cooked properly and was looked after ,very professionally. thanxs

  6. there should be a inspector going to check the mcdonald’s more ofton for cleanness and short off staff
    because off the waiting time to get served.

  7. we visit new minas mcdonalds very often and lately have been very dissatisfied.the drive through is very slow especially at midnight when they are the only late night drive through open.on many visits,we always order no pickle only to find out when we get home that there is pickle on it and to us ruins the flavor.thanks curtis

  8. Totally sick of going through the Mc Donald’s drive threw getting home and not having what I paid for in the bag

  9. stratford pei had dbl q ponder with upsize fries got reg fries cold burger ask for no pickels got then that being said servers were great at take out wish i could get hot food like i do in usa thanks

  10. got home and half my order was missing and way to tired after working all day to go back very poor service and they where not even busy

  11. service good ordered a angus burger combo with choc shake went home to eat it . didn’t taste that great .hour later didn’t feel to good stomach was hard and though i was going to be sick. sorry but iwon;t be going back too mac’s to soon sincerely john

  12. Im craving for the fries in Mcdonalds but because of the bad service I had today I lose my appetite.This is the most worst incident happened to me in the restaurant.The restaurant manager in Mcdonalds Wetaskiwin Alberta was so nasty and very rude,Princess.She dont deserve to be a manager.
    She better go to school to study GMRC!!!!

  13. I”m really disappointed today becoz of the bad service we had in Mcdonalds Wetaskiwin Alberta Canada.The restaurant manager named Princess was so rude.Wondering how she become a manager without knowing how to deal with the customers in a polite way.It shows that she dont have the right manners and the customer service was so horrible….we are really upset about her behavior.We will never ever come back again in this store…

  14. I have had lousy service at MacDonald’s where I have picked up my meal to go and get home to eat it and find it is not what I had ordered at all, this has happened several times to me right across Canada so no, I take my business elsewhere. Just sayin!!

  15. We like McDonalds coffee and the ladies in the Olds Walmart McDonalds are very friendly an efficient,, so we stop there often.

  16. I do not want to see a lot of comments saying how wonderful McDonald’s is. I had poor customer service and this is the issue I would like a response to. The store I had the problems with is the Fort road restaurant in Edmonton. I can appreciate the occasional mistake but to have 4 issues in a row and to have the woman who says she is a manager try to tell me it was my mistake that she missed my meal is inexcusable. I understand these people are not making an amazing salary but I don’t think I should be held responsible for their errors.The only reason I go to McDonalds is because I really like the Teriyaki chicken bowl but I will certainly stop going there if this is the service I receive. Should I decide to return to McDonalds I will sit at the drive through and take as much time as I require to check that every item is correct regardless of how many vehicles are behind me. I have had enough of having to return to the restaurant to get my correct order!

  17. I like McDonalds especially when your server was polite, like Angel,she was one of the cashier at the Eaton’s Centre.

  18. My wife and I go to Mcdonald’s for coffee and muffin every week. We like their coffee
    very much. Sometimes we take our grandchildren for lunch because they love Mcdonald’s.

  19. I like going to Mcdonalds in the Kemptville Walmqrt. The girls there are so helpful when I come in with my grand daughters and my grand daughters really look forward to the experience.

  20. I like McDonald’s so much. you guys are doing a great job.
    your sandwiches are so good and the breakfast yummy.
    you guys rock

  21. I enjoy your breakfast menu, every morning, except for the hash browns, to greasy.

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