Contest — Take Loblaws Survey — Win $5K

Win up to $5,000 in Loblaws Grocery Store Survey

Read more about the new Store Survey contest below and enter to win prizes:

 Loblaws Canada stores want to know their customer’s opinion.

Do you love shopping at your local Grocery store?

Are their produce fresh and the service friendly? or do you have suggestions for improvements?

You may also want to honour that special Loblaws store employee who goes the extra mile for you and other customers.

As a Thank you for your time Loblaws will enter your survey into a draw to win 

a Grand Prize of $5,000 cash or 1 million PC Plus points (equal to $1000 in free groceries)

To start now, check your cash receipts from participating Loblaw Stores** for an invitation to a store survey.

The survey is being conducted at >> .

How to Take the Loblaws Survey

You will need your receipt to enter the date and time of purchase as well as the store number.

Then there are only a couple questions to be answered (simply use the check marks)

and you will be entered to win one of these cash prizes, mentioned above.

Please note, you cannot use your browser’s Back or forward buttons while answering the questions.

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If you have more than one receipt, use your most recent one to enter.

Loblaws is a Canadian supermarket chain. It was founded in Toronto in 1919 at a time when most stores had the grocery items behind the counter – customers would tell the clerk what they wanted and wait for the clerk to fetch the items. Loblaws founders – Theodore Pringle Loblaw and J. Milton Cork – decided to try a new concept where customers could serve themselves. Many believed this new grocery retailing concept would never catch on but evidently it did! Many other grocers began to adopt the format, and within 10 years Loblaws expanded to include over 70 locations in Ontario alone.

The original Loblaws opened in Toronto, Canada in 1919. It was called Loblaw Groceterias.

It was a self-serve grocery model, new at the time, and its popularity exploded in tune with its crazy explosive growth.

In just a decade, 70 stores had already opened in Ontario.

The chain keeps expanding South, ending up America in New York State, complete with a Buffalo, NY American headquarters.

By the time it grew into Chicago, the current Loblaw president told the more dangerous Chicago city area owners that if the store is held up at gunpoint they should just give the robber the money.

By 1939, they have taken “Groceterias” off the name, and just Loblaw is left as we know it today.

1949, Loblaws keeps innovating, adding in air conditioning to keep shoppers healthy and cool in their stores, and adding in “magic doors” that open for the customer without having to touch them.

Sadly in 2006 the store had its first loss in over 20 years.

It had to try to resolve supply chain issues and get its profit back up. In 2007 it was profitable again.

The Loblaw scandal, which involved two other companies, was that it participated in a bread price fixing scandal from 2001-2015.

To try to calm down angry customers, it offered $25 giftcards and was also sued in a lawsuit recently after.

Try to help keep it afloat by offering your feedback at You could win a sweepstakes prize as well. Prize

Prize: (1) $5,000 grand prize drawn monthly and (1) one million PC Optimum points worth ARV $1,000

Monthly Prize ARV = $6,000 Details

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How To Enter The Sweepstakes

NOTE: For the online and mail in entries, you are entering the regular sweepstakes and the PC Optimum sweepstakes. The email address you provide must match your PC Optimum email for you to be eligible for the PC Optimum prize.

Enter Online – Purchase Required

  1. Make a purchase at a Loblaws
  2. Go online to
  3. Fill out all required fields to complete survey
  4. Now you’re entered

Enter By Phone – Purchase Required

  1. Make a purchase
  2. Call the Interactive Voice Response (“IVR”) number at 1-877-234-2322

**NOTE: The IVR survey entries do not count toward the 1 million PC Optimum points prize and are not eligible for this prize due to technical limitations.

Enter By Mail – No Purchase Necessary

  1. Write your name, email, address, phone number, and the words “Loblaws Inc. Customer Satisfaction Survey” on a 3″x 5″ piece of paper
  2. Mail this paper in a sealed, stamped and hand addressed #10 envelope to the following address:

    Loblaw Companies Limited Customer Satisfaction Survey, Ipsos Limited Partnership, 160 Bloor Street East, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario M4W 1B9.


  • Your mail-in entry needs to be postmarked by the end date of a Monthly drawing period to be eligible for that draw date and be received by the sponsor by the 10th day of the month following the last day of the Monthly contest period
  • 1 entry max per outer stamped envelope
  • Non-conforming entries will not be eligible Survey Rules

  • By entering, an entrant agrees to be bound by all contest rules
  • No purchase necessary
  • Must be a Canadian resident
  • Must be age of majority or older in your province or territory where you live
  • Must be a registered PC Optimum member before the monthly draw ends to be eligible for the points prize
  • Any employees, or anyone affiliated with the company or sponsor are not eligible, and neither are family or household members of affiliates
  • Entries will not count if they are late, illegible, incomplete, damaged, irregular, mutilated, forged, garbled or mechanically or electronically remade
  • Limit winning 1 prize per monthly drawing period
  • Only first eligible entry per person is considered in the drawing

Read the full rules here

Contact Loblaws

Contact Online

Mailing Address:

Loblaw Companies Limited
1 President’s Choice Circle
Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 5S5
Attention: LCL Customer Relations Centre

Phone support:

Weekdays From 8:30 AM – 05:30 PM
Ontario: 1-800-296-2332
Quebec: 1-800-567-8683

262 Replies to “ Contest — Take Loblaws Survey — Win $5K”

  1. I love shopping at No Frills. I will go to another store ONLY if there is a sale.

  2. It’s a much better entrance to the store just with the new doors specially for wheel chair . The displays or very nice and the hallway much more cleaner better display .The floor a lot cleaner .Staff very polite and good service

  3. Received great service today while shopping at Superstore, I will definitely go back.

  4. I got very pleasant service while shopping at Superstore today,and will definitely go back to shop again.

  5. Shopped yesterday at Digby Superstore. I bought marked down English muffins.. I discovered later they were full of green mold. I purchased 2 items that were marked 50 % off and did not get the discount… was charged full price. I have also purchased past expiry date items. ( I now read every label to check dates) This has happened on other occasions and I am tired of having to return to the store to remedy their errors. Train your staff to be more attentive to shelf/product monitoring!!!

  6. T&T is one of the best supermarket in Canada. I always shop at T&T supermarket.

  7. the aurora superstore staff are always courteous and extremely knowledgeable and will help at all times. the only problem I find with the store is that there are way too many out of stock items. Unfortunately. I would like to do my complete weekly shop there but due to this I cannot. I am looking forward to the day when I can do this. thanks penny malins

  8. Shopped tonight in the dartmouth,n.s. store.for the third time an advertised item was unavailable (shrimp).had to stand in line for a raincheck. I’m 82 years old and advertised stock,not available is getting old to daughter drives me to get groceries,so I had to go where she takes me.otherwise,it would be adios to you.

  9. I bought 50% off IoGo straw 62902542007 $3.99.And charged full Price.This is commom practice in super store.This is not a big deal. But Happenning every week.I am sorry but I have to tell you to improve the service,

  10. October 31st. I received needed help andcourteous service. The staff was friendly and helped me immensely.

  11. Both my wife and I agree the Super Store has great specials. We buy most of our groceries there. Great staff and clean store. Thanks by Parsu Ram Humagain for superstore

  12. plains rd. store burlington Why do you have only 1 express cashier at the west end of the store?? there are always 2or 3 at the east end of the store that are seldom if ever in use, most of your traffic exits the east entrance.

  13. This is in reference to Store # 94 (Fieste Mall)
    My wife and I would like to comment on the demeanor of the employees of the above location. We have been daily regulars to Fortinos for years, we have gotten to know most of your employee on a personal basis, I have to say they are a wonderul bunch to be with, always helpfull and cheery. We cant say enough to show our appreciation to ALL of them. What I have witnessed in the past is sometimes the abuse or inappropriate comments that the public sometimes give to your employees. But as always the employees stay polite and professional. I understand all the different personalities that exist and co-exist ..
    together, and then throw in the public who cand be impolite, impatient or just ignorant. In our view the employees always come out on top….I know there are peolpe who will complain for the sake of complaining and make up frivilous complaints a lot to do with nothing. Believe me I wa in Law Enforcement ro 33 years and saw a lot of that, they are just like little children
    making up exagerated complaints. Tell Joe Caruso to keep doing what he is doing, also Kudos to Dwayne Peterson
    and Photis Kelpis.
    Janet and Stu Flameling

  14. Both my husband and I agree the Super Store has great specials. We buy most of our groceries there. Great staff and clean store. Thanks Truro Super Store.

  15. On the whole I am pretty satisfied with our Zehrs store in Alliston, Ont., however, I have to say that when an item goes out of stock, it often can take too long to replenish the store shelves. An example that really frustrates me, is President’s Choice coffee. Our favourite is Irish Cream. When I was shopping today, it was out of stock….it was also out of stock last week. This has happened too many times and is a source of frustration for me. I have to go looking at other stores for it….a real inconvenience. The cashiers and packers are friendly and courteous.

  16. checkout service was speedy and courteous. elastic bands around my re-useable bags are forever lost at checkout

  17. Best quality for kids clothing.I’ve never buy clothes to any store except superstore.I love the design and style they always sell. I love coupon and discount too.

  18. for over 20 years I’ve done all my shopping at Superstore – in fact the only credit card I use is President’s Choice Financial MC. Between the 7 cents a litre I get at the pumps and my PC points I get on everything I buy I truly get my monies worth. Not to mention when you combine your whole purchase and compare it to any other store the savings are obvious. I can’t honestly comment on the service as I know the stores by heart but the few times I did have a question the person I dealt with was warm and helpful.

  19. excellent staff and service….i’ve recommended them to everyone i can!!!
    we are there a few times a week

    wholesale club store #00202
    code 091513 124002 858 00202

  20. We live a block away from Superstore in the city of Kelowna and I shop there 2 or 3 times weekly, as I like the walk. There is no need to shop anywhere else as they have everything we need and I might add, at excellent prices and great service.

  21. sorry forget these details hope you will attach to the message sent just a few mins ago..joe fresh forest hill…home was $140.18 and paid by debit…and the date is sept 13th ..merchant #01210….

  22. dropped in at the st.clair/spadina store and emerged an hour later thrilled to bits…bought a black skirt which is like a French poem..also a pair of slim legging style white cords with a black boat necked(Audrey Hepburn) sytle acrylic top..I have shopped in paris,new York,karachi and Marrakech but this morning I felt here I am in Canada and spending about $148 bucks and walking away with signature pieces. Bravo Joe Fresh! Love your &19.99 cords they are my winter staples. Love,love and love the prices….

  23. always have the 1-10 items check-out open, nice to not have to wait in long line-ups

  24. excellent store, clean, well stocked, extremely helpful & friendly people. will definitely shop at Newcastle NoFrills again

  25. I find all what I need , natural foods are there too. My problem for today’s purchase was I bought only 2 bags of cheese sticks 2530360 and only to find out at home it was charged 3 times and I am sure I scanned each only once. Can I have a refund?

  26. My favorite grocery store by far is the Atlantic superstore in Moncton New Brunswick it has all your needs at the best prices like today I bought a liter of Gatorade for only 1$ !!! One dollar that’s like a 4$ discount ! And there was nothing wrong with it at all! My favorite part is the family medical clinic in the store whenever I’m sick that’s the first place that comes to mind to go get checked they have the BEST nurses and doctors that never let me down!

  27. Excellent in customer service and products available Which contour all day to day needs for household. If you can explore more variety of clothing side with out stick into one product such as Joy.

  28. Hi Cheryl,
    I tested it and the page works fine for me.

    The survey page loads asking in which language I would like to enter
    Must be your computer settings. LOL

  29. I loove The Real Canadian Superstore in Westboro, ottawa (Ontario). I live beside a metro, yet choose to take the bus to Superstore. There is such a large selection of products and the health section is much better priced than other health food stores. The 2 managers at this location are amazing! They personally picked my merchandise from another Superstore and brought it to their location to save me a long bus ride. This store is the best in Ontario!

  30. I love your Super Store in Coquitlam as it provides very expediant service and has a great selection of items. Having a busy schedule, I expect to be able to find all of what I need in one place and Super Store allows me to do that. Keep up the good work.

  31. Your Real Canadian Super store in Richmond is the best grocery store I have come across and I have been to every store possible in lower mainland Vancouver and Richmond. I find not only do you have a huge selections of foods but also best prices and can buy so many other items other than food. Your clerks are all very helpful and friendly. I have made this store now my no.1 choice to by my weekly groceries and love all the other options to buy from Kitchen products, to bedrooms, etc.. just amazing store. Keep up the good work.

  32. good location, great store, easy to find what you are looking for, clerks helpful and pleasant to talk to.

  33. the service at your superstore is excelent.
    this is my favourite, I shop at this store
    every week for the last 6 years. what more
    can i say. I love the store. one stop and I get

  34. It seems that your staff at nofrills do not follow store policy for refund policy when items are wrongly priced. Just today Grocery 06410000190 KELL JUST Right was priced at 2.97 and checkout charged 4.98. When I identify the wrong price, I expected the item to be Free! According to your policy, but I was given the price difference for refund. When I said itshould be given free., the cashier, Jocelyn said it is you who should ask for free, not me. But it is the store policy to be followed not me or her request. This, to me, shows your staff do not follow store policy and I am complaining about that. Need action!

  35. The store is great…it’s easy to remember where everything is so you can go in and find what your looking for and leave. More so if you have lots of running around to do that day…lol

  36. we went to TNT at west Ed yesterday and we were treated like second class citizens – not acceptable. The cashiers were snobby and when we asked for help from an isle clerk- they pretended not to speak English. Nice.

  37. I love joe Howe superstore! The cashiers there are always so friendly, I have been going to this store for over 15 years and prefer this one to any in the city!

  38. Very disappointed your superstore in our area is no longer offering the Boiron pellets, particularly the Arnica Montana. I have told so many people to go to Superstore for them and now I find you are not going to be stocking them anymore. Wondering what your reasoning is behind this as I know they were a popular item and good seller.
    Sometimes I stop by your store for that one item and guess what, end up filling my cart. Please reconsider and continue stocking these products.
    Thanks, Shirley

  39. Tonight I went to your store on Davie St. in Vancouver……….I was looking for the Oregano spice.
    A young man Robbie (employee) who was going out the door because his shift was finished, turned on his heels and came to assist me. He was extraordinarily courteous, knowledgeable and pleasant. He must have spent a good 15 minutes assisting me out of his own free time. What a wonderful person and lovely young man who made your customer service look outstanding!! Please relay my personal thanks to him.
    Gabrielle Lacelle: 604 614-3367

  40. I shop at Fortino`s in Waterdown and find the staff the cashiers very helpful and friendly, and the store is always clean and bright . store 00081

  41. I like all the tills being open!.Nothing worse,in a hurry,three tills open with line ups,all have carts full. I leave to shop else where.Please have more clerks to serve.

  42. extra foods Lac La Biche is the worst run store I have ever seen.They don,t have half of the advertised sale items in stock should be charged with fraud.
    the meat dept gets meat shipped packaged in edmonton an d is sold out by noon. The grocery shelves
    are half empty all of the time.
    I operated a tomboy and shopeasy
    for more than 30 years so I cannot believe a store
    could be run so badly.

  43. I live 1 block from loblaws in vaudreuil.if i go to maxi i can bring my flyer from loblaws and get there specials to.but not in why should i shop at loblaws.your manager told me its because you have more employes to serve people but i get better service at maxi in pincourt because of the volume and the amount of employes on the floor.for me it would be better to go to walmart which is closer than maxi and would take both of your flyers.thank you

  44. I think the Superstore has good staff and good service. They have good prices too!

  45. i find the product in the store very affordable and i’m always very happy and satisfied using the store.

  46. Prices are better than Sobeys.Today the checkout lady put my groceries in the cart for me after bagging them which is normally done by the customer.I asked her why and she said she was going off shift and was not pressed for time. in other words she was just trying to be nice

  47. I find the products to be of reasonable price, and I walk away from your store feeling appreciated as a customer. I am also a supporter of the Presidents Choice Credit Card. I own one and it has erraticated my experience of fee oppression when making transactions. Now I can make purchases and earn points instead of fees – I love that!

  48. I find the products to be of reasonable price, and I walk away from your stores feeling appreciated as a customer. I am also a supporter of the President Choice card. I own one and it has erraticated my experience of fee oppression when make transactions. Now I can make purchases and earn points instead of fees – I love that!

  49. I am your best customer who buy things at your Superstore.Your staff are doing very well all day.

  50. I have been trying for 2 days to get onto to do my survey for a chance to win and all I get when I click on it is a page with a bunch of rules on it. Very strange. Hope you can help me out.

  51. You ask how you did – I’ve been shopping Loblaw’s since 1957 – for some time now am disgusted by eggs that are so old they fall out in a solid lump or a whole dozen have blood in them and again this week I have stale bread. I don’t believe any of your dated tags any more – this one All Stars Bakery, Rigsky Caraway Rye bread bought on 2013/08/09 with a date tag of AU 14 and it is not edible. This has happened several times with same rye bread – never again. Doesn’t matter if it’s Loblaw’s or No Frills – twice this bread had mould on it 2 and 3 days after purchase. This purchase was at Loblaws Empress 334 – mgr Hamoon Shakourianfard store 01010 code 080913 4648 01010. I am 72 years old and cannot always return items after purchase – doesn’t anyone check the quality of the products sold? Your prices jump by atrocious amounts so much so that seniors can no longer eat well and to have to throw so much out is unacceptable. That is my say – on behalf of the many residents in this area who agree with me, please listen.
    Marie-J H. North York

  52. We were shopping at the Superstore on 8th street in Saskatoon today. I am sorry to say that we did not have very good customer service. My husband asked a worker for an item we were having a hard time finding. She looked at him and said she was not sure if they carried that and walk away. I then asked the cashier if you carried the product. She said yes I think I have seen it before. If we have do it will be in housewares. She was already scanning our products so I ask if she can phone someone in that department. Her response was to roll her eyes and say that it was hard to get a hold of anyone in that department. We had previously walked around that area for over 10 minutes and could find no help. After she got off the phone she said if we have the product it would be in isle 16….How can I go and look down an Isle while you are ringing through our groceries? My husband did go and check it out but there was no success. To top it off I could see several employees gathered around the customer service visiting when we left. Could not one of them been called to help out with the situation?

    I normally do not complain about bad service and I myself have worked in the service industry for many years. I just felt the need to vent! Please tell your employees to be more helpful. It is a large store and it can be frustrating when you are wondering around trying to find something and no one can be found to help.

  53. The service at the wholesale club always seems to be slower on certain days, Friday evening being one of them. It might not be a bad idea to count how many customers come through the doors, and at what times, to get a general sense of what/ how much they are purchasing. This in turn could be utilized to schedule cashiers effectively at peak times, instead of the customer waiting in line for 20 minutes to a half an hour before going to through the till. Just a thought.

  54. As a senior I will continue to use Valu-Mart in my town. The staff are friendly and helpful. This store also has a delivery service 5 daysa a week. This is helpful when I don’t have a car. As a senior it is also convenient as I don’t have to try to carry my groceries.

  55. The serve at our Canadian Super Store was great but with this format I am not sure how to communicate that. Rather odd set up.

  56. Hi

    Your website “STOREOPINION.CA” indicated on my Loblaws receipt is not user friendly.

    When I enter this address it leads to a general page with many other organizations and am confused.

    How do I complete the survey?

    Please let me know. Thank you.

  57. Shop at store # 00577: presented newspaper to be used in a price match purchase: clerk 421 passed the product through her scanner placing the newspaer on the conveyer belt after opening it quickly; as I trust your employees, I paid the bill using Visa, as is my custom: always review the tape when I get home: did that and found clerk had failed to give my purchase the price match cost I had expected.

    You may be assured that I shall hit your cuustomer service counter next week for an adjustment: not the first time this type of failure has occurred!

  58. I go every other day to buy fresh produce and as usual the produce was great. The produce at Superstores are the best.


    Music EXTREMELY loud. I don’t experience this at any other location, why do I have to suffer through it here?

  60. bought several products in your shop in Lonsdale and it was great. I read the ticket and I want to fill the survey and the webpage don’t work, and I would like to participate in the chances to win $ 2000 and I can not because your web don’t work.

  61. Welcome to our neighbourhood loblaws City Market! The opening of the store here in
    North Vancouver went smooth today. 🙂 Great place, great food and great company. 🙂

  62. Wow! Your new store on 17th and Lonsdake in North Vancouver totally exceeding my expectations!
    It was so appealing,clean,lots if choice,friendly efficient staff,easy underground parking and of course the food choices were outstanding.
    I will be telling all my friends,why go anywhere else?
    Oh and prices were excellent too 🙂
    Well done! Worth the wait!

  63. I just want to make a comment on how a Superstore Burnaby cashier acted while I did my shopping in Metrotown. Her name on the receipt showed May, # 348. She lacked the warmth and amiable nature that should be inherent in a customer-related job like, being a cashier.She wasn’t smiling at all and appeared like more of a bully than someone who should be great at customer service.Most of the cashiers in this store aren’t pleasant at all! Worse this barnch didn’t acknowledge the water refund worth $10 issued by Superstore Grandview.The customer service named May called their Supervisor and they declined to refund the said jug refund saying their system is different from Grandview’s! We had to go there as there were no water jugs in Grandview,thus Grandview took our jugs and just gave us the jug refund stamped by them,which Superstore Burnaby, didn’t honor,when we bought 2 of our new water jugs from them.The excellent cashiers at Grandview Superstore usually honor these jug refund stickers and deduct it from the customer’s purchases.When I suggested this to the cashier,she directed us to the customer service,who in turn totally refused to honor our jug refund stub! She consulted with her supervisor who totally ignored the policies behind these refund stickers! What’s happening to this store,not honoring the same Superstore jug refund stickers??? It is the same water company,same jug!! It is very frustrating dealing with such inept store management!

  64. I was impressed with how smooth the lines went today. Usually I’m in a line waiting to for as long or longer then it took me to do my shopping. Which being in a line up with two small children is no treat. Today, it was quick and smooth. The store actually had the right amount of lanes open this time. Good job management!

  65. I appreciate the savings 50% on fruits and breads. Seniors really need to watch pennies.
    Fresh veggies are too expensive for us. What about families with small children? how do they manage?.
    I went to buy Lou’s bacon, and I was told that several things are to be discontinued. How disappointing. More disappointing is the missing men’s tissues. What man wants to blow his nose with those dinky little tissues? I miss familiar brands now replaced by yellow labels. Not good! Prices are much too high, and I feel left out by the big companies “from away.” I shop at Atlantic Super Store, Sydney River, N.S.

  66. I was in superstore westwinds store number 01542 and i received the worst service anyone can imagine . There was East indian lady talking to others in her language , holding the whole line . acting like Crap …. Throwing stuff because she want to talk , doen’t seem to care . for sure i will mention her name Navneet 246 . i got it from receipt . I will never go in this store .she was very rude . I want to confront her and my wife stopped me . What a shit

  67. I was in your Innes Rd. Superstore today and will not be coming back. As I entered the store, I was desperate to use the washroom. Accordingly, I found it but was told by the very rude cleaner that he was cleaning it so I’d have to wait. (In fact, he was not then cleaning it – he was standing in it talking on his cell phone but that is beside the point.) I explained that I couldn’t wait and asked him to give me a minute. He refused, saying he had a job to do. Angry now, I ordered him out saying I would be speaking with the manager. “Go ahead – they won’t do anything”, he replied.
    After using the washroom (which took less than a minute) I requested the manager’s presence. As he arrived, the cleaner stood by to listen while I complained of his rude behaviour. He actually called me a liar in the manager’s presence. The manager’s response was to listen blankly, then tell me he would speak to the man. He made no apology.
    I finished my shopping but I was seething about the rotten treatment I received, both from the cleaner and the manager. As I left the store with my groceries a few minutes later, the cleaner followed me to the exit. At least then, he showed a bit of grace by offering an apology. I did not stop to talk to him as by this time I was feeling very angry. I only told him I would not be back in that store.
    I would like you to pass these comments on to the store manager concerned as well as the district manager. As I explained to the cleaner, I do not shop there because he (or any other employee) work there. He and his fellow employees have jobs there because people like me shop there. Though the point was lost on him (as well as the manager it would seem) I think Loblaws would do well to remind its associates of that fact. In any case, I will not be shopping there again. I’m sure you won’t care because there are probably plenty of people who are complacent enough to throw away their hard-earned dollars no matter how poorly you treat them.

  68. I was charged for bags that I did not want as I resent paying Loblaws for this money grab as I then have to buy garbage bags. I also recycle my bags. After the clerk charged me for them as she did not ask me if I wanted them she then directed me to customer service to correct “her” error. The reason Loblaws staff is so complacent and don’t care is because Loblaws has been cutting their staff and their salaries and hiring only part time so they don’t have to pay benefits. If they treat their staff that way why would their staff want to give superior customer service. What goes around comes around Loblaws!! I try to avoid shopping their whenever possible and patronize the little guy but a sale is a sale!

  69. I was in the Fortino’s store on Mall Rd on Friday ordering Flowers. I just would like to let Jessica in the Floral department know that she had patience of a saint. She had a customer before me who was very demanding and could have caused Jessica to be very stressed out. She was very pleasant with her and did not get upset with the situation. I then spoke to her about ordering two separate flower arrangements, and I asked her not to disappoint me. I was very pleased with the work she did, and my friends said they the were stunning bouquets. Please let her know that she did a great job.
    Thank you


  70. Your (Loblaws) flyer comes to our door. Your display case has a sale price label in place but no product. The attendant informs me that this (Dole greens in this case) has not come in. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

  71. I was at No Frills in Beaumont, AB on May 5th. It was not busy – there was no one else at the till I was at. When I drew the attention of an incorrect price to the rather expressionless lady at the till, she just sort of vacantly looked about and shrugged her shoulders. I ran to the back of the store and grabbed the price code tag off the shelf. The price had indeed been rung in incorrectly. She sort of stood there and finally decided to make the price adjustment. Then I had a huge bag of dirt – to big to put on the till. She asked what type it was three times. She didn’t respond to my pleasantries or goodbye when I was done. When I got home, I discovered I was over charged by $2 for the dirt. I selected that dirt as it was “Presidents Choice” (PC). I was not after a bag of dirt, sticks and wood chunks but that’s what I got. The Loblaws chain is going to go the way of the dinosaur if they don’t start selecting & retaining staff who realize why they have jobs and if they continue to have such poor quality on their supposed better label (PC) products. I’ve been shopping less and less at Superstore and No Frills over the last two years as I am tired of being subjected to people who don’t care, incorrect pricing and a company who also doesn’t seem to care.
    P.S. – I “used to” love Superstore and Extra Foods.

  72. jack taylor says
    April 20 2013 1:56 pm
    the staff at penticton bc wholesale store are very nice—the change bulk is great–the nrw supperstore in penticton is unpelivable , very large and nicely layed out

  73. My wife and I recently moved to Burlington, Ontario and began shopping at the Fortinos on New Street. We were immediately taken by the friendliness of the staff and the convenience of buying lunch at one of several fast food outlets in the store. An incident that happened earlier this week has convinced us that Fortinos will be our “store of choice” for the foreseeable future. I discovered a peach crumble pie on the remainder rack that was stale-dated for that day and had been marked down from $15 to $7.50. I was able to convince my calorie-conscious but bargain-loving wife that this was a purchase we should make. Returning home, we had dinner and then I eagerly opened the pie container – only to discover to my horror that small specks of bluemould dotted the crumbles. To make matters worse, we had already disposed of the bill down the garbage chute of our apartment. Nevertheless, I repackaged the pie and drove back to Fortinos, prepared to do battle. Imagine my pleasant surprise when the Customer Service clerk – I believe her name was Sonia – cheerfully credited my Visa account. In this day and age when Customer Service more times than not is an oxymoron, I couldn’t believe how easy the return had been. I mentioned it to “Sonia” and she added humour to the situation by replying: “Hey, we sold you a furry pie! Of course we’d refund your money…”

    Tom Douglas

  74. Do “NOT” fill out the store survey. They ask for your name, address, telephone numbers etc. For those of you who DO NOT want junk mail and or soliciting telephone calls, well, get ready for a few of those once you’ve filled in their questionaire. Its not worth the winning prize.

  75. I’m just wondering, is this survey is for real are they posting the names of the winner in a particular month. I’d like to try to do the survey but if it’s just only a scam to get a feedback from the customer for free by enticing them with a cash prize winnings without providing the actual names of the winner then it’s not worth of my time. Any opinion on this, is there really a winner on this survey??? I’d love to shop at Loblaws and No frills though…

  76. Yesterday I dropped into the New Glasgow, N. S. store to pick up a few things and the cashier was feeling under the weather ,but remained pleasant and focused on her work. Always an enjoyable experience at this store; employees are all helpful and friendly.

  77. I shopped at Loblaws today (March 25) and the store was not crowded, easy to navigate and I bought much more than I thought I would. The cashier was very pleasant and overall, the experience was most pleasant

  78. March 14,2013@ 6:30 in the morning I was in superstore confederation place saskatoon, sk for buying something but Unfortunately after I tapped my pc mastercard there was some problem occurred in the cashier then she called her head customer service named charmaine and charmaine instructed me to go in the cs area to go on the process. in the 2nd time attempt she told me to chip in my pc mastercard then after my payment transaction which is approved by their machine. There were some error message again appeared on her screen and she just thought maybe their system were down and she told me that I have to pay cash or else I can’t bring my grocery. What attitude is that, she is a head of customer service but she don’t know how to treat well their customer and she instructed me to go back to superstore once I received my bank statement coming from the bank. She is so rude. I was expecting an assistance or some further advise in order to please me but I didn’t. So much disappointed and upset. I think she needs more training maybe she forgot what is the meaning of being a good customer service. As far as I am concern being a good customer service you have to do is listen to your customer first and show them that ur listening by making the appropriate response, such as suggesting how to solve the issue or problem and not saying that “go back here once you have the receipt”. She should be helpful and take some extra step even if there is no immediate profit in it. Please do some actions re on this matter. In addition there are some customers, colleagues experienced the same bad habit/attitude (being rude peron) of this reason charmaine.

  79. I notice all of the responses that you have printed are all positive. I’m guessing this one won’t make the cut. You have finally completely lost my business. After years of being a good customer ($3-400.00) monthly and growing more and more dissatisfied with your deceptive pricing practises I’m taking my money elsewhere. I’m completely baffled when I think that people let this horrible garbage go on. How many times do I have to go through the till only to find that I’m charged more than the sticker price. How many times do I have to wear glasses to be able to see the tiny writing telling me I have to buy 2 or more (read 16 in one case) to get the highlighted price. I have so many beefs about your way of conducting business that I would be here for hours. Let me just say it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll get any of my business in the future. Sad ex customer

  80. No Frills store in Newmarket store no. 00734 don’t know the policy of Fast Lane (16 items or less lane). I was cut off from the lane by an old man and to avoid argument I just let him go but to my surprise, he called his companion bringing in a full load of cart of items. This time, I reminded the man that this is a fast lane only. I was expecting the cashier to refuse to serve this customer and should be directed to other lane . But no, he was served!!! No Frills employee don’t even understand their own policy. Train your employee please!!!

  81. I am a senior, I had the opportunity to shop in your store 02/09/13 This is not a slight on the cashier(Kaylee) she greeted me and was pleasant. I noticed the bags I required were put along side my checked purchases. I asked ”do customers pack their own groceries, She said ”yes” I proceeded to do so,as the cashier started checking out the next customer. I asked if someone could help me pack. She said ”maybe” and asked a woman clerk walking near. She came over looking very grim. I thanked her … no response tried to make small talk with her as we packed my items …no response. As i was leaving I once more thanked her …still no response just a miserable look. I left feeling I had been a bother ,not a valued customer. My purchases came to $ 261.34, as I do not shop weekly. I do not know the woman’s name in question,or if she has a name tag. I will not return to your store. … How difficult is it to smile and respond when thanked.

    Perhaps you should take some notice of your sister store in the Fairview Mall. Extremely pleasant staff, with grocery packers and always ask if you need help taking groceries out of the store. A very sad reflection on your store,

  82. Angela: I shop at Freddies Nofrills, The customer service is excellent. When I need help to find something, there is also someone there to help me. The employee’s are very helpfull. Other customers are very rued with the employee’s.

  83. Always enjoy my experience, thank you for this opportunity! Once, last year, while I was shopping at your store, I was approached by a lady that said she is soliciting for Presidents Choice Mastercard and requested all my i.d. info. Never heard about it again. Where did my personal info go? After a month I asked about this lady and was told that she did not work there anymore. Still, where did all that personal info go?
    The 2000 dollars would really calm my worried mind. LOL!

  84. Very Helpful and Friendly. Always ask if I found what I wanted. The store where I shop has always been very clean and a pleasant atmosphere. Great place to shop.

  85. i visited superstore in brampton.I usually visit to buy cloths from joe or the bakery.usually i get what i want. but yesterday there was no 1 at the trial area to try my dress before buying and stood almost 34 minutes near that and informed twice to the customer service and they paged many times and no one came. really it was frustrating

  86. Most helpful today. Made a CD off my camera. Had a question and they were excellent. I find it that way every time I do my other grocery purchases. Nice to be treated like a nice customer.
    It may sound korny to some people, but I like people that are curtious!!Have a Great Day.

  87. Delhi Ontario Independent Store have the highest prices around compared to Simcoe Ontario. The people that they hurt are the ones that support them because they are unable to have a way of transportation out of this small town. To top this off Independent happens to be the grocery store in Delhi. Get the picture everyone. Come on Independent in Delhi lower those prices. Thanks

  88. Always a good experience, however Produce at times is substandard in comparison with othere area stores

  89. malcolm macneil i dont shop much there because the check outs there is always a line up of people & never enough cashiers at the check outs

  90. price tags are missing on some items. would be more convenient if all price tags were in place (would save time shopping), thanks.

  91. My recent shopping experience was fine, but when I went to leave from the underground parking I realized that I’d parked toooo close to a wallway. Upon appealing to customer service one of the staff was so kind as to come down to the underground parking & actually move my car for me. VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. I just cannot thank her enough. Sorry that I did not get her name, but she was so extremely helpful. The problem was my own fault as I realize now that coming from the outside to the underground parking does cause my windows to fog up making it very hard to see when parking. That had been the cause of my problem. However with her help all ended well. and as I said very much appreciated.

  92. Picked up a ham sandwich to go from Zehrs Glenridge – Kitchener, ON however a white pool of liquid was a the bottom of wrapper, leaving the bread soggy, and the lettuce was wet and inedible – yuk!

  93. IThe superstore in Calgary Westhills has one price of merchandise on the shelves and another , more expensive price at the check out. This happens with at least one item every single visit .

  94. I enjoy hearing the meat saws working atleast you people cut your own meat its fresh,think your the only stores in Sudbury that cut there own.Thanl You really appreciate that.Big Norm

  95. There has been a Superstore in my area (Mission, BC) for several years now. I quit shopping there because there were not enough cashiers, especially when the flyer offered a free something if you purchased more than a hundred dollars. Twice I left my groceries at customer service because they wouldn’t open an express checkout. They had recently opened some of the check-out yourself tills. I won’t do that. I am a senior which is one reason, but mainly if you check out your own groceries, then they don’t have to hire more staff.
    Service got a lot better this fall because a Walmart opened in the next block. Now i’ve even had a cashier bag some of my purchases while she waited for me to finish with the Debit machine.
    Obviously having a Walmart in the area has led to the hiring of more staff, and better service.


  96. Hello, I am a senior living in Musquodoboit Valley Nova Scotia, We shop at Elmsdale Nova Scotia, previously we shopped at the compeditor store accross the highway. Sadly enough we had never really noticed just how filthy, dirty a supermarket could be ontill we went for the first time to what has become our Superstore in Elmsdale. My wife and I first noticed how well the shelves were placed with lots of room to take our time to observe what we were buying and stop and look at the products without being pushed around by people who just could not pass us within the narrow lanes, what a relief that was. That trip was just a wonderful time to observe what was there for products we have never sen before. The store was so clean and the staff is always so professional and friendly, we had never never seen that before where we shopped. I could never consider returning to S)@#$s again for shoping. I would gladly recomend Superstore to anyone who I would think would like to be served by the nicest friendly people with absolutely the highest quality products available in the world. Please for the benifit of our neighbours who have not taken the time to shop at Superstore where ever they live S)@$^s please upgrade your store,staff and your quality standards. Nova Scotians deserve a whole lot better than what their getting when they shop there.

  97. I encountered the rudest person by the name of (Sarah) at the Summerside Superstore PEI.When I spoke to a couple of staff members about my experience their reaction was that she has a reputation of being rude to people.Sobeys is looking better all the time.

  98. Hello folks.
    I am a customer at the Atlantic Super Store in Sydney River, Cape Breton, N.S.
    It would be nice to see more of the familiar brands and less of the no-name ones. It bothers me that we don’t see where the product is made, or in what country. That makes me nervous.
    The employees are pleasant and obliging, and will help find things, especially in the newly renovated store.
    I have macular degeneration, and I find that the signs which mark the products found in each aisle, need more contrast. Orange and white is not easily seen, especially if the signs are small and up high. Maybe that is why I am trying to find things.
    Also, everything is changed around. In time it will be easier, and take less time to complete my shopping list.

  99. l enjoyed shopping in your store for the good food, service & good deals . There was just one time l gave a 5000 coupon to cashier & she dint enter it , very desappointing .Just thought you should know because it might happened to somebody else .

  100. went to super store ne calgary,in the entrance the 2 ltr bottles of seven up were on sale for .99.I took 8 of them because there was no limit sign.when i got to the self check i asked the lady in charge if there was a limit but she did not answer.I put through the first four and the fifth came up 1.29 i had the cashier in charge remove it.Had to do 2 purchases to get them at that price.When i was done i went to customer service and spoke to louise who informed me that i need to go find them on the shelf because she said there is a limit posted there.That upset me because i should not have to go find them in the store to see if these people are doing there job and i told her that i also told her i had to do 2 purchases to get them at that price and i would have done that had there been a limit sign there,she replyed all our customers do 2 transactions at wich point i advised her how inconvienent that was for the customer.She was not willing to do anything about it so i told her i would call the head office because it was 10 in the evening and all louise wanted was to go home.After i told her that she then changed her tone a bit and said all she can do is tell the drocrie manager in the morning.Well every time i go there something does not ring up the sale price.You need to make sure your staff are doing there jobd because you are suppose to get the item free if the price does not come up as posted

  101. We love shopping at Extra Foods in Sechelt, BC but we wish that we could have some smaller shopping carts besides the immense 2-level ones that are presently the only choice. This may be available in the hopes that shoppers will buy more, but I don’t think so, as We’ve heard numerous people complain about them. Deanna and Fred ,

  102. Went to purchase gay lea unsalted butter advertised at $3.47, found the shelf was empty, asked for a raincheck at check-out was told to go to customer service. Went to customer service and was told that no raincheck could be offered because said item was not advertised onsale in the current flyer.I asked if they could check for stock in the stockroom and was told that if the shelf was not stocked they were probably waiting for a truck shipment. I think its rude to not offer any assistance to a customer who is a guaranteed sale, and who my inturn repeat thier experience to other people.If the sale item is not in stock why not have a floor staff memeber remove the sale signs?Also perhaps one of the four managers having a floor meeting could have been called for assistance?

  103. found the clerk very helpful and also told us of a contest that you have but only last till Jan.2013

  104. Today at Extra Foods Store #1341 Broad Avenue in Regina, I picked up some Cranberry Ginergale today under a good sized sign that read $3.33. When I got them home, I found the price charged was $4.12 plus $.60 re-cycling AND $1.20 deposit.

    It was Monday and almost every loaf of bread in the store should have been on sale as they were not fresh. Not likely to go rushing back there.



  106. Shopping for vegetables was disappointing today at Extra Foods Melfort, SK, as many bins were empty or depleted. People must have stocked up after work! Also, I would like to see prices posted for all the produce displayed, which is often not the case. Young cashier tried hard and was very pleasant.

  107. The Bracebridge store is a great place to shop. Always clean, always friendly and good prices. However, there seems to be a shortage of some no-name products and some President’s Choice items (notably frozen macaroni and cheese lately) Otherwise, I really like the store.

  108. Morello’s “Independent” (Peterborough store: 00878) is a good store with good deals every week, one can always find good bargains + good quality there. And now open Sundays – Thank You !

  109. Local Superstore has the best prices in our community.Always something new and
    exciting at your outlet.

  110. store well lighted –staff great—some items on the weekend are in short supply at times —

  111. Nofrill is a good store with good deal every weak . You can buy everything that are in the other flayers with same price and this is important advance for us ,

  112. I like shopping at the Superstore because every time when I do my big shopping I get a gift. In the Superstore we find everything. Fruits are fresh and I love the clothes for my kids. Something that I like too much is the kindness with wich you receive at the entrance, these people will always get a smile out of you, even if you’re serious. My only wish rithg now is to win this award. I would be verry happy! Thank you!

  113. We shop at Superstore all the time and lately we have been disappointed. We went yesterday and couldn’t even buy a pound of hamburger…even the one not on sale. They are constantly out of all specials. We are seniors and don’t get to shop more than once a week and to be told on Sat no hamburger until 7am Sun morning is not acceptable. The past few weeks we have not been able get any specials no matter which day we go. The shelves are just empty and we are told they have run out. Don’t know what the problem is but we are considering changing stores. It is really frustrating to go shopping and not be able to get what you need.

  114. The Superstore in Kanata is my favourite grocery store, and I do most of my shopping there. The quality and price of their products keeps me coming back. The staff has always been very friendly, personable and go out of their way to assure that you have found everything you need, Talk about a basket of services available–its can easily be a one stop shopping spree.

  115. the employees at the super stores where i shop are very polite. and generous to help me to find the items that i am looking for.. the store is very clean too.

  116. Our store is provides cart wipes which are necessary for keeping clean from
    contamination of our food we come to buy and eat. The staff are always
    friendly and helpful. The manager too is always there to help you or answer
    your questions. My weekly trip is a pleasant one.

  117. Because of the ability to shop at Superstore my family enjoy a higher quality of life. The cashiers just seem to be getting more and more friendly and co-operative over time. I cannot say the same for the customers however.

  118. I am happy with the quality of produce at Loblaws and am looking forwardmto winning one of the contests.

  119. I have been visiting 3 stores in Dartmouth NS. Store 00380 has been crediting my PC points and Rewards/Savings with no problem. With my calculation, Store 02712 and store 00352 did not credit my cash saving for bringing my own bags. I am now wondering whether they have credit my PC points either? Thanks for looking into the way they do their PC points at the 2 stores. Please advice via email. Tom.


  121. I shop in Stettler Ab.Staff always friendly but produce could use some attention. Meat staff excellent although quality is sometimes lacking especially sale items

  122. I shop At superstore up to three times a week.I buy prescriptions ,groceries,and even do a little clothing and gift shopping.I especially find the staff at the pharmacy friendly and eager to help. Great bunch at Trinity Superstore Moncton.Thanks

  123. I have been shopping at The Whole Sale Club in Calgary SW area since 2000 once a week for my restaurant.
    There is a washroom for customers, but it is too old and dirty ,smells bad everytime.
    please do something for the customer’s comfort visit. Thank you.

  124. I shopped Humbolt extra foods, just stopped to buy 1 item, bought 3 bags full. A box broke thru bottom of bag & spilled my groceries on the ground. Upon examination, I discovered that all my bags had 2 large holes cut in bottom. I paid 5 cents for those bags, making them mine. Companies should be charged by enviromental laws for making bags unrecyclable. How about the poor elderly lady who doesn’t make it home with her groceries. I THINK THAT NO ONE SHOULD BUY GARBAGE BAGS FROM A STORE WITH THIS POLICY!

  125. I shopped at Humbolt extra foods yesterday, an unplanned stop for 1 item & ended up with three bags full. Of course I had to pay 5 cents per bag(which I don’t object to, but that would make it my bag right). The corner of a box came thru the bottom & spilled my groceries before i could get to the house. Upon examiation I realized that all my bags had 2 rather large holes cut in bottom. I think that even if you didn’t pay for these bags that companies should be charged for doing that. I will NEVER buy garbage bags a store with this practice

  126. We went store no.01569 on Sunday at 21:35 and we didn’t find the gauva Juice but on that time one associate help us . We r very thankfull to her.That’s why we like to buy our grocery in superstore. I really like the real Canadian superstore.

  127. My friends and I went to Superstore Gateway/McLeod here in Winnipeg yesterday. We used only one push cart as only one of us had loonie. Since we only had 6 sacks of rice, 4 packs of corn, each pack containing 6 pieces of corn, we queued at the express lane (12 items or less). The cashier at the till (#13) was very rude to us. She was carelessly scanning the items, carelessly (almost throwing) the corn she had scanned and talked to us very disrespectfully. Since there were three of us using the cart, of course each of us had to pay for each of our own purchases. Once we were done, she approached the cart and inspected it. I asked her if there was anything wrong with the cart. At that point she was already serving the next customer and apologizing to him for the wait. I excused myself and repeated my question but when she responded to me, she shouted at me saying ” I am talking to him (pointing to the next customer), what’s your problem? It was then that my friends reacted and told her that she was very rude. I thanked her sarcastically for “the friendly service” and left the store. I then came back after putting the grocery in the car and approached customer service to speak with the store manager. To make sure I got the correct cashier/till number, I looked again at the till and the rude cashier still had the nerve to shout and goad at me and said “number 13!!!”.

    She then spoke to a co-worker and the co-worker also spoke to the manager after I explained to him what happened. She had a totally different version as explained to her by the rude clerk. The rude clerk apparently claimed that we were over limit of the items in the express lane. I told her that it was a lie and asked the manager if he wanted to see the receipts. He begged off and simply apologized. I didn’t want the rude clerk to twist the story in case the manager speak with her (as the manager told us that he will speak with her), so the next day I came back to the store with photocopies of the receipts and a letter addressed to the manager. I dropped it off at customer service to be given to the manager.

    This is the first time I’ve experience an offensive staff at that store. I hope she gets transferred from cashier’s post as she does not have the friendly personality to have that position. Anyway, the manager made up for the staff’s rudeness.

    I hope my next trip at the store will be a better experience.

    Donna (loyal customer for 5 years now, since we moved to Wpg 5 years ago)

  128. Self checkout a wast of time. I had less that 10 items in my basket, three of the first five items were rejected by the scanner and required an attendant, one of which was a 4-pack of yogurt – it too required an attendant. Explanation I got was that the scanner did not accept the UPC on the bottom of the box — to use the UPC on one of the 4 yogurt cups….. I told the store attendant to cancel the self serve order and I whent thru the regular check out.

  129. Since my last comment, We have noticed a slight improvement of trying to keep the store a little cleaner,
    Now my website soon to be on line.
    Would you like to be GIVEN OUR HOME.

    Check this out, and help save our earth.

  130. I am disappointed to see the new policy of Extra Foods – the staff no longer bag the groceries. Today we waited much longer than usual in line because the cashier is not required to assist customers with bagging their groceries. An eldely woman, whom we happened to know was ahead of us in line at the cashier. She was more concerned about bagging her groceries than paying for them. Once she completed bagging all of the groceries and placing them in her cart, she paid for the groceries. The cashier stood there the whole time and watched – never once asking to help or lifting a finger to help. In the days before the new policy, the groceries would have been paid for and bagging completed in less than half the time. Since the transaction was not complete, the cashier could not get started processing our order. This does not put more people through the cashier at a faster rate but slows the process down considerably! Customer service is important – start bagging groceries for customers again!

  131. I shop regularly at the Super Store in Antigonish and just as regularly have to go back to the service desk with something for which I have been overcharged. Today was no exemption. After waiting for at least 40 minutes I was finally “served”…and instead of being reimbursed for the full amount under $10.00 ( which has always been the store’s policy) I was given only a fraction of it….at this point I was so annoyed that I couldn’t be bothered arguing. In future, Sobey’s will be the store that I frequent. PS I had to wait so long that I met my husband coming back into the store to see if something had happened to me !!

  132. Your store at 1549 or 23ave sw edmonton. Certainly needs a revamp of help, all though to day two people actually ask us if we needed help. Its just this store is not able to handle the area. You need a new store south west of this one and in a hurry as there will be 20 to 40 thousand more people in this area. Just letting you know. I was number 3 customer in your first store here in edmonton on 51 AVE. still have the yellow card which was used for check cashing. I really appreciate the super, but wall mart and safeway have been in sw for a year now and you must get a store here very soon. thanks vic sedo

  133. I get very frustrated with a couple of things in your store that just keep happening… 1. Many things without prices and I, like a lot of people just pass them by. 2. 50% off items rarely have an original price ?????? who wants to buy or chase someone down to try and get a price. BJW

  134. My daughter swears by Super Store for it’s value and selection of products.
    My experience was completely different. The “coupon zone” advertised savings on products that weren’t even in the store. After tracking down a customer service rep. I was told that it wasn’t their department and if the product wasn’t on the shelf they didn’t have it.
    I couldn’t find anyone in the electronic’s department. A rep from a different department told me that they were probably on break and that I should wait around for them to return.
    I was looking for 5 lbs of potatoes and was told -by a less than professional fresh produce guy that I’d have to buy 10 lbs ’cause they didn’t sell smaller amounts.
    Anyways, eh? I spent almost an hour in the store before leaving with a less than stellar opinion.
    Went to a competing grocery store and found the products that I wanted and found others that I had purchased at Super Store for at least 30% less. Almost felt like returning the purchased items to SS but couldn’t bring myself to waiting around “customer service” for someone to show up to provide “customer service”.
    Maybe my trip was an anomoly(spelling) because my daughter always has a good experience and swears by the place. Maybe next time?

  135. I used to enjoy buying groceries at Extra Foods 2815 Wanuskewin road Saskatoon, till I found a Produce Manager(Dexter) as a thorn in my flesh. He raises his voice with comments which are uncalled for. He has done it two times in the past six months even when I never asked his help or talked to him. Previously store manager was apprised about his misbehaviour but had he taken proper action this guy would not have acted this way again on23 July 2012. As I am a senior on medication, I will expect some action by you against him.

  136. I like the store…PERIOD…..I especially like the wide selection of products, the competitivness of the pricing and I feel confidence in the cleanliness of the meat, bakery, and deli depts.

  137. The superstore is conveinent wide selection of products, weekly coupons to save our family money friendly service pleasant atmosphere.

  138. I am very pleased with the lay out of your stores the good quality and low pricing for me. I am 63 and I am disabled for 12 years now and I wish to continue business with the Great Canadian Super Store. I do see friendly people both working the store and also shopping. We exchange reciepts and inform one an other of your instore specials. Theproduce is very freash and the meats are priced right for me and the Meat stand up to the highest quality. I was a fast food owner in SUmmersidre,PEI for a few years. I live now here in Surrey in Guildford, BC. In addition if I need a question answered there is nothing your staff won’t seam to do to help. They go to the isle where the goods are and almost take me by the hand. They have been very informitive of changes with in the store . I do like the lobster specials once in a while. I also shop for turkeys when the occation arrises. Thank you

  139. My wife love to shop there i never did before but she is asian she love to go there we spend ever sunday or weekend day mostly 60$ plus food is great there we do lunch 🙂
    Store have great selection of asian fruits and fish tilapia my favorite
    always fresh

  140. I love the quality of pc products! especially the quantity of organic food and natural stuff they supply.

  141. I had just been shopping at the Wholesale Club in Thunder Bay Ontario, and the only reason I (have to) subject myself to such slow, incompetent, don’t care attitude service is because this store has a monopoly on certain items and they know it. I tried getting information on a product (Chapman’s ice cream), and it was just “smoke and mirrors” answers. In fact, for a perfect example, I purchased two 11 litre tubs of Chapman ice cream (grape flavour) and the store did not have it “in the system”, so they rang it through as another regular flavour which was fine, but when I went back to the store and inquired about getting more, I’m told the product never existed in the store…..GREAT!!!!! The competency level never ceases to amaze me let alone the slow, long line-ups to the check-outs. I could use some other descriptive words about this store but unfortunately they would be politically incorrect in this day and age but it sure would get the point across about this store.

  142. I always enjoy the south end (left side) entry of the Fortino’s stores especially. The aroma from the deli and the sight of the fruits and vegetables in the green bins stand out beckoningly and are hard to resist. It starts the visit very pleasantly.

  143. Hello,
    My name is Ibette and I like Nofrills store, quality,friendly place to shop, save money and I find variety of many product.

  144. Milk department-0Regular 2% milk right next to expensive milk. Sometimes the cheaper milk seemd hidden and the prices are not easy to see. How frustrating!
    Also please swap styrofoam meat trays for plastic ones which are recyclable. Styrofoam not recyclable where I live Thanks..

  145. Today, June 23, 2012, I shopped at The Real Canadian Superstore, RCSS1566.
    I like the Store chain. Today, the lines were long, then, when I wanted to use my PC Mastercard the system was down, I had to pay cash as no cheques are accepteed. Which neccessitated another trip to the bank. OK, stuff happens, but to print on my bill that I could have earned 1,600 with my PC Mastercard, takes the cake. You should double my points since your store’s system was down, not add insult to injury.

  146. I had a bad experience at your store today. 03915 cashier Maggie. She stood there while two different customers were discussing the jewelery the one customer was wearing and about jewelery parties. They kept going on and on and when I asked if she could please put our order through, she said no the one lady hasn’t paid yett. So I asked if she could pay as we had children we had to go home to get from school. The cashier then said you don’t have to be so rude. I didn’t feel I was rude as we stood there for several mins and there were still customers behind me waiting as well. I couldn’t believe that the cashier would just stand there and indulge in a conversation about jewelery and allow other customers to wait until she was finished. This was the worst service I have ever had at this location. We travel 40 mins to shop at this location but after this episode I don’t think we will take the trip any longer. We always had great service from other employees at this location but this cashier was really rude. Who would pay a wage to a cashier that indulges in visiting with customers about jewelry parties and make other customers wait. She obviously new this customer as she said to her, “see you tomorrow”
    I was not a happy customer this day. I came into the store in a great mood and left in a bad mood.

  147. I tried to get past the secret word thing. Typed the words 5 times and still was not allowed. I want to do the survey.

  148. Yaa I have been to NOFRILLS alot I like its customer service but in the past few days i have been going and asking for OKRA but they keep saying we will get it tomarrow so from tuesday all the way to Thursday so I went and asked a person in the Food Section and he was really mean to me and treated me like S H I T. I cross all the other stores and pass Food Basics and Freshco because NOFRILls Has good customer service
    so from know on I will be shopping at Freshco or FoodBasics and telling all my realitives about how bad there customer service .

  149. I love to shop at Loblows. You can find a big variety of many products. The store is clean and the people helping you are very kind.

  150. Nothing fancy, that’s for sure! Prices are pretty good but you still have to watch out.

  151. Hello,
    my name is anam and i like yours all stors very neat and clean
    good staf and frish grosery thing love it

  152. I love the store, love the prices, quality and quantity is awesome, great clean, friendly place to shop, deffientaly recommended.

  153. The service was excellent. Two store clerks assisted me in locating a couple of items which I really needed. They were extremely pleasant and patient. I am a very senior citizen.

  154. First of all, i love how you sell the cheapest prices for food and everything, almost better then Walmart. And I love how you sell cheap BeyBlades and Bakugan since I’m a huge fan of them. And the video games have much better prices then Toys R Us, EB Games, and other video game stores. And you’re staff is really nice! And how you help raise money for charity sometimes to help others in need.
    hope my opinions made your day 🙂



  156. hi i wanna said thanks for wholesale service because im never had trouble .every time i do shopping it was good thank s again

  157. walmart in new minas ns canada needs to get with the times and get smaller carts for their customers to use the carts they have now are way too large for the store people are bumping into each other if the other stores in new minas can do this get smaller carts why can’t walmart???
    we are your business without us you would have no business take a moment and look into this problem i am not the only one complaining even the staff feels the same way

  158. I would certainly like to shop more at Extra Foods in Lac La Biche, AB, but most of the time the advertised specials from the flyer are not available. Rain cheques are not an option either because the store manager has deemed it not a priority. So much for supporting your local community. In fact, in Lac La Biche, this store is known as “No Foods” (even by at least one of the staff)

  159. We are regular customers and appreciate the price per mg etc being under the product thus allowing us to compare the prices of similar brands of the same item. However the labels of those items on the bottom shelf are almost impossible to read. At times, I literally have to knee on the floor to read the labels on the bottom shelves. Can this be rectified?? Our store #1550 thanks Marg

  160. I regular shop at Jonh’s No frills at Markham on Warden and Hwy 7. My last visit on Apr. 24, 2012 the cashier Sinthini scanned(?) the paper roll I didn’t have. I was suspicion about the amount of my bill. i couldn’t check it without my glasses. After I came back to the store they treated me as a lier. I still need an apology. I don’t understand why they treat me like that?

  161. On my last visit I purchase a sale item #03700050303
    and I was charged $7.49 for this item but the flyer showed it to be on sale for $5.77. Any savings which I may have made on this shopping trip, vanished in a single mispriced item.
    Thank you very much NO FRILLS

  162. On our shopping trips last week and yesterday the hand sanitizer at the store entrance was empty. They usually put a large display in front of the dispenser making it awkward to access. My point is why have this hand sanitizer if its not going to be maintained and access is habitually blocked. Yesterday I did bring this to the attention of the service desk.

  163. Dear sir or madam,
    I love Superstore and shop there all the time. I know that consumer opinion helps shape the inventory and improve quality, so even a negative comment is a positive comment if things improve. I’m commenting about the shirts that I have purchased at Superstore. They are made of rather thin cotton and turn into bags of wrinkles after a washing or two, the collar always bends in strange directions and the pockets actually sag. I am donating my current inventory of about 10 Superstore shirts to the Salvation Army and do not intend to purchase any more until such time as the quality of Superstore shirts improve. Unfortunately, I am old enough to remember a time before we had our clothing made in the third world. Back then there was no such thing as “small, medium, large, and extra large”. Back then shirts had numeric sizes so you could purchase a shirt that actually fit, based on your personal size, and since the shirts were made here, they stayed in good condition and lasted much longer. If its no longer possible to obtain shirts made here in the first world, then at least Superstore could purchase a better quality shirt made elsewhere. If the quality of shirts becomes better than it is now, I will purchase shirts at Superstore once again.

  164. Absolutely marvellous staff at Blackmarsh Rd Dominion, St. john’s, NL
    And by the way I have no relatives employed there..just saying!

  165. I so agree with you . It is terrible it takes forever and is just so in efficient. Today I was there ( lower Sackville ) & saw my cashier lower the shelf & pack as she was ringing my groceries in, I have never seen any of the other cashiers do this. When I commented to her that it was great, she stated many people had said the same to her, but upon looking up the line I noted nobody else was doing it.

  166. I am not pleased that in Lower sackville ns. the cashiers are not packing the groceries until after all the items are rung in, then they pack them..handling them twice, slowing everythingdown…expecting the customer to pack the groceries in order not to wait so longand hold up the line..if this continues my hard earned cash will be going to sobeys where they pack as they scan…duh!

  167. I am not pleased with the service at the superstore on Richmond Rd in Ottawa. The Express Lane is closed and I had to wait behind 3 very large orders, I only had 4 items. I ask a staff at service if the express lane was going to open, she was very rude and said”not until 9:30 it was 9:14 AM, by the way on the back of her smock it said, I am here to help you. From now on I will be shopping at Walmart

  168. I was directed to this site on my store receipt, yet, under “participating” stores it does not list Dominion. I was under the impression that Dominion was owned by Loblaws. It appears your complete lack of service goes beyond the store level.
    Anyway, the Dominion here in Gander NL. is absolutely horrific….. no service, no common sense (an hour or so before closing,when 98% of your customers are only picking up a few items, THE EXPRESS LANE IS CLOSED, forcing me to wait behind a 2 or 3 hundred dollar order????????). Went to the “smoke shop” one morning only to find it closed. Asked an employee (lucky to find one) why they weren”t open and he said he would go check. Well, he never came back to myself and several other customers who were waiting. The other folks just left to spend their money elsewere, but I went in search of the guy who was supposed to be helping us. Found him, and guess what his response was……. oh yeah, she phoned in sick!!!!!!. What a way to run a business. I’m an aircraft mechanic, and let me tell you, I hope the next time you fly, the mechanic that was to service your aircraft the nite before didn’t PHONE IN SICK.

  169. Typed a comment about the survey, computer stated it was a duplicate comment, give me some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. I shopped at Extra Foods, got the receipt and wanted to fill out the survey to enter to win $2,000.
    I AM SO VERY DISAPPOINTED, TYPED IN WWW.STOREOPINION.CA, ended up not getting the survey or the place to enter, why make it so complicated??????????
    Please let me know how in the heck I am supposed to get to it!

  171. What does “Prices You Can Trust” mean? It hangs in the St. Thomas store and I just cannot get an answer. Are they prices I can trust to be too high? Explain.

  172. I was shopping at the No Frills in Newmarket. I arranged for $20 cash back. I signed the receipt, was given the receipt, but not given the $20. No realizing, I went to my car and unloaded my groceries. I recalled I hadn’t been given the money and went back into the store. The cashier that had served me was on break. I explained the situation to the customer service girl, hoping to ask the cashier if she could recall giving me the money because I don’t think I received it. The girl called up to the ‘office’ and spoke to someone about giving the cash back. She hung up and said it would be looked into. A couple of minutes later, her phone rang. She was asked to count the till. She retrieved the till, took it upstairs. Less than five minutes later she was back, saying the till was actually short money. I asked her what do we do now? She said the other tills would be counted at the end of the night and they would call if there was an overage (not sure how this was going to help). I left my name and number. The next morning, I called to speak to the manager. She was very abrupt. I explained the entire situation and suggested they ask the cashier or check their cameras. She said she would look into it and pull the receipt. She was to call me back. That was two days ago and I have not heard from them. While I don’t expect my $20 dollars, I am very disappointed in the lack of customer service. The manager was abrupt and rude, the cashier never did apologize to me or attempt to explain, and I am out $20 bucks. I know that I signed for the money…that was my mistake…and I will never do cash back again. And I most certainly will not set foot into the No Frills in Newmarket again.

  173. The Loblaws closed to my place is the one on Forest Hill and most of my groceries I do it there, but I decided to visit the Maple leaf Gardens on Dec 20 and I learned that the phamacy inside Loblaws does cardiovascular and cholesterol check for free. I am very pleased with this health promotion, I learned about diabetes prevention and I also learned that a dietician is available for futher information. Next morning I got my husband an assessment appointment with the pharmacist and after all we did some grocery.

  174. we shop often at superstores in pitt meadows b.c. almost every time we shop the cashier makes a mistake on the bill, making it necessary for my husnband to go back and have the changes done properly, this is getting very frustrating, also the way you advertise the specials in the store are not clearly marked and often lead to a misunderstanding about the price of the product

  175. very difficult to find help in the Grocery department so I often have to ask other customers to get the products I need from the top shelves.

  176. Not sure how to feel. Store flyer advertized 2-pack hair color but they only received dark dye colors—none for platinum blonde or any blonde whatsoever???? What a waist of my time…….I was disappointed and I just left the store not making any purchases

  177. Had to visit this store one more time before i departed for home. Had to have some more Coffee at that discounted price. As always my experience was good.

    Store ID : 00752
    D.O.P : 10/23/2011

  178. My visit to No Frills was good. i enjoyed shopping at this store. However on one occoasion a cashier did not accept my credit card and that got me alittle angry. The matter was resolved when i payed with cash. Would not let one bad apple spoiled my visit.

    Store ID : 00752
    D.O.P :10/20/2011

  179. I was in Canada on vocation,bet Oct 13 & 23 2011 in the Scarborough area. I shopped @ Dickie’s No Frills store frequently . The cashiers were very helpful. I was fun to shop at this store. Lots of bargins and what i loved the most was matching the price of items to get the sale price.

    Store Id; 00752
    D.O.P : 10/14/2011@19:43:16 hrs

  180. some of the girls at the hot deli really like to take there time serving me and other people they look at use and keep taalking about something as if we are a waste of time to them

  181. I am not impressed by my service at College Sq. The cashier did not acknowledge me whatsoever, but rather talked to another clerk who sat at the end of the checkout eating her lunch, wearing what should have been a white Loblaws coat that was so disgustingly filthy I don’t think it had ever been washed. This sadly is not the first time that the service has been so bad. Obviously more training or management overseeing cashiers is a must here for better customer service. Thank you.

  182. My local no-frills is a great store, the cashiers are all very friendly, the staff is there to help, usually always have what is advertisied in the local flyer., mind you the survey is a crock, they should allow you to mention when only one cashier is open, half of the sale items are not available, etc., etc, i do not blame the store or the people in it, but come on if you advertise it, have it!!!!!!!

  183. I was very impressed today, I found everything I was looking for. Some cashiers were rude, but overall it was pretty impressive.

  184. We were at the Superstore in Simcoe, to come there..the staff are so friendly and accommodating…the cashier, Shaelyn N. was polite and positive..asked about the daily special…

  185. I am not satisfied with service today because i gave my PC MASTER CARD WELCOME COUPON to receive my 5,000 bonus PC points but the Cashier name Bettina she did not punch, so lost my 5,000 points…

  186. I was very impressed when paying for my purchases at superstore. The cashier helped me pack my groceries as she saw me have difficulty doing so.

    thanks very much,

  187. hello!
    i’ve just tried to enter my ourchases that i’ve made in the past few weeks to try and win one of the cash prizies. my receipts have no numbers at the bottom under the store number which is #01505. how do i enter this contest without them?
    regards lorna klotz

  188. Does this contest, namely to win $2000, really end on January 4th 2011????? I just logged on today, February 25th 2011 for the first time????
    I’d like to hear from you….

  189. People are very nice at Loblaws and I find quite a few deals and a lot of variety of things other than food also!

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